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Cassandra Clare talks ‘Clockwork Prince’ fan reaction and teases ‘Clockwork Princess’

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Since the release of Clockwork Prince less than one week ago, fans have been spilling their souls to author Cassandra Clare with their reactions. In an interview with Hollywood Crush, Clare revealed that fan reaction has been "positive," but "heartbreaking" has been the overwhelming theme.
"What I've gotten has been a really great, positive reaction," she said. "People have really loved it. But there's definitely been a lot of heartbreak: 'This broke my heart. This really made me question my loyalties. Who are my favorite characters? What do I want to happen in the end?' I think there's a lot of questions of how this can be a happy ending for everybody because at the end of the book, we leave everybody in a state of, I would say, very delicate balance."
Clare also went on to sort of preview Clockwork Princess, at least the relationship between two of the series' characters. Warning: Spoilers after the jump!

In Clockwork Prince, we learn the identity of Cecily, who is Will’s younger sister. Clare teased what we should expect to see in the relationship between Will and Cecily in Clockwork Princess.

“I always knew Cecily would come into it and play a big role,” Cassie said. “Cecily is very important to [Will]. She’s his little sister. He left his home to protect his family and really to protect her. But since that time he hasn’t seen her, she’s grown into this incredibly strong-willed and independent person, and she’s furious with him. She doesn’t understand why he left their parents, so she comes in. And there’s this clash of wills between her and Will, and her being like, ‘You’re my brother, and I love you, but you have to come home.’ And him being like, ‘I can’t come home. I can’t leave the people who need me now. This is my family.’ Will being torn between going home and the loyalties he feels like he owes to the people he’s with now.”

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Source: Hollywood Crush

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