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Happy Halloween: 10 Scare-Worthy Moments that left our Shadowhunters and Downworlders Unnerved

There is a certain terror associated with Halloween. Aside from the whole candy aspect—certainly not complaining—and portraying someone else for a night, Halloween is all about the scare factor. Screams are this holiday’s specialty.

In honor of Halloween—and the many terrors associated with it—here are 10 of many moments that have left the Shadowhunters, Downworlders and Mundanes of Cassandra Clare’s world unnerved.

Sometimes not even a Shadowhunter is immune to fear. Why else would there be a Fearless rune?

1. Ravener Demon (City of Bones, Chapter 4): A Ravener demon isn’t just intimidation. It’s also got a poisonous kiss of a stinger. So when Clary comes face-to-face with one in her apartment, you can’t blame her for being scared. But she fights, which is the important thing.

2. The Dark House (Clockwork Angel, Chapter 1): The Dark Sisters are a pair that make even the toughest Shadowhunters and Downworlders cringe. When you’re a girl with no knowledge of a supernatural power and are being physically forced by these sisters to use that power, how could you not be terrified?

3. Silent City (City of Ashes, Chapter 6): There is something about darkness that makes things scarier than they appear. It’s the blindness of it all; not being able to see what you are facing. Jace faces a similar situation when held in the Silent City by the Inquisitor’s orders. Valentine sends in Agramon, the fear demon, to kill the Silent Brothers and Jace found himself—for the first time—afraid. The sight of Valentine in your cell doesn’t help matters.

4. Angel versus Demon (City of Glass, Chapter 19): It’s a moment that was a book-in-the-making. The showdown between Jace and Sebastian; Valentine’s son versus Valentine’s son; Good versus Evil; Angel versus Demon. But there’s much more at stake here than just these two lives. The lives of Shadowhunters are in danger and that’s a thought that registers with Jace.

5. The Hotel Dumort (City of Bones, Chapter 14): Facing down a group of vampires is enough to unnerve even the bravest of Shadowhunters. Throw werewolves into the mix and it’s an all-out war, especially when Simon’s life is at stake, with Clary and Jace in the middle of it all.

6. Attack on Blackfriars Bridge (Clockwork Angel, Chapter 14): Sometimes the greatest fear is being taken by surprise. Couple that with the Clockwork creatures that are bearing down on Tessa and Jem on Blackfriars Bridge and there is quite a struggle at hand, which unnerves someone other than Tessa and Jem.

7. Abbadon (City of Bones, Chapter 19): Coming face-to-face with a Greater Demon is no walk in the park even with a group of young Shadowhunters, especially when that demon is a psychic turned nine-feet-tall creature ready to gut you. And especially when a Shadowhunter is dealt a near-fatal wound.

8. Dead Babies (City of Fallen Angels, Chapter 17): There is nothing scarier than seeing the lifeless bodies of those who have not yet lived. Isabelle and Alec discover the failed “experiments” of Lilith’s plan to produce half demon children like Jonathan/Sebastian near the end of the book. It’s a gruesome sight that is emotionally traumatizing.

9. De Quincey’s (Clockwork Angel, Chapters 10,11): Even hiding beneath the disguise of another isn’t enough to ease Tessa or Will’s nerves when they go undercover at De Quincey’s. When a fire breaks out, things go from bad to downright ugly.

10. The Mark of Cain (City of Fallen Angels, Chapter 3): And the Lord said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. Simon finally gets a look at the true consequences of the Mark of Cain, when a man attacks him and he “stared in horror” as the man is ripped apart by an invisible force. Nothing scarier than the unknown and realizing that somehow you are involved.

What do you think were some of the scariest moments in The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices? Did yours make the list?

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Have a Happy Halloween!

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