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Who wears their runes better: Jamie Campbell Bower or Ben Stone?

It was another slow news day on “The Mortal Instruments” movie front but the speculation for the casting of Jace Wayland continues.

A couple of photo manips of two possible Jace contenders, and fan favorites, emerged on Twitter of Jamie Campbell Bower and Ben Stone with runes on their body.

So the question becomes, who wore these runes better?

Jamie Campbell Bower is all runed up in this photo manipulation.

Benjamin Stone all runed up in this photo manipulation.

Who do you think makes the better Jace, Jamie or Ben?

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10 Comments on Who wears their runes better: Jamie Campbell Bower or Ben Stone?

  1. Movieaddict // May 27, 2011 at 7:32 PM // Reply

    def not ben stone. he looks like the tv version of Jace.

  2. SOMEONE *please* photoshop JCB’s hair. It’s throwing me off and I really want to see him with Jace’ish hair : ) pretty please manipple peeps 😉

    Whomever did the Leebo hair manip could??

  3. Darn, the poll isn’t letting me cheat lol

  4. Both are just ok, but the guy on top seems a little too young and baby faced. He would be a better Alec, I think.

  5. Ben, definitely wears them better. JCB is too girly looking. Ben would be a great Jace!

  6. Also liking Ed Speleers and Jeremy Sumpter for Jace- would like to see a manip of them with the marks!

  7. Ben stone sooo has to get this part! I’ve read the books and he would be the PERFECT person to play jace wayland seriously

  8. when i read the series i was captivated i heard ppl were makin a movie i was excited when i heard jamie might get the part i was really disappointed but when i saw ben stone on the nine lives of chloe king automatic reaction he would be perfect he has already played a part of not being with the girl he loved and the killer being his brother i think he is absolutely perfect for this role!

  9. for one ben already played a cocky bastard sure of himself and sarcastic he looks like the jace on the new cover of the book and jamie has a butterfly tattoo i cant see him as a main character for a love interest no matter if u cover it up its there! ben is sooo much sexier i mean look at the photos! ben would be the best choice

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