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Magnus Casting Race: Ben Cho and Osric Chau join the fray

There are now five actors (that we know of) that have auditioned for the role of Magnus Bane in ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.’

Shannon Kook was the first to enter the fray and was soon followed by Simon Raymond. We learned earlier today that Ross Butler had also auditioned.

Now there are two more actors who have auditioned for the role: Ben Cho and Osric Chau

Ben Cho

He also tweeted us this pic:

Osric Chau

With the casting race for Magnus heating up, do you have a favorite?

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43 Comments on Magnus Casting Race: Ben Cho and Osric Chau join the fray

  1. Which is the tallest of all contenders known?

  2. i believe Ross is, he tweeted this earlier
    @drama__queenc I am between 6’2″ and 6’3″, depending of course on how much hair gel i decide to use

  3. I think so far, I’m still liking Shannon Kook as the actor for Magnus Bane. The other actors I can’t picture as them They don’t have that “look” to them that makes them look like Magnus. I can also picture Ross Butler too because of those Eyes! They just have that appearance I picture, but it also depends on their acting skills as well.

    • vishousjayne // May 16, 2012 at 7:45 PM // Reply

      i like your choice as well. There is something in his face thats right. I hope he is the one.

    • i totally agree. i looked at all their pictures multiple times trying to decide and i keep going towards shannon. i think he’d be perfect!! i hope he gets picked!

  4. No.

  5. Gabrielle // May 15, 2012 at 6:42 PM // Reply

    No,no, no. #TeamShannon 🙂

  6. Shannon Kook all the way!!! He looks exactly like how I pictured Magnus. I freaked when I saw his picture for the first time. I just can’t see anyone else because of how much I am stuck on Shannon. 🙂

  7. I really see Shannon Kook as Magnus most, than Ross Butler.

  8. silencethewolf // May 15, 2012 at 8:07 PM // Reply

    I can not help but imagine Magnus Bane’s appearance to be similar to Adam Lambert’s. Just my opinion.

    • I don’t I imagen him so different from all these, but not Adam Lambert either. I know that this might be weird and you might think hes a little old, but i think Jonhnny Deep would be a good magnus cause look at what hes played he could pull off anything

  9. Shannon kook may look the part, but magnus is such a powerful character i dont think kook could pull it off. Magnus knows everything.

  10. Magnus is part Asian. So the actor would have to be 1/2 or 1/4 Asian to play him. As well as tall! I like both Shannon and Ross (he does look part Asian in other pics of him) I’d love to see who tried out for Alec and Simon 🙂

    • I know that Chris Riggi, tried out for Alec – he confirmed it on his twitter !! But… he is not really how I pictured Alec at all, FAR FAR AWAY ! No, blue eyes or pale skin – screw the hair, it can always be colored ! But google him, and…. no!

      • agreed that is NOT the right alec at all! but i still want to know who tried out for simon as well as isabelle.

    • They don’t have to be Asian, casue if you get the right person you couls make them look Asian.

      • No. They *have* to be Asian because Magnus is: 1. half-Asian, 2. the author said, when selling the movie options, Magnus NEEDED to be cast as Asian/half-Asian, and 3. You CAN’T “make” someone “LOOK ASIAN” if they’re NOT ASIAN. Are you serious? White-washing much? You are dismissed.

  11. Oh and Magnus is very camp, so I agree about the above Adam Lambert comment. Lots of sparkles, glitter and colourful clothing mixed with black.

  12. I like Shannon. But I honestly don’t care just because I’ve never really seen any of them act before so I’m only going by appearances. As long as who ever it is, does him justice, then I’m happy =]

  13. Shannon Kook all the way! ❤

  14. Ben Cho and Osric Chau are in the running for the role of Magnus Bane, our favorite warlock. And about half an hour ago, […]

  15. Based solely on appearances because I don’t know any of them acting wise, I am absolutely in love with Shannon Kook for Magnus 😀 He is exactly how I picture him. But acting can make such a huge difference. I would take someone who can act the part over someone who looks the part.

