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Cassandra Clare Shares News Details About ‘The Dark Artifices’

It’s sad to think that in less than two years fans of Cassandra Clare will have to say goodbye to The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices.

But Clare has given fans something to look forward to after those two series wrap: The Dark Artifices.

While Clare has said it isn’t definite that she will write The Dark Artifices, she has already shared some pretty interesting information on what lies ahead in the new series.

Clare revealed some new information about The Dark Artifices‘ main characters, Emma and Julian:

What is Emma’s last name?


What is Julian’s last name?

You’ll find out in City of Lost Souls.

To learn more about The Dark Artifices, visit this page.

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19 Comments on Cassandra Clare Shares News Details About ‘The Dark Artifices’

  1. Ria Will/Jace Herondale // February 7, 2012 at 8:58 PM // Reply


  2. At least it means that Tessa can and will have children since she’s obviously gonna end up with one of these boys and both have kids.
    I wonder which one she’s gonna choose. I want her to be with Will they have so much in common but I dont want Jem brokenhearted! It was alright when I thought he was gonna die but now….

    • Me too! I don’t want Jem to be heart broken.. But he can’t be with Tessa!
      I was actually hoping that Jem died,but honestly I’m excited to see that the name Carstairs!! (But it makes me think if his dad was an only child)
      Team Will!!!

  3. Carstairs! Really! This is terrible obviously Jem Lives! I hate this I’m so angry I’m about to have a spaz attack if there were’nt people around.
    Now i’m forced to hate that new main character because she’s related to Jem! Gosh Cassandra Clare is really making me angry!

    Jem DOESN’T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  4. I don’t like it that everyone is so eager for Jem to die or get killed off! I adore him. Don’t get me wrong, I like Will too, but there is something magical about Jem. I am happy to see his family name live on.

  5. I just freaked out!!!! I love Jem!!!!!

  6. Wait a second, from what we know Tessa can’t have kids. Does that mean Jem and Tessa don’t stay together???!!!!

  7. Everyone is so sure Emma will be Jem’s daughter, and that Tessa will be her mother. The girl could be anyone, maybe Jem’s cousin, or maybe she’s from before he was even born. Maybe she changed her name, or was adopted. And if (Emphasis on if!) she is Jem’s daughter or descendant, whose to say Tessa is her mother?

    Personally, I prefer Will and Jem together, but I wouldn’t want Jem to die in order for that to happen! He’s still such an awesome character, even if I don’t ship him with our leading lady.

    Hopefully there will be some interesting connection. It’ll be fantastic, do doubt! 😀

  8. I love both Will and Jem, and I like the idea of Jem having a descendant. But that’s assuming that Emma is a direct descendant. I also really like the idea of Tessa being able to have children. I hated the part in Clockwork Angel where it said warlocks were incapable of having children!

    I would really like for Jem and Tessa to have a baby, but I would really like it if Will and Tessa had a baby, too!


  9. I think I like Will better, by the way.

    ….just saying.

    He has a dark past, and I guess you could say he knows what it’s like to be alone, or at least in a compromising position with VERY LITTLE OPTIONS.

    I sympathize.:)


  11. Johanna Shadowhunter // February 25, 2012 at 8:16 PM // Reply

    I have no idea what to think, this probably means Jem will live or something but also there’s Will because of Jace Herondale. Arrgh this is making me frustarted, but at least it makes me happy that Jem will have a kid, and I wonder if one of their kids are Tessa’s. I really wanna read TMI and ID and now TDA.

  12. Johanna Shadowhunter // February 25, 2012 at 8:20 PM // Reply

    Wait… What if Tessa can’t have kids though, then I would be really sad, but it is a possibility. And she lives forever, (I think) doesn’t that make her incapable of having children, but If she mothers Jem or Will’s child then wouldn’t it be sad to see her grow up but see her lover die, then her child etc.?

    I’m conflicted :/

  13. Shadowhuntress928 // March 1, 2012 at 9:49 PM // Reply

    Of course Tessa lives forever! She was in City of Glass, over a hundred years later and she was still young! And everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions about the name Carstairs. We don’t know if Jem’s father had any brothers who had children. And while we’re at it, we don’t know for sure that Jace is a direct descendant of Will’s. Maybe Will’s father had brother as well who then had children. Also, I don’t think Tessa will be able to have children.That would be too sad if she could then outlived them. Or her husband. Also, to all the people who are upset that you think Jem will live: Shame on you. I’m not saying Will isn’t more fun to read about, but think about it. If faced with the decision in real life, you would all choose Jem (Because Will is MINE). BAHAHAHAHAHA! You like how I did that?

  14. I like both Jem and Will. I’m knida rooting for Jem since Will=Jace and Tessa=Clary, ergo Jem=Simon. So seeing the reverse would be a nice change of pace. Methinks, Tessa can have children b/c she has defied expectations so far, and who knows with Emma Carstairs, but I got the impression she could be a direct decendant. So who knows, maybe they do have kids together. Or to solve this issue, they could just have an epic OT3…

  15. are you all forgrtting about Cecily? I see this as a possibility; Jem is an only child, which means for there to be a future Carstairs name Jem has to have kids. He can’t have kids with Tessa. If Tessa ends up with Will however, they might not have kids but whos to say that Will’s sister Cecily won’t. This way both the Carstairs and Herondale family names live on. That’s how I see it.

  16. Is Julian’s last name Penhallow?

  17. Goddamn i knew when i read about julian in cols that she would write about him, why mention him otherwise!

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