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Th3rd World Studios shares new panels from ‘City of Bones’ graphic novel

While we don’t have much news to go off in regards to the City of Bones graphic novel that is being adapted by Th3rd World Studios, they have been generous enough to share several new panels from the adaptation.

While there is no set release day as of now, the tentative date has been Fall/Winter 2011.

Check out the previews below:

Jace the gentleman

Clary opening the door at Madam Dorothea’s

Clary gets changed

Jace opening a window in the screen

I am loving these! Who else is super excited for these graphic novels?

Source: Th3rd World Studios

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3 Comments on Th3rd World Studios shares new panels from ‘City of Bones’ graphic novel

  1. I just adore my girl Nik Virella! She’s an amazing artist. Her Jace looks soooo HOT!!! GN can’t come out soon enough…:)

  2. I am! been waiting form the the first time it was put out there! Lets home its in time for x-mas! XD

    And i soo agree with Mina

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