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10 Things We Learned From the ‘City of Lost Souls’ Cover Reveal

Coming May 8, 2012

The cover of City of Lost Souls, the fifth installment of Cassandra Clare’s best-selling The Mortal Instruments series, was released on Wednesday to fan fervor.

The cover features Jace and Clary in a passionate embrace with Paris, which we learned plays an integral part in the fifth installment, as the backdrop.

Clare spent much of the day answering questions on Twitter and Tumblr about the cover and City of Lost Souls, which proved to be quite insightful.

Here are 10 things we learned from the City of Lost Souls cover reveal:

  1. Yes, that is Jace on the cover: There was a little uncertainty surrounding some fans who were wondering if it was indeed Jace or Jonathan/Sebastian on the cover of City of Lost Souls. As we know, Jonathan/Sebastian is a natural blonde and he has been appearing in some fan art as so. If the passionate pose wasn’t enough, Clare cleared up the uncertainty. “Yikes,” she wrote in reaction on Twitter. “(It’s) Jace.”
  2. There won’t be a cover with two males: I think I can say that a majority of the fandom was holding out for a Alec/Magnus cover, but despite popular demand Clare said that Simon & Schuster’s marketing department was dead-set against it. Such has already been the case when Clare wanted Jace and Sebastian/Jonathan on the cover of City of Glass, which also could have been neat for City of Lost Souls. But she said that they said, “No two guys on a cover, not ever.”
  3. Clare chose the Jace cover model: Clare has revealed before that the characters on the first cycle of Mortal Instruments books (Bones, Ashes, Glass) weren’t models but pieces of different models. That has not been the case with the second cycle of books, as the two models on the City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls are one person. Clare had a hand in choosing the model that portrays Jace on the cover of City of Lost Souls. “I picked him,” she wrote on her Twitter account. “Occasionally I get to something! So yay.”
  4. Clary will appear on every book in second cycle: With a new cycle of Mortal Instruments books has come some noted changes, including to the cover. In the first three books the cover featured one character whose upper face wasn’t visible. In this next cycle, which began with City of Fallen Angels, the cover has featured two characters whose faces are fully visible. Clare revealed that, aside from no cover featuring two males, Clary will appear on every second cycle book. “She will be on all three of the last three book covers,” Clare wrote on Twitter.
  5. Fallen Angels Clary and Lost Souls Clary are the same model: In the second cycle of Mortal Instruments books, aside from featuring two characters whose faces are visible, the cover has consisted of real models. The model that portrays Clary on the City of Lost Souls cover is in fact the same model from the City of Fallen Angels cover. “It is actually! Not the same as the girl on Ashes, but one of those rare occasions they were able to get the same model as they (well, as Cliff) used on the cover of CoFA despite it being an entirely different photo shoot,” Clare wrote on Tumblr.
  6. Clare thinks Lily Collins looks more like Clary than the cover model: Speaking of Clary, when a fan asked Clare who looked more like Clary to her, Lily Collins or the model, Clare said, “Lily.” Collins will be portraying Clary in the film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which filming is scheduled to begin in spring of this year. Collins has sported red wavy hair before and she will again when filming begins.
  7. There will be a special edition of City of Lost Souls: As there has been with City of Fallen Angels and Clockwork Prince, there will be a special edition of City of Lost Souls. Several months ago Clare asked fans what kind of special-edition content might they like to see with City of Lost Souls. Now the question becomes what may that content be?
  8. Clare revealed the length of the fifth installment: City of Lost Souls clocks in at 537 pages, according to Clare, of which is sure to be 537 pages of heart-wrenching goodness. At 537 pages, City of Lost Souls is the second longest book in The Mortal Instruments, with City of Glass nabbing the top spot with 560 pages.
  9. The prologue revealed where City of Lost Souls begins: Along with the cover reveal, USA Today shared the Prologue from City of Lost Souls. It gives a good idea where the story begins. According to Clare, the Prologue picks up right where City of Fallen Angels leaves off. But the events of Chapter 1 will be two weeks after the events of the Prologue. “The prologue is right after CoFA,” Clare wrote on Twitter. “The rest of the book is two weeks later.”
  10. The wait for May 8, just got a whole lot longer: There is no question that following that monster of a cliffhanger in City of Fallen Angels that fans are yearning to find out what happens after that emotionally-grueling rooftop scene. The release of Clockwork Prince, the second installment of the prequel series The Infernal Devices, served as a welcome distraction—an equally if not more emotional one. With the release of the City of Lost Souls cover and the Prologue, fans are even more excited to get their hands on the fifth installment. And if that Prologue wasn’t enough to make anyone weep, check out these teasers to test your emotional heartstrings.

City of Lost Souls will be released on May 8.

Catch up on teasers from City of Lost Souls here.

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9 Comments on 10 Things We Learned From the ‘City of Lost Souls’ Cover Reveal

  1. TeamEdwardJace // January 5, 2012 at 4:49 PM // Reply

    i’m really excited. hurry up may!

  2. Yay I guessed right in that Clary is gonna be on all the book covers of the second cycle.

  3. I am offended re no 2 males on the cover. Maybe I’m taking it the wrong way, but Simon & Schuster need to say what there reasons are. I may feel the need to write a letter to Simon & Schuster. It would have made sense for Jace & Sebastian to be on this or the next cover even though I do love this Jace/Clary cover.

  4. HerondaleLover // January 6, 2012 at 11:11 PM // Reply

    Love it but it would make more sense with Sebastian/Jace cover! But I still say we need a Malec cover!!

  5. the thing about Simon & Shuster not letting two boys be on the cover is really annoying and I can’t help thinking that, without an explanation from them, that it’s an anti- gay thing

    • I think Cassie said it had something to do with the book not giving off the romantic theme and some book stores may choose not to display it or something. I think she said two girls may not be out of the question.

  6. Thank you these top 10 were so helpful. I love The Mortal Instruments world. Really inspired me to want to read various fantasy, science fiction, and just other books since was so exciting!

  7. When is the movie coming out?

  8. Absolutely loved this shoot, and so happy with how the photos terund out! thank you so much sue, best birthday present i have ever had! and thank you to Clare Ardern for my amazing make up on the day,Thank you both,xxx

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