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Photos: Jamie Campbell Bower shows off his toned biceps at Ropley 10K Road Race

It looks like those protein shakes and that intense physical training are paying off for Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace).

Check out these photos of Jamie at the Ropley 10K Road Race that showcase his toned biceps.



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50 Comments on Photos: Jamie Campbell Bower shows off his toned biceps at Ropley 10K Road Race

  1. Meh. Still not a fan of his.

    • maybe with time darling ? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • lol, doubtful. I haven’t warmed to him since he was cast a year ago. As someone said below, I just don’t find him attractive. If he wasn’t engaged, I’d wonder if he was gay… he just seems so feminine. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not how I see Jace. I think he’d suit Alec so much better.

  2. Herondale 101 // June 7, 2012 at 8:12 PM // Reply

    I know same
    and whats with the tights??!!

  3. O.O
    He is bigger, yeah… but still he seems a little too skinny for the Jace of my dreams!
    But, he still have a little of time to prepare himself ~
    Let’s trust in him ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. His casting is really upsetting. This picture only makes it worse.

    • TeamEDwardJace // June 7, 2012 at 9:36 PM // Reply

      i think he looks great and if you’re talking about it his face it’s fine but everyone has that expression when they’re running

      • I just don’t find him attractive or masculine enough to be Jace. In any picture I’ve seen of him. But hey that’s just my opinion.

      • mina blak // June 8, 2012 at 2:54 AM //

        Not that you have to like Jamie – that’s entirely up to the individual, but I was just wondering when is it gonna sink in that Jace ISN’T supposed to look like a “beefcake”? He is never described as one, in any of the books. He is described as muscular, slender and athletic looking. A guy can be muscular without looking like a Hercules. Jace is repeatedly described as really lean and slim, smaller then Alec in fact, so Jamie isn’t supposed to put on much more muscle than this anyway. Even Cassie said so.

      • To minablak – it is not just his lanky form. I don’t find Jamie attractive in the slightest. His face does NOTHING for me, and Jace is supposed to be very attractive. Yes, acting is important, but when being extremely good looking is one of the characters qualities, fans will expect to see that. The fact is, a lot of people do not find that in Jamie. Frankly, he looks like a girl to me half the time. I just dont have many expectations for the film, because I am just not inot Jamie, I can not force attractivenesss for myself.

      • ‘Sally’ : If you paid careful attention to descriptions of Jace in the books, his face is described as being almost feminine because of how delicate and beautiful its supposed to be.
        Now im sorry, but im sure Jamie fits this description. But whatever, you continue to ignore this and complain because for some reason you have it in your head that Jace looks like some 30 year old rugby player.

  5. Dear Jamie, you are beautiful and the perfect Jace and people will soon start to see that. In the meantime I just wanted to let you know that me and my friend supported you from the start.
    – A fangirl.

    • He’s got one more original supporter. The minute I heard he was playing Jae (after Googling who he was) I fell in love with him. It upsets me that so many people are hating on him as a casting choice and not Lily Collins. She isn’t right for Clary, in my opinion. Too tall, her hair is too long and too dark, and she’s just not what I pictured Clary as being (don’t get me started on the eyebrows). But she is a pretty good actor from what I can tell.

      • hating on any actor because you don’t see him as the character is wrong, your allowed to share your opinions but not pass nasty judgements. as for the hair, it can be fixed and her eyebrows does not bother me at all. lily said in an interview that she likes them because it is what makes her unique, and i seriously respect that.

  6. TeamEDwardJace // June 7, 2012 at 9:35 PM // Reply

    jamie’s looking more like jace! he’s looking sexy and is that muscle(besides his biceps) i see under his shirt? fangirl scream!

  7. TeamEdwardJace // June 7, 2012 at 9:37 PM // Reply

    jamieโ€™s looking more like jace! heโ€™s looking sexy and is that muscle(besides his biceps) i see under his shirt? fangirl scream! and opps mispelled my nickname. i’m not sure if those are tights or sweats that are rally tight( he should wear sweat when running) but other than that …. wow!