    • Yup, agreed!

      • Good morning BrendanI am woinkrg as a Supporting Actor with one payslip away from joining Equity. I am starting at the bottom but as soon as I get the card’ I will be looking for small parts to start with. I know with SA its what is asked for but what annoys me is that after joining the Agency, how when I go on an assignment, people have not joined or signed a contract and paid to have photo’s done and yet they get constant work and I have done this thinking I would not get work. Not only is it unfair, but puts me in a position where I feel if I complain, I will be putting myself in a bad position which is why I have not. I have read your book which is great and I noticed that I have already do the some of things you talk about naturally. Thank you for that xx I am not yet an Actor and have only gained the B-Tec National with 16 Distinctions, 8 Merits and one pass. I have not been in a position to take up the work until now some time after my B-tec. I joined a local theatre and was totally ingnored as they are a click’ even after reading for every play, woinkrg as a lighting tech, painting sceans etc. I gave it my best and currently looking for another theatre to join. (Brush myself off and start again)! I live outside of London but was about to join an Agency there as well as where I live, but at this time, its the cost. The reason for this is how to get work on other projects like Downtown Abby etc. I know I have probably answered my own questions but it is good to talk. With kindest regardsThe old fossil

  16. Personally, I imagine as Magnus not really looking all that asian, apart from the eye shape, hair and skin colour. A half asian guy playing him, would be best for me I think… But I’ll be happy JUST GIVE ME THAT FRIGGING MOVIE GODDAMN

  17. Omgosh Shannon Kook auditioned!? Wow, some of the fans from the fan videos that I watched are going to be so happy. Lols! But good luck to all! 😀 ~crissmyfingersforShannonthough*x)~

  18. TeamEdwardJace // May 16, 2012 at 3:17 PM // Reply

    these guys might be good fits!

  19. Don’t worry, Shannon can act that’s for sure. You could probably find clips of him online from Degrassi or other shows and movies. I personally think he’s a great actor 🙂

  20. So Magnus Bane is now Asian??? That is an interesting turn of events.

    • @Neil, he has been Asian lol. Half Indonesian half demon….

    • He’s always been Asian . . .

      • Jeff Jones // May 17, 2012 at 11:57 AM //

        Exactly. I’ve seen it numerous times people not understanding or even complaining that Magnus us Asian. Apparently it just shows how stupid or ignorant people are, or even that they really dont READ books. Probably just skim through till parts with Jace/Clary or Tessa/Will lol

        I mean come ON PEOPLE. It straight up tells you where hes from/what he looks like… jesus

      • It can be so frustrating. I mean, I personally do it sometimes. I just somehow manage to miss a particular descriptive of a character, I somehow missed that Kingsley in harry potter was a dark person, but when I saw it in the movie, I didn’t doubt it. I just assumed that I missed it. It happens. But casting directors aren’t going to cast someone completely off the mark of what a character is described as, I don’t know why people get so worked up about it.

    • He’s always been Asian. He’s half-Indonesian, exactly like his mom (since his father is a demon and thus has no ethnicity). But he’s always, from the first time he appeared, been described as Asian and having Asian features. There is much supporting textual evidence for this in basically every one of CC’s books.

  21. I am still all for Shannon! He totally looks like what I imagined Magnus to look like in my head!

  22. Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon!!! Like seriosly he would be a perfect Magnus, and he’s exactly like I’ve always pictured Magnus. Seriosly they should just give him the part already!!!

  23. Adam Lambert is the perfect looking Magnus Bane for the show, by far!

  24. Shannon Kook by far would be the best Magnus

  25. ellen bevan // May 17, 2012 at 10:27 AM // Reply

    Osric Chau would be a perfect Magnus I think 🙂

  26. As much as Shannon Kook suits the role of Magnus, and even though I hope he gets it, for some reason I have a feeling that Osric Chau might get it. Funnily enough Supernatural is on TV tonight and I recognised him right away, despite only having seen his pic on here, maybe it’s sign. Hmmm. Shannon Kook would be great though.

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