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Movie News: Cassandra Clare on faithfulness of script to book, filming in New York

During the launch for the Clockwork Prince book tour on Tuesday, Cassandra Clare took a moment to answer some movie inquiries, basically where does production on The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones stand?

Last we heard the focus was on the script and that it had to be approved by a handful of studio execs before production could progress.

The original script, penned by Jessica Postigo, was rewritten by Marlene King because the studio didn’t feel it was close enough to the book. Clare agreed.

“They wanted the script rewritten because they didn’t feel the script they had was close to the book, and it wasn’t, actually that close to the book,” she said. “I was kind of behind getting it rewritten. They gave it to Marlene King, who has written a bunch of movies and she writes the show Pretty Little Liars. They gave it to her and she rewrote it and she just turned it in a couple of weeks ago. I saw her version, and I really like it.”

Clare raved about the screenplay’s faithfulness to the book, which includes direct dialogue and including all of the characters.

“It’s very close to the book. It takes a lot of the dialogue and everything straight out of the books. I always think that’s good, to stick as close to the source material as you can. Previously, they had changed up a bunch of things and deleted characters, and I was like *groans.*

So where does the status of the script stand right now?

“Basically they have to get everyone to sign off on the new script,” she said. “Then once they have that they can start with filming and all of that.”

Earlier in the process there were talks of where filming would take place. Los Angeles was mentioned as the main location, with a lot of the filming dealing with green screen, but there was also mention of some filming taking place in the book’s actual location, New York.

So where are they going to film?

“They were going to do a bunch of exterior shots in New York and film the rest of it in Los Angeles,” Clare said, noting that it could very well chance. “It’s very, very expensive to film in New York,” she said with a laugh. “A lot of the stuff would be green screen. There’s a huge amount of special effects and stuff, so if you’re going to film green screen it doesn’t matter where you film. I’m hoping that they will do at least like major key exterior shots downtown and in Brooklyn.”

Watch the video, courtesy of, from the Clockwork Prince launch!

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2 Comments on Movie News: Cassandra Clare on faithfulness of script to book, filming in New York

  1. Yea for Cassandra for sticking to her guns and having them rewrite the script so it will parallel the book! It wouldn’t be the same if characters were omitted and plot changed….*whew*!

    Thank you Ms. Clare for having them keep the movie close to the book for all of us fans!

  2. I feel a bit relieved that this version of the script “It takes a lot of the dialogue and everything straight out of the books.” compared to the previous one.

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