  8. Jaime looks awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ All that training must be tough, but it’s paying off. I am so excited to see him as Jace soon!! โค

  9. People keep saying that they are upset that Jamie being cast as Jace is really upsetting, but Cassie has said that he had made the perfect Jace. At least Jamie is trying his best to look like the character more. We haven’t even seen how he’s going to act in the play, so that may pay off. Give it some more time. We still have a year until the movie ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. To all the people hating on Jaime,
    Jaime’s persona, confidence and charisma are the embodiment of Jace, which is what makes him perfect for this role.
    I don’t know when you’re all going to get that it’s not always ALL about the way someone looks.
    Jenifer Lawrence didn’t look like Katniss when she started, Robert Pattinson didn’t look like Edward Cullen, Josh Hutcherson didn’t look like Peeta, Liam Hemsworth didn’t look like gale, and guess what… Taylor Lautner was not actually BORN a werewolf!! That’s why it’s called PLAYINGA ROLE.
    To all the people who continuously complain; YOU ARE NOT CASTING DIRECTOSRS.
    Casting directors work hard and know what they are doing. They have years of acting classes, acting degrees and casting experience; IT’S THEIR JOB. Do you honestly believe you know better than them??
    To be honest I always thought people who read were smarter than people who didn’t, but all the people who never fail to whine about Jaime being “too skinnyโ€ or “not good looking enough,” are proving me wrong, because you guys sound pretty stupid.
    Jaime is Jace. Jace is Jaime. That’s the way it is.
    Build a bridge, and GET OVER IT. Heโ€™s going to be awesome, and you guys need to stop complaining.

    • Amen sister ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Not sure why you’re so angry. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s the great thing about reading is that you can see what you want to see. And I just don’t see it. Not saying he can’t act, but visually it’s not what I had hoped for.

      And at the risk of angry replies, I still wish they had chosen an almost entirely different cast for Twilight. Robert Pattinson especially.

      • I’m not angry though ๐Ÿ™‚
        Like you said; this is just MY opinion.
        I understand what you mean about everyone having their own version of who Jace is, but unfortunately with a movie; it’s not possible to have someone who morphs in to everyone’s personal visual interpretation. Movies and books are completely different; we have to take them for what they are. I just wish fans who aren’t pleased wouldn’t be SO negative and rude. They make something that should be fun for all of us, not so fun…

      • I didn’t mean to sound so harsh in my first comment, but it is frustrating sometimes to see all the negativity. I think people who are content with how things are, could use a break from seeing it. Yes I went off on a rant; I apologize if I went a little over board, but I’m passionate about seeing all the hate gone for good. I’m happy to fangirl with everyone else who’s as excited as I am! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • And his name is Jamie, not Jaime. If you’re trying to make an argument, at least spell his name right!

      As for me, Jamie is not my first choice for Jace, but on screen I am sure his acting skills will really shine through. Hopefully(:

      • Haha, although you’re right. I don’t think the way they spelled his name really makes the argument any less valid hon.

  11. He’s not MY Jace, but I guess no one will ever be. My hope is that Jamie’s acting is good enough that he at least reminds us of the guy we all pictured in our heads and fell in love with. If all goes well, he’d be better than anyone ever expected and I’d get shamed for ever saying he’s not Jace. Fingers crossed. I really hope this movie doesn’t flop like Eragon.

  12. I bet his acting is going to be simply SUPERLATIVE and that’ll make up for any physical discordance. We’ll LOVE him in the end – have no doubt!! Actually I thought he was beginning to look better here than in most other shots where he wears those dubious low slung cleavage revealing Tshirts

  13. Nice to see him bulking up! And I agree with a lot of you guys. I mean, when I found out that Jamie was cast as Jace … I was horrified. I think everyone had a pretty solid picture of Alex Pettyfer as Jace, but to be true, then I don’t like Alex Pettyfer’s acting .. he disappointed me so much in “I am Number Four”, so I tried to give Jamie a chance, and I’ve begun to love him. I’m actually watching Camelot, and he is great, this guys can actually act! If we take away the british accent, then I think he’ll be perfect as Jace. I can relate to peoples frustration with the casting: you never get what you want! When Robert Pattinson was casted as Edward, I was furious, but now, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role. I think and hope that Jamie will surprise us all, and for me, now, he is the perfect Jace! Actually my issue with the casting was Lily Collins, but that’s because I read the books imagining Emily Browning as Clary, but that didn’t happen, and with time I’ve come to accept Lily Collins – actually I think she’s great. So Instead of bitching and moaning about it, cause we can’t chance it, then accept it and watch some of their work, cause’ it’s going to make you realize why the casting directors picked them!

