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New ‘City of Lost Souls’ teaser featuring Jace and Sebastian

Cassandra Clare shared a teaser from City of Lost Souls, the fifth installment of the bestselling The Mortal Instruments series, which features Jace and Sebastian and some suspect behavior.

Here’s what Cassie had to say: “I have a feeling that my Will mantra of ‘all this pain will be worth it in the end’ is going to become a non-specific Herondale mantra. Poor Jace…he can’t catch a break at all. The family is cursed.”

Check it out:

“Hey, little brother.” It was Sebastian’s voice, floating under the door. “Is it done?”

There was a long silence. Then Jace’s reply, oddly flat and colorless. “It’s done.” 

City of Lost Souls is just under TWO MONTHS away from its May 8th release.

Catch up on all the teasers, as well as the prologue and chapter titles, from City of Lost Souls while you wait.

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8 Comments on New ‘City of Lost Souls’ teaser featuring Jace and Sebastian

  1. Did you eer get my audition video?

  2. i thought sebastian died in city of Glass


  4. TeamEdwardJace // March 12, 2012 at 9:24 AM // Reply

    omg i am so excited! this one gives me chils!

  5. It gives menightmares from city of glass

  6. This just makes me go crazy, thinking of all the possible things they could be talking about! SO excited for this book to come out! 🙂

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