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Official full-length ‘Clockwork Prince’ book trailer debuts on EW’s Shelf Life

The wait is over…well, for the Clockwork Prince book trailer anyway.’s Shelf Life debuted the trailer on Monday.

Check it out!


Does that voice sound familiar? That’s because it’s Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl, who voiced half of City of Fallen Angels audiobook and will be voicing the audiobook for Clockwork Prince!

Here are the credits from the trailer, as released by Dirty Robber

Will: Cole Shoemaker

Tessa: Kara Lindquist

Jem: Lee Doud

Magnus: Ryan Tsang

Directed and Edited by: Olly Riley-Smith

DP: Jeremy Royce

Source: EW Shelf Life

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4 Comments on Official full-length ‘Clockwork Prince’ book trailer debuts on EW’s Shelf Life

  1. OMG! This trailer is absolutely visually stunning and the actors are spot-on!
    Love, love, love it and my heart is aching for CP and what happens in it!
    Can’t wait for Dec 6…

  2. I totally agree. The trailer was way too brief (as it should be, even if I don’t like it) and now it is making me ache all over to read it. My heart cannot possibly wait 8 days!

  3. Does anyone have any contact username of Cole Shoemaker on facebook/twitter? If do, please tell me…

  4. When tease burns herself cause she can’t have will
    Poor tess

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