    • DeanWinchesterGirl // July 6, 2012 at 3:04 PM // Reply

      they are keeping the british accent, i hate when british actors do american accent, it sucks like aaron johnson in kickass :/

  14. I actually think Jamie looks like Jace. To me, he always has.
    Jace is supposed to be slim and toned, not huge and mucsely.
    Has anyone seen alex pettyfer recently? Hes not looking good at all. Especially not to play Jace. Alex was always too rough and old looking to play Jace. Jamie looks younger and softer, more angelic like, which is how Jace is described.
    I think some people have forgotten how Jace is described in the book, and maybe you should go back and read it again because then you will see that Jamie is the perfect person to play Jace.
    He’s also an amazing actor who can do anything from angry to dissappointed to sarcastic to confused and so on. If you stopped moaning for just one second and actually thought about it, you’d realise that Jamie IS perfect for Jace.

  15. the other zara // June 8, 2012 at 2:05 PM // Reply

    I was not happy with jamie either but I’m used to it now. I agree with the comment above, people should just stop bitching and stay positve. filming starts in august and your not helping anyone by still complaining this late in the game. just wait and then complain about him all you want after you see the movie.

  16. Love Jaime, always. Super stocked to get bts pictures in August, which I hope there will be many of! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. laughable pictures, this is not Jace, this is a joke.

  18. YAY Jace!!!!!!!! โค

  19. I really like Jamie act, I think he is going to do a great job with this role. I do not understand why everyone is so obsessed about his look, I mean…Jace is just fifteen years old in the first book, and he is athletic but not a mass. Real fans should support him and the film, even if their decisions do not like you. Also, why be so angry when is he so committed?

  20. people lost all expectations because of jamie? have you seen the other actors yet, have you seen jamie and lily as jace and clary? did you see the trailer or posters? this is ridiculous

  21. I have read every book in the series and none described Jace with feminine features. Why invent these things to bring to the character Jaime. Jace is beautiful, masculine, athletic and a warrior. Jaime will be very difficult to look like him. Cassandra and said from the beginning that she will defend to the actors. Your opinion and is not subjective You can love Lola James and nobody bothers about it, but no disrespect to others. We are not producers of the film but fans of the story. Your comment is not smart. Is it bad movies, which claim to be fans forget about the characters. The actors become their idols and stories are forgotten. Jaime is Jace?. Jace is Jaime? Please! Jaime is just an actor, nothing more. The same happened with some fans of twilight. Get used to the complaints because when the movie opens many. WE HAVE ALL THEM THAT HE REALLY LIKES AND FOREVER. Each has his characters in mind and always look for perfection, but as we see there. But if someone does not like Jaime or any actor that is chosen, NO must be attacked.
    Cassandra created a beautiful and perfect character, not our fault that what vestments in mind we do not see on the screen. But things went well. I’ll go see the movie for the story and hopefully the script is a good reflection of the book in other ways.
    He leido todos los libros de la saga y en ninguno describen a Jace con facciones femeninas. Porque inventan esas cosas para adecuar a Jaime al personaje.

    Jace es hermoso, masculino, atletico y un guerrero.
    Sera MUY DIFICIL que Jaime se parezca a el.

    Cassandra ya dijo desde el comienzo que ella defendera a los actores. Su opinion ya no es nada subjetiva

    Lola tu puedes querer a Jaime y nadie se molesta de eso, pero no faltes el respeto a los demas. No somos los productores de la pelicula pero si fans de la historia.
    Tu comentario no es nada inteligente.

    Es lo malo de las peliculas, las que dicen ser fans se olvidan de los personajes. Los actores pasan a ser sus idolos y las historias quedan olvidadas.

    Jaime se Jace??. Jace es Jaime??

    Por favor!!!

    Jaime es solo un actor, nada mas.

    Lo mismo paso con algunas fans de twilight.

    Acostumbrate a las quejas porque cuando este la pelicula abra muchas. NO TENEMOS TODOS LOS MISMOS GUSTOS Y ESO LO VERAS SIEMPRE.

    Cada uno tiene a sus personajes en la mente y siempre se buscara la perfeccion, pero como vemos no existe. Pero si a alguien no le gusta Jaime o cualquier actor que sea elegido, NO HAY QUE ATACARLO.
    Cassandra creo un personaje bello y perfecto, no tenemos la culpa de que lo que temos en mente no lo veamos en la pantalla. Pero asi fueron las cosas.
    Yo ire a ver la pelicula por la historia y ojala el guion sea un buen reflejo del libro en otros aspectos.

