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‘Clockwork Prince’ first editions with special content

With the release of Clockwork Prince, which will be released on Dec. 6, will come special content in first edition copies of the second installment of the bestselling series The Infernal Devices. Check out all of the editions with special content below:

Barnes and Noble: This first edition copy will include an inscription from Will to Tessa in a copy of Tale of Two Cities. (Note: This does not include Nook copies)

Walmart: This first edition copy will, in addition to Will’s letter, Jem’s story called Burning Bright.

Books of Wonder: The bookstore in NYC is accepting pre-orders for signed copies, which also include a Shadowhunters poster. Call them at 212-989-3270 or email them at

So, how many Clockwork Prince editions will you be buying?

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2 Comments on ‘Clockwork Prince’ first editions with special content

  1. jaajajaja I want at least 2!! Cause I think Walmart doesn’t ship to Argentina :S I already ordered the B&N edition…got a question (to make sure I’m not wrong) THe Walmart one has the same as the B&N plus the jem story or will’s letter is the one given by amazon to his family

  2. I ordered the UK edition. That one comes with Will’s letter and Jem’s story ‘Burtning Bright’. It doesn’t come with Will’s inscription, but the two thing I wanted to read most (the letter and short story) are in there, so I’m happy 😀

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