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Jamie Campbell Bower talks on-set antics, proving himself as an actor

Jamie Campbell Bower was interviewed by Mr. Porter, a Men’s upscale fashion webstore, in which he talked about proving himself as an actor and on-set antics. From what he said, it looks like the set of "Mortal Instruments" is going to be quite entertaining.

Candid, sharp and about as absurdly good looking as a man can be without the rest of us wanting to simply burst into tears and never leave the house again, Mr Campbell Bower is the sort of actor that likes to focus on the experience, rather than solely the goal. Fame, it seems, came a little too fast for this 22-year-old Londoner.

"Well my first proper movie was Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Directed by Tim Burton. With Johnny Depp. Talk about intimidating. Not only that but I had to sing. Christ. But what a first offer. I had done some theatre previously, but nothing with such a wide release or such an expected audience or cast. Any actor at any stage in their career would cut off their left testicle to work with Tim [Burton]. It was amazing.

"But, of course, once it was over I came back to earth with a bump. I had to tell myself that it wasn't a main role, and that I couldn't now go and just get any part I desired. I had to build myself back up. I had to prove myself. And I'm glad because if the rest of my career had just been handed to me on a plate back then I wouldn't be the person I am today."

If Mr Campell Bower sounds less like a house-trained movie star surrounded by yes men and more like a somewhat highly-sprung British thespian, off the leash and spoiling for enlightenment, it's because that is precisely how he likes it. "When the camera is up and running, yes focus, focus, focus. But otherwise what's the point of being in this business if you can't appreciate all the tomfoolery and backstage and off-camera antics? I love the rehearsals, I love being on set, and I love the camaraderie. If you can't share the experience with those around you then you should clear off, quite frankly."

I love that Jamie is now getting his big break on the big screen as Jace. He's certainly earned it. Read the full interview here. Of course there were some amazing photos that accompanied the article. Prepare, ladies, these pictures are pretty swoon-worthy.

Thanks @felinavamp for the tip!

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3 Comments on Jamie Campbell Bower talks on-set antics, proving himself as an actor

  1. I didn’t even know who this guy was before all this City of Bones talk, but now I’m like in love with him. How can you not like that face? And that hair? Lol. I’m so excited for CoB and I’m so glad he’s Jace! I can’t say that enough!

  2. I hope they keep his hair sort of longish for CoB. Looks much hotter.

  3. I’ve been a JCB fan for a long time and I was so excited when I heard that he’d landed the role of Jace! Jamie totally has the talent and good looks to pull it off! I hope they decide to leave his hair long too.

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