    • We ALL love the book, and some of us are actually happy and are looking forward to the film adaptation; myself included. That doesn’t mean I will love the book any less. Who are you to judge whether people are forgetting about the real characters? Unless you’re omniscient; your argument holds no grounds. I think people are just trying to make a point because they’re sick of seeing a bunch of bull coming from people who hate Jamie. I don’t think however that it means they actually believe Jamie is who the character was based on, goodness…

    • I think it’s a bit amusing that fans are trying to say Jace is feminine looking now. LOL nowhere in the books was he described that way. Face it, Jamie just isn’t what 90% of the fanbase pictured. Some have warmed up to him because they have no choice, but it still doesn’t change the fact that he is not the Jace described by CC in the books.

      • some warmed up to him because they got used this idea and some unfortunately didn’t.

      • Justine // June 17, 2012 at 8:29 PM //

        For me….. no one can be JACE…. JACE is JACE lol… so i dont think that ill ever be saitsfied… ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. i have learn to love Jamie as Jace and i think he will be great!…..butt…..its hard for me to look at Alex Pettyfer shirtless and not say “DAMMN!…..Why the HELL is he NOT Jace!” lol

  23. You know that I base that people forget the original characters. due to comments from some fans who say that if you support jaime, you’re not a fan of the books. books were first and not because you do not like an actor means you stop being a fan. I respect those who love the cast of the movie and I also respect those who are against or disagree. nothing more. people only express their opinions and not attack anyone. jaime campbell is a professional actor and will do their work. as such has endure good and bad criticism because it is part of their job well.

  24. Any argument I have ever read against Jamie, I always regard as invalid because, A) they never make ANY sense and B) they are just sad little people who are hopelessly holding on to some ignorant idea that people will suddenly hate Jamie just because THEY dont like him as Jace.

    These people have clearly have not read descriptions of Jace, he is described as ‘pretty’ PRETTY is a word associated with femininty, if Jace is supposed to be this hard nut beefcake of a guy he would not be described as PRETTY.
    Also he is said to be ‘slim’ as well as musculer, which means hes not supposed to look like a tank. Hes just supposed to be toned.

    Now i know people have different images of Jace in their heads when they read the books. But that does NOT mean that you have the right to comment ‘hes ugly’ on everything about Jamie. He is most certainly not ugly and they know it but they are just SO BITTER that their favourite didnt want the part.

    These people probably havent even bothered looking at more than one image of Jamie or any of his acting work. They just decide they ‘hate’ him because he ACCEPTED A ROLE. Do they not see how ridiculous and childish this makes them look?
    Jamie is a talented actor and is extremely beautiful and to be honest, those people make me ashamed to be in this fandom.
    Jamie’s fans hate TMI and think he can do a million times better, they havent read the books but they come to this conclusion because of these disgusting people who call themselves ‘fans’, and if im honest even though I adore Jamie as Jace. I wish Jamie would drop out too, because he does not deserve the crap he gets from these people.

    Hes a incredible actor and together with Lily (because shes a good actress) they will make this movie enjoyable and a success.
    But if you would rather someone who cant act at all to be Jace, just because he has a few muscles(i.e alex pettyfer) then you really need a reality check.

  25. Check out these photos of Jamie at the Ropley 10K Road Race that showcase his toned biceps.

  26. I could get over the thin build of Jamie but his face is too feminine for my taste. I picture Jace to be beautifully rugged. The face of an angel but manly. Jamie just looks like a woman, body and face. Not to mention, I have NEVER found him to be attractive in the least. I think Jamie is way too feminine and Lily is a rotten actress with eyebrows that swallow her and when I look at her I can’t see anything but them. The books are sooo great and I am afraid the movie is going to bomb due to crappy casting.

  27. To those complaining about his looks, please get over yourselves! You haven’t even seen the movie yet so stop being so judgemental saying ”He can never be Jace!!!” or “OMG NOO he don’t look like him!” The acting is most important in a movie not looks. Besides he’s cast now and there’s nothing you can do it about so boo hoo for you xx

  28. To be honest if you have watched Anonymous, Camelot and Sweeney Todd I think most people would understand that he is an amazing actor and although now he might not seem like “the perfect Jace” (although to me he is) his job is an ACTOR, meaning he can change himself to suit the role. I think everyone hating on Jamie should at least wait till they see the film and judge then. The casting directors wouldn’t of cast him if he was that bad for the role.

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