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Casting Rumor: Has Chelsea Hobbs auditioned for Isabelle?

With casting in full swing for ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,’ there have been a lot of rumors out there about actors auditioning for roles.

The latest comes–not from the Magnus camp–but in regards for the role of Isabelle.

Chelsea Hobbs (Make It Or Break It) garnered attention when she tweeted the following on May 18th:

She remained coy yet teasing when asked by our friend Amber at TMI Institute about whether she has auditioned.

There is speculation that Phoebe Tonkin (Secret Circle) might have auditioned for the role, but she has never responded to claims. Last week she tweeted that she was beginning to read ‘City of Bones.’

Tonkin certainly fits the bill for the role of Isabelle, as casting director Stephanie Corsalini is looking for actors with foreign accents for the Shadowhunters.

What do you think? Could you see Chelsea as Isabelle? Sound off in the comments below!

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29 Comments on Casting Rumor: Has Chelsea Hobbs auditioned for Isabelle?

  1. they could do a lot worse, she looks a bit like Isi.

  2. Nope-Don’t see Izzy!

  3. I think she’s a perfect Izzy!

  4. She looks good, but since I’ve heard Phoebe Tonkin has auditioned, I really want her to play Izzie.

    This actress also looks good, however.

  5. She looks too old to me. Holding out for Phoebe Tonkin. Who is Australian, not British, btw.

  6. Nah…. She looks like her kinda, but I think Phoebe Tonkin would be much better!

  7. No! She’s too old, at 28 years old! I thought the actresses auditioning for Izzy are supposed to be in the 18-20 age range, no?

  8. I’m not really thrilled with either of them, honestly.

  9. Hoping for KAYA SCODELARIO to audition!

  10. Catherine Valentine // May 23, 2012 at 6:29 PM // Reply

    The actor who plays Alec will have to have the same accent as the one who plays Izzy. I hope the producers don’t mess around and make them have two completly different accents. I also don’t really like either of the actresses for Izzy.

  11. *O*
    At first I really don’t like her as Izzy, but i started searching more photos of her…
    and i think she woulde be a very good Izzy, but she is not my favorite!

  12. Jeff Jones // May 23, 2012 at 7:45 PM // Reply

    There is no WAY she is getting the part. Shes 27, MUCH too old. For gods sake she has TWO kids haha

    • LOL two kids? She will be 30 something if they do all the books into movies. That’s too much of a stretch!

  13. I hope who ever gets the part has BROWN eyes. It’s like Trueblood, Sookie in the books has blue eyes and a full figure, Sookie on Trueblood does not. I hope who ever plays Alec has intense blue eyes. The lady above would make a good Izzy, that’s if she can act?

  14. She’s alright but i’m sorry PHEOBE TONKIN FOR THE WIN!

  15. She can always wear contancts, like some lead lady in a movie with sparklings vampires.

  16. TOO OLD! She will be like 30-something if they do the trilogy!

  17. I like her a lot!! She’s more of how I pictured izzy. I prefer her to Pheobe Tonkin.

  18. Adelaide Kane gets my vote for Izzy, perfect look and perfect age.

  19. I think she’s perfect! Exactly how I pictured izzy. She looks really young for her age I make it or break it she was suppose to be 17!

  20. I think she looks a bit too old for the role of Isabelle. And I always picture Logan Lerman as Alec somehow

  21. TeamEdwardJace // May 25, 2012 at 1:10 PM // Reply

    she might be good or great. although phoebe tonkin, and sandra coller would be great too

  22. Eh… I’m not a fan. Pheobe Tonkin would be better.

  23. Just seen Chelsea Hobbs in the trainer. Great actress and she is so beautiful.

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