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‘Clockwork Prince’ spoiler-free review: ‘CP’ is as good as Cassandra Clare has ever been

I was very lucky to receive an Advanced Reader Copy of Clockwork Prince, the second installment in Cassandra Clare’s bestselling series The Infernal Devices, and words cannot describe just how amazing and breathtaking this book was.

But that’s what I’m going to try to do–put into words (spoiler-free words!)–why I believe this is Clare’s best writing to date.

One of the things that Clare is best at is making not only her characters feel but her readers feel, as well. And there is a lot of feeling going on in Clockwork Prince.

There were so many emotions that I felt while reading; I would be laughing one moment, crying the next and then laughing again. It was an emotional roller coaster that was so addicting that I wouldn’t have stopped if I could have.

I have a soft spot for Victorian England and the world that these characters interact in. It gives it a more mature feel than Mortal Instruments because of the time difference and how people behave towards each other in this world.

Every time you read a Cassandra Clare book you know you are going to get compelling characters. In Clockwork Angel she created these complex characters that were shrouded in mystery and in Clockwork Prince you learn more about them and why they are the way they are, especially Will.

It was really satisfying to learn why Will is the way he is and if you weren’t a fan of Will before (how could you not?!), trust me your heart will break for him at times.

It wasn’t just the characters alone that was compelling, it was their relationships with others in the story. I absolutely adored the bantering between Tessa, Will and Jem, which was immediate, and it was interesting to see this love triangle play out.

I have never read a love triangle between two friends–blood brothers is a better term–and been so torn. It was great to see both Will and Jem have their moments with Tessa and to see Tessa bring out sides of Will and Jem that we have never seen before.

Plus, there was plenty of smut from both boys to make any girl swoon. Lucky Tessa.

I could not get enough of Will and Jem’s bromance. When those two are together they a killer combination of wit, looks and sex appeal. Their relationship goes through a lot in Clockwork Prince and we see just how close they are–and just how far they would go for the other’s happiness even if it means the other’s unhappiness.

I really honor their nobility and loyalty toward each other, as well as their sacrifice.

Clare pointed out  how one is emotionally damaged (Will) and one is physically damaged (Jem) and it was heartbreaking to watch these two go through this in Clockwork Prince.

There were some new characters we are introduced to in Clockwork Prince, including the Lightwood brothers and Woosley Scott (who I just could not get enough of). They were each welcomed additions to the Infernal Devices world and I cannot wait to see where Clockwork Princess takes them.

I could not get enough of Will and Magnus’ relationship in Clockwork Prince. It was entertaining, heartbreaking and revealing.

There were a lot of revelations in Clockwork Prince, dealing with Will, Tessa, Magnus, Jem, Mortmain, everyone. But there were also things that we learn about parabatai and Shadowhunter weddings that we had not known previously.

Clockwork Prince was enticing the entire way through; there was never a dull moment. The only thing that stopped me from reading was class and work–you know, things not as important as Clockwork Prince 😉

I love both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices so very much, but Clockwork Prince is by far the best writing that Clare has done and my favorite book of both series. One can only believe that each book will be better than the previous.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling and emotional journey that will leave you both satisfied and begging for more.

Clockwork Prince hits bookshelves on Dec. 6, 2011.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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15 Comments on ‘Clockwork Prince’ spoiler-free review: ‘CP’ is as good as Cassandra Clare has ever been

  1. Dang! Can hardly wait to read it.
    Great review. But I wish you HAD spoiled us some. 😀

  2. Can’t wait ro read it! Literally! Waiting until december is killing me! So excited though. Thanx for the review 🙂

  3. Why do YOU get to read it first!?

    btw…. you used the word “emotional” and “feel(ing)” a lot.

  4. Great Review (: Clockwork Angel was by far my favorite book. I would be happy if Clockwork Prince is the only thing I get for Christmas ;D. Looking forward too reading more of your reviews.

  5. Michelle Wang // September 30, 2011 at 4:13 PM // Reply

    OhmiGods!!!! I can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!!!! I’m going to be first in line to buy the book on Dec. 6!!!!!!! :DDD

  6. Wow wow.!! Thanx so much, i wouldn’t have minded some spoilerz though;-)

  7. arghhh!! everytime i read a review like this i want clockwork prince even more. i would give anything for that book D:

  8. Wow, you are so lucky! It sounds like Clockwork Prince will be an amazing read. I cannot wait for December to roll by! Thanks for the great review; I know it definitely takes a lot to write a completely spoiler-free review, well done!

  9. Yes, I agree with you ^. It does take a lot not to spoil things cause you just get exicted. And I know what it feels like to wait and want to know everything now!!! But when I do finally get to read it, all the waiting will be worth it. I’m sure all the spoilers in the book will come together and surprise the crap out of me hahahah can’t wait 😀

  10. I read another review from someone who said that it seems as though one of the boys will step aside and let the other have Tessa (or so it seems) and as much as I would love Tessa to end up with Will I have a feeling that he will maybe step aside to let Jem have Tessa. As I read that review I remembered the part in Clockwork Angel when Will quotes from A Tale of Two Cities and explains that the man knew he wasn’t good enough for the woman but he loved her enough to let her go- which sounds a lot like Will himself. I also think that Will would do anything for Jem and if that means stepping aside and letting Jem have Tessa then I can see him doing that.
    I can also see Jem being gracious and stepping aside but I just have a feeling that it will be Will.
    I love them both but I just feel that Will and Tessa are so perfect together!
    Please tell me I’m wrong! lol :/

  11. Anything interesting about Jessie? Or is it too spoiler-y? Because it seems like anytime someone mentions Jessamine, even in the smallest excerpts, it’s immediately followed by the sentence “I can’t say more because it’s a big spoiler!”

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