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Casting Talk: Race for Magnus ‘Just Got A Lot Tighter’

Over the past week we’ve heard from a handful of actors who have auditioned for the role of Magnus Bane in the adaptation of ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.’

We know that well over 100 actors have auditioned for the role and now, thanks to Magnus contender and fan-favorite Shannon Kook, we know the race for Magnus ‘just got a lot tighter.’

Other actors that we know have auditioned for Magnus are: Simon Raymond, Ross Butler, Ben Cho, Osric Chau, Austin Ku, David Sakurai and James Adam Lim.

Kook said that he is still in contention for the role of Magnus. Is he your Magnus? If not, who is? Sound off in the comments!

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19 Comments on Casting Talk: Race for Magnus ‘Just Got A Lot Tighter’

  1. Nope!
    He is not my Magnus…
    He seems too young for the Magnus of my head!
    I prefer Ben Cho or David Sakurai ❤ They're perfect for me!
    But, good luck to all of them 😀

  2. Shannon Kook is the perfect Magnus. I am really rooting for him to take the spot. In the books, Magnus is young. He stopped aging at 19 years. A lot of the actors listed look a little too mature and their facial features are too rough. Shannon is pretty much what I pictured Magnus to look like, we just need to throw some glitter on him. ;D

  3. Well I don’t see him as Magnus but his is the best in the race.

  4. love love love yes yes yes

  5. Go Shannon!!! He’s perfect, I hope he gets it!

  6. Saying that he is perfect is maybe a little too much but I like him a lot. I hope a good cast, and a good Magnus.

  7. No he isn’t! David Sakurai is my Magnus Bane! Don’t screw this up peeps!

  8. ooh yes he is good though i imagened magnus to be a little older

  9. yay! of the guys we know about who’ve auditioned so far, he’s my fav! he looks A LOT how i imagine Magnus

  10. Kook, I think, is just right for the job, I find him the most attractive of them all.
    I am so glad that Hollywood is going to make Magnus how he actually is in the book instead of some white guy. It pleases me. 🙂

  11. Annie Rogers // May 26, 2012 at 4:29 PM // Reply

    By far Shannon Kook is THE PERFECT Magnus Bane!!!!! None of the others listed fit what i think he should look like and he is really the only one who can handle the eyeliner and glitter 😉

  12. beckycharliee // May 27, 2012 at 5:38 AM // Reply

    Ben Cho, Ben Cho, Ben Cho.

  13. Shannon Kook is the best actor for Magnus Bane ; w ;

  14. I think we all know who the best Magnus is. It’s Adam Lambert of course! That’s how I pictured Magnus straight away, but obviously he won’t audition lol. I’m still most likely rooting for Shannon. He seems the closest to the part. Maybe with his hair longer, some glitter and gel, he will look pretty close to the Magnus I imagined. 🙂 go shannon!

  15. Shannon Kook is definitely my perfect Magnus!

  16. Tessa over Bella anyday // May 28, 2012 at 3:38 PM // Reply

    dang i thought Haruma Miura would come close to magnus, but im down with Shannon Kook,, but damn they better make Alec sexy and babelicioius for their kissing scenes and what not. XD

  17. Well, this guy seems to have the height and thinness (except he would need to cut his hair and dress more like Magnus). And of course some others would prefer Shannon because he’s more attractive (to both genders), even though Cassandra wrote Magnus as “tall and thin”. It doesn’t really matter as long as they act well. If they act well enough, no one would really notice their appearance because they would be taken aback by their performance.

  18. That’t not true mate. Appearance does have a lot to do with a show. Especially for those who have read the books for the show, we are expecting something more than just an act. I mean the act is the entire thing but appearance does have some to do with it. Do not disregard it completely. You can’t eliminate something because the other is better. They still both count. Let’s say Peter Dinklage played Magnus. … (let it sink in). Yeaa, you are a moron. Don’t just voice your thoughts mate. Think first before ye talk next time.

  19. JamieJace and things // June 24, 2012 at 2:23 PM // Reply

    Besst Magnuus ❤ Hehehee hopefully hell win the part hes already stuck in my head as magnus and replaing him i gonna be a paain in the beeb. Go shannon go shannon. !!

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