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New photo of runed-up Jem from ‘Clockwork Prince’ book trailer

Cassandra Clare shared a new photo of a runed-up Jem on her Tumblr (yes, she now has a Tumblr. Go. Follow. Now.)

A little Jem-ness for my new followers. Photo by Vania Stoyanova, from the teaser book trailer for Clockwork Prince.

Source: Cassandra Clare Tumblr

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4 Comments on New photo of runed-up Jem from ‘Clockwork Prince’ book trailer

  1. Great photo but there’s a flaw. He has the fearless rune on, and seeming as clary wasn’t born yet, than rune didn’t exist

  2. Yum. Cute

  3. omg!!!!!!!! sooooooo hottttt maybe even hotter than will

  4. Jem has ALWAYS been hotter than Will…in my humble opinion.

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