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Let the speculation continue as the search for Jace wages on

The "Mortal Instruments" fandom has been reeling since news broke that three actors had been confirmed to have read with Lily Collins for the role of Jace Wayland about two weeks ago.

Is new fan-favorite Ben Stone in contention for the role of Jace Wayland?

There has been no official announcement since that news broke but the fans have been speculating in anticipation of an announcement. A surprising twist in this story came on Tuesday when "The Nine Lives of Chloe King" star Benjamin Stone posted a photo on Twitter and five accompanying words that changed the outlook of the Jace casting situation: "Getting my Jace look down." In the three days that have passed, Stone has quickly become a popular contender, and making some fans who are still holding out for Alex Pettyfer to take on the role of the sarcastic Shadowhunter, willing to accept Stone instead of Pettyfer. "OMG this could be Jace," said reader Alyssa Martin. "OMG. This is the first time that I think there will be another guy who could look and probably act like Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Morgenstern/Herondale other than Alex Pettyfer." "Ben is hot," said reader Aaliyah. "No doubt about it that he is Jace! Alex Pettyfer is infuriating actually considering another movie over City of Bones! That’s just crazy! Stone is Jace!" Stone took to Twitter on Wednesday to express his gratitude and thanks for positive comments from fans. "WOW, this is truly overwhelming," Stone said. "Thank you so much for all of the positive comments, you guys have made my week. Twitter is crazzzzzy." Already he has seen the passion of the "Mortal Instruments" fandom.

But not to forget the other actors that are in contention.

Cassandra Clare has put her support behind Camelot’s Jamie Campbell Bower, saying “I think he’d be a great choice.”

“He’s a fantastic actor,” said @YAFantasyGuide. “He’s had so many diverse roles that I have NO DOUBT he could be Jace!”

Leebo Freeman left us a hint on his Facebook page in regards to the casting, responding to a friend, “No news yet.” This means that Screen Gems is still considering their options or have perhaps already singled out an actor for the role that isn’t Leebo.

Though “Mortal Instruments” fans have appreciated that Screen Gems is taking their time to find the absolute perfect actor to take on the role of Jace, the wait has grown agonizing as they watch another book-turning-movie in “The Hunger Games” fly through casting.

“I do hope they would hurry up with the casting,” said @WaylandMellark. “It’s such a long wait but I kinda like suspense.”

But how long will we have to wait is the question that remains to be seen.

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6 Comments on Let the speculation continue as the search for Jace wages on

  1. I don’t know… I think he’s too pretty. Not enough bad boy appeal.

  2. I think they can make him look naughty, and from vids of him it looks like he can pull it off. I like him and Leebo….now if they could just combine them into a Jace hybrid I’d be stoked!

  3. Movieaddict // May 27, 2011 at 6:54 PM // Reply

    I dont even think Ben Stone read with Lily so he seems to be doing a rogue campaign for Jace.

  4. Not a fan of Freeman or Bower. Don’t know anything about Stone, guess I’ll be looking for info on him tomorrow to see if he could play a convincing Jace.

    I wish they would audition Mitch Hewer. I think he could really pull off the many sides of Jace: the charisma, the cheeky comments, the strength with moments of vulnerability, the arrogance with moments of doubt, all of it. He physically looks like Jace: he’s muscular and not extremely tall, 5’9″, (just need to color his hair a golden blond and he’s your man.) Plus, he’s a dancer and would be able to pull off the angelic grace that Jace has in spades.

  5. Ben stone is like the ultimate BEST person to play jace wayland/lightwood/morgenstern/herondale, i realy believe he could capture the real jace in all his confused, angry, arrogant, and spectacular glory! first person i thought of for the super hot and mysterious jace was Ben stone ❤ ! (:

  6. Could people at least give Jamie a chance
    He’s a good actor
    Jesus . . . . .

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