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Transcript of Lily Collins’ Twitter Q & A for Seventeen

Lily Collins (Clary) participated in a Twitter Q & A for Seventeen via the Mirror Mirror Twitter handle on Thursday. White she didn't answer any Mortal Instruments questions, she did open up about her experience portraying Snow White in Mirror Mirror and had some good advice for readers. Here is a transcript of the chat:
Q: Hi, Lily!! How are u liking our new Twitter background? It's u! The cover looks gorgeous, can't wait 4 everyone to get it! A: Thanks so much! It's a dream come true, I'm so happy Q: First question: @SophiaCortesexo asks, what was your favorite day on set? A: My favorite day on set was filming the song and dance number at the end with everybody! Q: Question from @Doris_Elysia asks, how was @AskMirrorMirror different from any of the other movies you've starred in? A: It's different because I got to play a character who grew from a young girl to a strong and empowered young woman Q: Question 3 for #lilycollins! @alexandracolaa wants to know: what's your must-have fashion item for the spring? A: I have a fun, flirty brightly-colored floral dress

Q: Another fashion question for #lilycollins from @laurenedgil003: How would you describe your style?

A: My style is classic and sheik, yet fresh and eclectic with a bit of vintage

Q: Here’s a good question! Lily? RT @ishadowhunter: What cheers you up when you’re feeling down?

A: “I turn my music up super loud or I watch Love Actually”

Q: We like this question from @SimplySFans: Who are your role models, Lily?

A: Audrey Hepburn and my mom. That’s an easy one – they’re two of the strongest, most beautiful women

Q: this Q relates to the msg of #mirrormirror so well! RT @gabriellababyxo: #17lily what do you do for confidence?

A: I remind myself that being me is enough and the fact that there’s only one of me out there-that’s a beautiful thing!

Q: Here’s a question from Aurora @ombcandy, Lily!! How did you start acting?

A: I was born w/a passion for telling stories & the determination to make it on my own-kept auditioning until someone said yes!

Q: Question from @megha79: What is your favorite fairytale story, Lily?

A: Snow White was always one of my favorites but I knew every word to Aladdin and used to sing along with my family!

Q: From @charliesStache: Since Snow is such an iconic character, was there fear in bringing her to life in a new way?

A: I was excited to make her more modern & relatable – there’s a little Snow in everyone

Q: Yes, we want to know this too! Lily? RT @cecibean2009: @seventeenmag @AskMirrorMirror How was working with Julia!!

A: An absolute honor. She’s such an incredible actress as well as human being. I learned so much!

Q: ooh this is a juicy question! RT @allyobrien: @seventeenmag @AskMirrorMirror who do you think is the “fairest of them all” lily?

A: Anyone who accepts themselves, loves themselves and is open to an adventure

Q: Lily, thx for this inspiring interview! Last question, what was the main thing Snow taught u that we can all learn?

A: Snow taught me that in order to find love & adventure in life, you have to find it & accept it within yourself first

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