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New ‘City of Lost Souls’ teaser in honor of Clary’s Superior Sixteen win in ‘Heroine Tourney’

In honor of Clary Fray’s dominating win (by more than 1,500 votes!) in the Superior Sixteen–round two–of YA Sisterhood’s ‘Tournament of Heroines,’ Cassandra Clare has shared a teaser from City of Lost Souls, the fifth installment of The Mortal Instruments that will be released May 8, 2012.

Clary won her Tournament of Heroines match, which means she advances from the Superior Sixteen. There’ll be more voting rounds after Christmas, but for now, it’s relaxing time and a teaser from City of Lost Souls. I did a poll over on twitter and needless to say “Clary/Jace” won by a long shot. I should remind myself not to be surprised!

* * *

Jace vaulted over the counter in a single movement, landing beside Clary. He knelt down and pulled her close, running his hands over her, his eyes black-gold with concern. She caught at his wrists. 

“I’m all right,” she said. Her heart was pounding, her blood still singing in her veins. He opened his mouth to say something but she leaned forward and put her hands on either side of his face, her nails digging in. “I feel good,” she said, and kissed him, fierce and hard, and he kissed her back, rumpled and sweaty and bloody, and she tasted salt in her mouth though she didn’t know if it was his blood or hers.

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Source: Cassandra Clare Tumblr

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