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‘Iron’ Books Pushed Up Release Dates of ‘Shadowhunter’ Books

With the announcement of a new middle grade fantasy series by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black came the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming release dates of The Mortal InstrumentsThe Infernal Devices and The Dark Artifices.

But, in fact, the “Iron” books, the first titled The Iron Trial, have actually moved up the release dates of City of Lost Souls, Clockwork Princess, City of Heavenly Fire and The Dark Artifices.

Here’s what Clare shared on her Tumblr:

They’re not going to push back the Shadowhunters books. And you are not getting Dark Artifices late. The Iron books have in fact not pushed back the dates of the publication of City of Heavenly Fire and Clockwork Princess. They have pushed them up.

Yes. Up. Because of the books I am doing with Holly, you are going to get the next Shadowhunters books sooner, not later.

Let me break this down. Originally, when I scheduled the publication dates of the Shadowhunter books with Simon and Schuster, we were trying to get one out about every nine months. This is an insane schedule. It is, I was told by everyone, a “not-doable” schedule for a writer, because these books are long — about 120,000 words each — and writing a book takes a while. Generally, it is assumed, a year. But I thought “I can do this! I write fast and who needs sleep!” Clockwork Angel came out September 2010, then CoFA March of 2011, and Clockwork Prince was scheduled for September 2012. Except, because I was writing so much that I wasn’t doing other things like sleeping or regularly eating, I started having intervals where I blacked out, and eventually I fell down the steps of my driveway and broke two ribs and my wrist.

And that was something of a wake-up call, because I realized if I kept on at the pace I was at, I would be dead soon, and there would not be more books.

So (because of the broken bones) Clockwork Prince was pushed from September 2011 to December 2011. City of Lost Souls was pushed from March to May. And my agent went in and talked with Simon & Schuster, and pushed back Clockwork Princess to September 2013, and City of Heavenly Fire to December 2014.

Then came the idea of the “Iron” books:

Meanwhile, Holly and I had had the idea for the Iron books (we actually had it ages ago when it was a particularly crazy theory and we thought ‘what an awesome book that would make! Someone should write it!’ and then realized that probably … we should) and I was trying to figure out how they would fit in my schedule. One thing you don’t want is two books of yours coming out too close to each other. That is very bad for writers, for reasons complicated and boring to go into, but it’s true. If you have two a year, you want them as far apart as possible.

So while scheduling ourselves, I decided the Iron books would be fall books, which meant the Shadowhunter books would have to come out in spring.

Here’s how the publication schedule was changed:

  • Clockwork Princess got pushed up from September 2013 to March 2013.
  • City of Heavenly Fire got pushed up from December 2014 to March/April 2014.
  • The Dark Artifices got pushed up from Winter 2015 to Spring 2015.

So let us rejoice that we will be getting these books six months earlier!

Will you be reading Clare’s latest series when it debuts in 2014?

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7 Comments on ‘Iron’ Books Pushed Up Release Dates of ‘Shadowhunter’ Books

  1. You mean i have to wait almost TWO YEARS after City of Lost Souls for City of Heavenly Fire!?!?!?!?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is WAY too long! D:

  2. I’ll always be reading her books and this is great news!
    I just hope Cassie looks after herself and makes sure that she is, in fact, getting enough sleep and keeping healthy because we need her wonderful story world for many, many more years to come! 🙂

  3. typo. it 2015 not 2014. yeah i know im being a jerk.

  4. 2014 for city of heavenly i think i might just die having to wait that long );

  5. I’m excited for the “Iron” series but seriously??! We have to wait until 2014 for City of Heavenly Fire?! I thought that it was coming out in 2013???!

  6. @Nelly
    yes, so did I! I was so exctied because my birthday in March so I thought I’d be getting both Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire. I guess she needs more time.

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