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Clary defeats Tessa to earn title of ‘Heroine Tourney’ champion

Lily Collins will portray Clary in the film adaptation.

Clary Fray is the inaugural champion of YA Sisterhood’s ‘Tournament of Heroines.’

Clary, the No. 1 seed, defeated fellow Cassandra Clare heroine Tessa Gray, the No. 3 seed, by over 700 votes.

Clary captured 56% of the total vote, which amassed a total of over 6,000 votes cast between the two heroines.

With Clary’s victory over Tessa, Clare will share the greenhouse scene from City of Bones in Jace’s perspective.

A special thanks to the advocates of Team Cassie, Valerie of Stuck In Books , Avery of Avery’s Book Nook and Amanda of Letters Inside Out, who worked their butts off to represent three kick-butt heroines. You have done our ladies proud.

Clary’s journey to ‘Heroine Tourney’ champion began with a first round rout of No. 32 seed Kate of Die For Me. In the second round, Clary had another dominating victory over No. 17 seed Cammie of Gallagher Girls.

Clary continued her dominance in round three with another tremendous victory over No. 8 seed Meghan of The Iron Fey. In the fourth round, Clary went head-to-head against No. 5 seed Hermione of Harry Potter and came out on top with a convincing victory.

In the finals, Clary battled it out with No. 3 seed Tessa of The Infernal Devices and won the Team Cassie battle to claim the title of ‘Heroine Tourney’ champion in the tournament’s inaugural year.

Clary joins Jace as champions of YA Sisterhood’s Tournaments. Jace claimed the title of ‘YA Summer Crush’ champion last summer.

Looks like Clary and Jace are Young Adult fiction’s new power-couple.

YA Sisterhood returns with the second annual ‘YA Summer Crushin’ tournament later this year. Jace won’t be eligible to participate, as he has previously won, but Will, Jem, Simon, etc. are all eligible. Let’s keep it in the Team Cassie family.

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4 Comments on Clary defeats Tessa to earn title of ‘Heroine Tourney’ champion

  1. OMG! Tessa lost): aaaaaawwwwww! this sucks i really wanted DSBedS from Jem’s POV. But i have 2 admit im happy for clary

  2. I love Tessa and Clary so to me no one lost. Tessa will have day, maybe Jem could convince us .. 🙂

  3. Just another proof of how brilliant TMI, Clary and Jace are! Move over Stephanie Meyer and JK Rowling – Cassie is undoubtably a new Queen of YA fantasy!

  4. Ria Jace Lightwood // January 8, 2012 at 4:38 PM // Reply

    FOR THIS YEAR’S YA SUMMER CRUSHIN’ TOURNAMENT, I’M VOTING 4…………………. WILL. WILL FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNLESS HARRY, PEETA, TRISTAN, OR SOMEONE ELSE GOOD IS THERE, WHO KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT NEXT YEAR, WHEN WE COULD (HOPEFULLY) VOTE FOR JACE AGAIN, JACE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ❤ U JACE

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