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Could Logan Lerman be a Front-Runner for the Role of Simon?

Amidst the confusion surrounding the rumor that the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie was no longer in development, author Cassandra Clare revealed that she spoke with the people at Constantin Films, the company that holds the film rights, and even gave them a list of actors that she liked for Simon.

One of those actors?

None other than fan-favorite Logan Lerman.

“You know, after being cruelly maltreated by the press today y’all deserve something. 🙂 I told them I liked Logan Lerman for Simon. And they were like, “yeah, we worked with him on Three Musketeers.” Which means nothing, but hey. Registered.” (source)

Lerman seems like a viable candidate–if he wants the role. He worked with Constantin Films on The Three Musketeers, which came out last year.

Constantin wants to begin filming on City of Bones in August, so if everything remains on schedule then casting news might not be so far off.

What do you think of Logan as Simon? Would he be a good fit for the role?

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18 Comments on Could Logan Lerman be a Front-Runner for the Role of Simon?

  1. uh, YEAH!!!! i love Logan Lerman!!!!!!!!

  2. While Constantin has worked with Logan before, he might be too busy and the role may not be appealing to him as he has done lead roles already

  3. i don’t love him…..but maybe its just cuz he doesn’t have glasses……

  4. Nah. Not what I was thinking for Simon.

  5. eh Loganis fine, I have no problem with him but I don’t think he is a front-runner. he may be in the mix though

  6. Dont forget Logan Lerman have other movie series in Percy Jackson and the Olympians as major leading role Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon.. I dont know how that he works out with both major series….

    • I don’t think there continuing that string of movies. Cuz hasn’t it been like 2 years already. And I think Logan is decent they could do better though. 🙂

  7. I think he’d be fine. He could pull off geeky, but you know he’s a good looking kid who after being turned Vampire could really pull the “hottie” card. He’s just got to have the quick wit of Simon or it wouldn’t work. There would also need to be chemistry between him and Lily aka Clary.

  8. TeamEdwardJace // February 13, 2012 at 5:22 PM // Reply

    I think he’d be a great fit! He’s a great actor and could pull the geeky (as aundrea said it but I say the hot-geeky look) and the the hot and kind, funny sarcastic vampire aspect . it’s necessary or him to have chemistry between him and lily, and Jamie as well as the other cast members but i’m pretty positive he does and hey if cassie recommends him, than she’s likely right! after all, she created this wonderful and world and characters and like you guys said, maybe casting news isn’t far off!

    and constantin films seems willing to work with him again, so maybe he is too!

    Awesome, I’m still really excited!

  9. hummmm…. i like so much Logan ….but i think Simon cannot be more beautful than Jace (JCB ⇒Lovely by the way)…….and have this boy Matt Bennett (Victorius/nickelodeon) is so like Simon…….

    • I agree with the first thing u said I mean jace is so suppose to be really hot so it would be weird if Simon was better looking then him but I still think he would make a great simon

  10. Logan is Jewish just like Simon so it’s perfect!

  11. He would be a great actor for the role. Sadly if they want Logan to be him it’ll be a tough sell. He’ll be busy with press for Perks and filming on Percy in August

  12. did some research and yes, there is a percy jackson sequel coming up in 2013. so this might not work

    • Well, I suspect that Cassie would be aware of ‘PJ’ sequel, so if she’s still considering him, who knows, maybe both could work out somehow…:)
      And yes, as for my opinion – he would make a super-cute Simon!

    • comment veux tu, comment veux tu je ne saivas pas pour La Guerre des Boutons , je n’y ai meme pas preter attention en magasin. ben perso si c’est un boitier DVD (je vais faire mon chiant) mais j’achete pas.


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