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Check out the love scene from ‘Clockwork Prince’ (with spoilers!)

As part of a week-long teaser extravaganza presented by Cassandra Clare, the very generous author shared a *spoilery* love scene from the forthcoming Clockwork Prince, the second installment of The Infernal Devices. Here's what Clare had to say:

As I said yesterday — thanks to all of you who voted for Jace in the YA Tourney so MUCH. He won, and it's all down to you. So here's the second part of the reward teasers: A love scene from Clockwork Prince. It is VERY SPOILERY. It is interesting, I think, because it shows us a different side of a character we know. Whereas yesterday's teaser was, ah, very physical, this one is more ..psychological and romantic. If you don't like being spoiled, really, don't read it! It's only 3 months till the books comes out anyway. ;)

Here it is, the Clockwork Prince love scene (with spoilers!):

He flinched away from her, and Tessa dropped her hand, hurt. “Jem, what it is it? You don’t want me to touch you?”

“Not like that,” he flared, and then flushed even darker than before.

“Like what?” She was honestly bewildered; this was behavior she might have expected from Will, but not from Jem: this mysteriousness, this anger.

“As if you were a nurse and I were your patient. You think because I am ill I am not like —” He drew a ragged breath. “Do you think I do not know,” he went on more quietly, “that when you take my hand, it is only so that you can feel my pulse? Do you think I do not know that when you look into my eyes it is only to see examine my pupils, to see how much of the drug I have taken? If I were another man, a normal man, I might have hopes, presumptions even; I might -—” His words seemed to catch; either because he realized he had said too much or because he had run out of breath.

She shook her head, feeling her plaits tickle her neck. “This is the fever speaking, not you.”

His eyes darkened, and he began to turn away from her. “You can’t even believe I could want you,” he said in a half-whisper. “That I am alive enough, healthy enough —”

“No.” Without thinking, she caught at his arm. He stiffened. “James, that’s not at all what I meant —”

He curled his fingers around her hand, where it lay on his arm. His own scorched her skin, hot as fire. And then he turned her, and drew her toward him.

They stood face to face, chest to chest. His breath stirred her hair. She felt the fever rising off him like mist off the Thames; sensed the pounding of the blood through his skin, saw with a strange clarity the pulse at his neck, the light on the pale curls of his hair where it lay against his paler throat. Prickles of heat ran up and down her skin, bewildering her. This was Jem — her friend, steady and reliable as a heartbeat. Jem did not set her skin on fire or make the blood rush fast inside her veins until she was dizzy.

Did he?

“Tessa,” he said. She looked up at him. There was nothing steady or reliable about his expression. His silver eyes were dark, his cheeks flushed. As she raised her face, he brought his down, his mouth slanting across hers, and even as she froze in surprise they were kissing.

Tomorrow on the teaser extravaganza: Magnus and Alec. Get excited.

What did you think of the Clockwork Prince love scene? Was it who you thought it would be with Tessa?

Source: Cassandra Clare

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12 Comments on Check out the love scene from ‘Clockwork Prince’ (with spoilers!)

  1. there has to be some thing wrong with jem, OMG this not like him

  2. idk but i like Will sooooo much better for Tessa… Jem is too careful and this is him trying not to be. This can’t last for him.

  3. I’m a Will fan all the way, but I’m glad Jem’s getting in the game!

  4. YAY! I’m Team Jem ALL THE WAY! It’s nice to see he’s finally doing something about those feelings of his!

  5. I agree that Will is so much better for Tessa however if Jem is free I’ll take him :3

  6. Aw. ^^ Totally out of Jem’s character,,but I have to say..I like it! I really wouldn’t mind seeing some Jem and Tessa romance in clockwork prince. (:

  7. think how awkward it be tomorrow wen she wakes up eats breakfest sitting nxt to jem an then will across from her lol will not knowing nothin wat went on yesterday lmfao

  8. I really wanted this scene to be Will (team Will all the freaking way!!) and I think Jem and Tessa make better friends (Jem and Sophie would be adorable tho!) but I still thinkt is scene is cute, but very unlike Jem, and I don’t like it too much…

  9. OMG !!!! sooo cute ;]

  10. Ahhhhhhhh i knew they would get together i knew it i knew it!!!!! Best couple ever

  11. I like will but I’M IN LOVE WITH JEM:)

  12. Team Will all the way – sorry Jem

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