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Cassandra Clare conducts another Character Q & A

Cassandra Clare conducted another, what has become quite a popular event among fans, character Q & A. And just in time for Halloween! Check out the full transcript below:

@iWantLautner: Magnus, what would you dress up as for Halloween and why?

-"Downworlders and Shadowhunters don't really dress up for Halloween. It's mundane."

@ericalynnRAWR: Jem: How do you feel about redheads.

-"I prefer girls with dark hair...."

@deetrishsan: Jace: do you ever wonder what Clary dreams about??

-"Me, I assume."

@RaquelOsuna: Jace, what was your best costume for Halloween?

-"Shadowhunters regard Halloween not as a holiday but as their busiest work day of the year."

@ShesGotTheRhytm: Jocelyn, with everything that happened is the wedding on hold?

-"It is."

@MissNerdyNicole: Can i ask Will how he was feeling at the end of CP?

-"At the very very very end? Startled. :)"

@kia_nolan: Jace: One of my friends thinks he's just like you would you consider going out with a mundane version of yourself?

-"I am straight. And taken. But you, know, otherwise..."

@ShesGotTheRhytm: Tessa, what qualities do you look for in a man?

-"Honesty, a good heart, a good soul. Someone who reads."

@ericalynnRAWR: Sebastian: So. With all the evil deeds and whatnot, have you ever had the time/inclination to have a steady girlfriend?

-Sebastian: "Have you MET me?"

@Mykheaton: Will when did you start being able to hear & see ghosts?

-"All Shadowhunters can if the ghosts feel like being heard. I can just hear them regardless. I can't recall since when. A long time."

@insummerland: Magnus: glitter or leather?

-"Glittery leather."

@TeamFreeWill: Jace: What's your biggest regret in your life?

-"Not killing Sebastian when I had the chance."

@GabyLafara: Magnus, if you could dress up Alec, what would you dress him as?

-"I like him the way he is, ratty jumpers and all."

@HEHinze: Jem: Have you ever considered exploring 'the other side of the tracks'?

-"The what, then?"

@KaienCross19: Clary: do you want to be taller?

-"Well, a few inches. That would be nice. But I think I'm done growing."

@munchkennina: Jem: WIll you ever get better???

-"Well... that would be nice. But I'm not counting on it."

@imeannothing: alec: what's your favorite thing about magnus?

-"He has a true heart."

@crystalc13: Will: if you met a person who was remarkably similar (in attitude) to you, what would you do?

-"Hit them."

@Jemxtessa: Jem: r u ever gonna tell Tessa what Ni hen piao liang really means?

-"If she seems inclined to know . . ."

@deSaintPierre_: sebastian: who do u despise more, clary or jace ?

-"Oh, I quite like them both."

Cassandra Clare

@little_ewa: Tessa, do you think you could ever trust Nate again after what he did?

-“No, I don’t . . . I don’t think so.”

@kvcampanella: Jem, what were your first thoughts on Will?

-“He didn’t treat me any differently because I was ill.”

@liz_aleco: Jace do you ever think getting over Clary and found someone else?


@PolianaSepeda: Jace: How many children you and Clary want to have?

-“Jace: *chokes to death*”

@kvcampanella: Jem, what were your first thoughts on Tessa?

“Author says: there’s a whole short story on that in one of the CP editions!”

@adinanevarez: Clary, what do you thin your life would be like if you didn’t meet Jace?

-“Well, Valentine would have come for the Cup eventually. I don’t think a normal life would have been possible.”

@Luciiane: Simon, if you had to describe Isabelle in one word, what would it be?


@iWantLautner: Simon, who do you think has the best hair: Jace, Alec or Magnus?

-“I’m going to say Jace, because otherwise he’ll kill me.”

@insummerland: Sebastian, beside your evilness, redheads, blondes or brunettes?

-“Oh, yes please.”

@iWantLaunter: Simon, if Jace was a girl do you think you’d like him? 😀


@iaminpeaces: Jace, if you had a pet guinea pig, what would you name it?


@PwoperMuserMar: jace, what would you do if clary cheats on you?

-“Who would cheat on me?”

@Devereaux_Yvet : COFA SPOILER Lilith, you considered Sebastian to be your son. Does this mean you consider all warlocks to be your children in the same way?

-“No. Sebastian was different.”

@AmandhaNunes: Will, what’s the most important thing to you?

-“The promises I’ve made to others and myself.”

@PolianaSepeda: Jace: What would you think if Clary had an identical twin sister?

-“Kinda hot . . .”

@AboutEllie: Jace, do you smoke?

-“O_O No. I train too hard for that.”

@imeannothing: simon, what does sebastian’s blood tastes like?


@nobodyperfect15: Jordan do you still like Maia?

-“Yes. But I don’t think it’s mutual.”

@cantbefixed_: Jace, would you kill Simon if you could?

-“I saved his life, so, odd question…”

@Devereaux_Yvet: Clary, would you—like Juliet—stab yourself if Jace were to die in an unfortunate manner?

-“No. I would be brokenhearted but I think it dishonors someone’s memory to kill yourself over them.”

@Luciiane: Alec, Magnus has some curious habit that’s worth mentioning?

-“He likes to play the ukelele.”

@saghar_o_o: Jace: Why are you so incredibly hot?

-“It’s a blessing and a curse.”

@insummerland: Silent Brothers, isn’t to weird to be in silent all the time?

-“Silent Brothers: “

@Devereaux_Yvet: Isabelle, what is the longest period of time you have been in a relationship with someone?

-“About three weeks.”

@VictoriaDurm: Simon, why are you so sexy?

-“Ah- w-what? I, uh…”

@KyleWKerr: Magnus, as a place to live, do you prefer NYC or London?

-“When I get bored, I move on. So NYC.”

@PaoMtzP: charlotte: from where do you get the patince to handle will?

-“I ask the Angel that all the time.”

@monkeybymyself: Henry, how did you & your wife, Charlotte, meet?

-“At a Christmas dance.”

@cantbefixed_: Jocelyn, if you could change something about your past, anything, what would it be?

-“What WOULDN”T it be? I would have told Clary the truth from the beginning.”

@Freya_Mentalist: Luke, would you and Jocelyn ever consider having another child?

-“Yes, definitely.”

@ClaBrice: Robert, I’ve seen Maryse asked about Alec’s relationship with Magnus, I’m a little curious about your own feelings on it

-“It’s not what I would have wanted for my son.”

@AudriannaLF: agnus: What’s the sexiest thing about Alec?

-“He’s eighteen, he’s got a Stamina rune, what’s not to like?”

@saghar_o_o: Clary: Do you think you would have fallen for Simon eventually, if it weren’t for Jace?

-“Yes. Probably.”

@CyrusCandies: Is Sebastian as hot as Jace?

-“I would say yes. Different types. Also you have to ignore the evil.”

@kvcampanella: Isabelle, are you ever going to tell Alec about your father’s secret?

-“I hope I don’t ever have to.”

@Rebe_mx: jace: what are your plans for the future?

-“Survive it.”

Source: Cassandra Clare’s Twitter

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