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Producers hard at work on finalizing screenplay for ‘City of Bones’ movie

We’re all desperate for any movie news — casting news, more specifically.

Cassandra Clare shared some new information regarding the City of Bones movie and why we aren’t getting abundant casting news at this moment.

So what are they working on?

“They’re hard at work on other aspects of the movie, mainly the screenplay,” Clare wrote. “Keep in mind that when they hired Lily and Jamie they didn’t have a finished screenplay. They don’t want to cast anyone else without a finalized script. When I have news I can give, I’ll announce it. I always do.”

The film adaptation process is often long and arduous and the screenplay, next to casting, is one of the more crucial aspects of that process.

It’s not easy to adapt a 500-page book into a script that will turn into a 2-hour movie.

It’s assuring that they are taking their time to really get the script right and bring the Shadowhunter world we all know and love to life.

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