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Casting Talk: Will we know the ‘Mortal Instruments’ cast in two weeks?

It’s been more than a year since there has been casting in the film adaptation of ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,’ but it looks like in about two weeks we could have a full cast.

According to Tumblr user -daylighter, Cassandra Clare said that casting would be done in “about a fortnight,” or two weeks.

“[Cassandra Clare] said that casting for the movie should be decided in about a fortnight, at which point they’re going to start being announced. Next week is casting for Magnus and Isabelle, this week was Luke, and apparently they’ve decided on their Simon but it’s just a matter of sorting schedules and seeing if he can do it.”

If this is true–which it has yet to be confirmed–then they have already settled on an actor for Simon, but just have to make sure he can do it around his schedule.

Also, casting for Luke has been happening this week and next week will be casting for Magnus and Isabelle.

This remains a rumor until confirmed by Clare or Sony Pictures, but it seems to be on target with filming slated to begin on August 15 in Toronto.

But if this is true, the cast will start to be announced in about two weeks. Fourteen days. Very. Soon.

Who do you think has been cast as Simon? Who would you like to see play Luke, Magnus and Isabelle? Sound off in the comments!

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27 Comments on Casting Talk: Will we know the ‘Mortal Instruments’ cast in two weeks?

  1. aaaahhhh!!!!! This makes me sooooooooooo excited!!!!! i hope it’s true!!

  2. I really hope that Phoebe Tonkin will be Isabelle XD

  3. Logan lerman as simon and robert downey jr as luke, but that would be very unlikely

  4. Rhys Ward as simon 🙂

  5. Jess (-daylighter) // June 2, 2012 at 7:20 AM // Reply

    … omg this is from my tumblr o_o I… yeah. Well, all I can say is that I hope there’s no delay xD

  6. The anticipation is nerve wracking. I really want the cast to be good, realistic, and most importantly – relevant to the books. But c’mon guys, there is always that secret ambition that one of us will be playing a part haha.

  7. I think Alec has been cast!!!!!! But I’m not sure….. Go see for yourself at

    • Yeah on imdb it shows a someone for Alec, but earlier in the year I email Cassandra about a change on that website and she said not to trust it because it is mostly fanbased so anyone can go and change it…. I would wait until it is announced

    • Yes, that is a rumor. Riggi has auditioned for the role but it hasn’t been cast yet.

  8. Tht’s reli awsum, but it can’t be a full cast yet- unless i’ve missed somethin, which is possible. wat about Jocelyn? Valentine?Raphael? i knw some of these aren’t main characters, but Alec?

  9. maybe I’m a little crazy but I sort of think of Darren Criss when it comes to Simon. That is all 🙂

    • Noo not Darren Criss.. yes he has the Simon-look .. but i’d be too distracted by him. I will be waiting for him to break out in dance and sing: teenage dream.. during the movie ..

      Logan Lerman please or Aaron Johnson for Simon.
      Luke is so hard. ..

      I actually thought Chris Riggi had gotten the role as Alec?

      • Natalia // June 4, 2012 at 4:49 PM //

        Well on imdb it says that, but it is only a rumor. He has auditioned, but hasn’t gotten it, but I do like him for the part

  10. Ross Butler is perfect Magnus Bane #RB4MB

  11. this shows logan as simon!!! but its just a pic made by a fan but after seeing this i totally am on board for him as simon!!! look at this if you feel the same.

  12. Logan Lerman as Simon pleaaaase!!!!
    He would be a perfect Simon!
    ❤ City of Bones ❤

  13. Sooo….. Its been two weeks…. OMG this is so nerve racking!!!!

    • I know!! Atleast they annouced who’s playing Izzy though…I hope they announce the others soon especially Magnus, it’d be awesome if Blaine from Glee played him!

  14. Shana Munn // July 19, 2012 at 6:04 PM // Reply

    I was thinking Hugh Jackman would be great as Luke, but as i had a quick read i saw someone had mentioned Gerad Butler……..hmmm sexy aussie man or sexy scotsman (whom i have a crush on :-p) …….either way i would be happy

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