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Molly Quinn will voice ‘City of Lost Souls’ audiobook

Molly Quinn, known for her role in ABC’s Castle, will voice the audiobook for City of Lost Souls, which is due out on May 8.

Quinn co-narrated the City of Fallen Angels audiobook with Ed Westwick.

Here’s what Cassandra Clare had to say:

I’m so excited to announce that MOLLY QUINN (from ABC’s Castle) will be narrating CITY OF LOST SOULS! Molly did a fantastic job narrating City of Fallen Angels with Ed Westwick last year, I can’t wait to hear her read this story. What does everyone think about the casting?

So, guys, what do you think?

The City of Lost Souls audiobook will be available on May 8.

You can pre-order it from Barnes and Noble now!

Check out this video in which Quinn and Westwick talk about recording the City of Fallen Angels audiobook.

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7 Comments on Molly Quinn will voice ‘City of Lost Souls’ audiobook

  1. Well, I have all TMI books and audiobooks so far as I’m a huge fan. I still listen to the first three audiobooks on a daily basis but I can’t stand CoFA audiobook precisely *because* of Molly Quinn! hated her narrating and I’m devastated that she’ll be butchering yet another of my favourite books. She sounded emotionless and flat and at times almost stoned and mispronounced so many names and words that it was obvious that she didn’t even do any research prior to recording. Just plain awful….I honestly cannot believe that she was chosen for the job again. This is a major disappointment for me and all I can hope for is that she’ll (by some miracle) do a better job this time around, but I seriously doubt it. 😦

    • Well said. I agree 100%. I had to stopped listening because I can’t take it anymore from Molly Quinn. I wonder, don’t they audition them first? What a waste of great books!

  2. I love Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle on Castle. Castle is the best show on TV and I think Molly does a wonderful job of narrating.

  3. Ms Quinn has a lovely voice, and I love her on Castle, but she just doesn’t have the vocal diversity for a purely audio performance. I’ll give her this though, it was improved to The City of Fallen Angels performance. But I miss Ed Westwick, he has always been solid. I’ll still buy, and listen, and hope there will be a better performer in an anniversary edition, eventually.

  4. I loved the narrator in Book 2 and 3 and was so surprised by how weak narration of the 4th book was. Molly C Quinn is mispronouncing some of names and rushing instead of pausing. I must say she sounds very inexperienced as a narrator and does not reflect characters well. I couldn’t wait for book 4 to listen to, but now I’m dreading every time her voice comes up. She might be a good actress but not a good narrator. Did they train her at all? She could’ve at least listened to the book 2 and 3 to match the style.

  5. Listening to the 4th book right now, and I get sooo sad when it is Molly Quinn’s turn to narrate. I fell bad saying this, but she might me the worst narrator I have ever listened to. Everything is so mispronounced. I thought the narrator of City of Bones was bad-yikes- little did I know what what was yet to come. I wish Jim Dale could narrate everything ; )

  6. zach carello // August 23, 2013 at 10:20 PM // Reply

    she should have played clary in the movie, from the first moment she was described in city of bones molly quinn is who i pictured she is beautiful and fits the role so perfectly as tho it were written for her… what were they thinking not casting her for the movie? It puts a damper on the movie for me now :/

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