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Shadowhunters Take Over Twitter

With City of Lost Souls less than a month away from release, we teamed up with several fan sites to help spread the word via one of the most powerful social media sources: Twitter.

We decided to get #WeAreShadowhunters to trend worldwide Monday at Noon (EST).

It took just seven minutes for #WeAreShadowhunters to trend worldwide, debuting at No. 3.

Thirteen minutes later #WeAreShadowhunters was the number one trending topic worldwide.

Shadowhunters got a shout-out from our Jace, Jamie Campbell Bower, who gave the fans props.

Adam Gregory, who is a fan-favorite for Will Herondale, also mentioned the topic.

Here’s what Cassandra Clare had to say:

That … is so cool!

For those that missed it, the Twitter TMI fandom was going to try to trend #WeAreShadowhunters today in honor of it being a month before City of Lost Souls comes out, and all the good movie news. So if you’re feeling it, go forth and hashtag!

This just shows the power of the Cassandra Clare fandom and that there is nothing we cannot do.

We plan on doing this once a week leading up to the May 8th release of City of Lost Souls. Will you join us again?

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5 Comments on Shadowhunters Take Over Twitter

  1. Have you seen the video where Jamie actually talks about the workout he’s doing for our movie? It’s so cute. I love him a little more now. Follow this link and forward to 8:51

  2. TeamEdwardJace // April 9, 2012 at 3:12 PM // Reply

    Hell yeah! that’s us!

  3. It works for Fringe and it’ll do wonder for us Shadowhunters.
    There is nothing that we cannot do indeed! It just goes to show that Cassie is safely but surely taking over the world 🙂

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