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Sam Cushion Shares Original ‘Mortal Instruments’ Music

The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices fandom is a passionate bunch and a talented one at that.

Sam Cushion, known for his original The Hunger Games score, recently shared some original music he created for The Mortal Instruments.

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YouTube: unofficialscore


Facebook: Sam Cushion Music

Twitter: @sam_cushion

What do you guys think of this piece?

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6 Comments on Sam Cushion Shares Original ‘Mortal Instruments’ Music

  1. Love it! The beginning made me think of the greenhouse seen. When it changed at the end I thought of Jace wayland fighting a demon.

    The beginning made me think of new moon also. I hate to admit that though

    • Sorry i don’t see this as a love melody.
      When i think of each characters (Jace/Clary and Will/Tessa) love melody, is more of a fast speed and reckless.

  2. This would be the PERFECT music, for city of glass. Think about it. The beautiful city, the sadness of Clary and Jace’s love, then the big battle scene !

  3. The beginning sounds a lot like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Interesting.

  4. I really like it…the haunting combination of beautiful classical atmospheric melodies and some futuristic hardcore kick-ass action music would be a perfect combination for the movie score!

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