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Filming for ‘Clockwork Prince’ book trailer has wrapped

Photo: Vania Stoyanova

Production on the Clockwork Prince book trailer began early on Wednesday and took over Twitter throughout the day before coming to an end on the same day.

Vania Stoyanova, who penned the book trailer for City of Fallen Angels, was at the helm for the filming of the trailer for Clockwork Prince, the second installment of the bestselling series The Infernal Devices.

Throughout the day, Stoyanova (@VLC_Photo) posted updates to her loyal followers on Twitter and Cassandra Clare shared some of the pictures that Stoyanova had sent over to her.

“And that’s a wrap! #CPtrailer” she tweeted when filming had concluded.

But knowing Vania and Cassie, there is plenty more to come in the form of goodies.

Check out these photos (courtesy of @VLC_Photo) from the Clockwork Prince book trailer!

Just how hot are Will and Jem?! Seriously in love here!

What are you most looking forward to seeing in the Clockwork Prince book trailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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1 Comment on Filming for ‘Clockwork Prince’ book trailer has wrapped

  1. Wow, the pics look amazing! Will, Jem And Tessa are gorgeous and I love their costumes! They picked such lovely location for *that* scene! It looks like they had a fab time filming and shared some hot chemistry I can’t wait to see the #CPtrailer!!!

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