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Cassandra Clare dishes on chemistry between Jamie Campbell Bower and Robert Sheehan

Cassandra Clare hasn’t kept the chemistry between Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace) and Robert Sheehan (Simon) a secret.

Sheehan wowed the casting department, as well as Lily Collins, Bower and Clare at his screen test in Toronto last week and his chemistry with the two leads is one of the reasons why he was cast as Simon.

Here’s what she said last week:

When I talked to Jamie and Lily yesterday it was about who we thought was the absolute best, the most Simon-y Simon, and fortunately we all agreed.

He’s totally cute and adorable and HILARIOUS, and his chemistry with Lily and Jamie is off the charts. I’ve wanted him for Simon for ages so I am pretty much totally and entirely happy.

At a signing in Rhinebeck last week, Clare dished to a crowd of around 200 fans about a prank that Robert pulled on Jamie. Clare took to Tumblr to share details:

I did say I was saving this one for a boring day! I see I got scooped. 🙂


Cassandra Clare stated at an event in Rhinebeck that the chemistry between Robert and Jamie was great, and that they had known each other for quite some time.

Apparently the guys are on “pranking terms”.

After Jamie was cast as Jace, Robert called Jamie and told him that he had a planned audition for the role. This resulted in Jamie’s agent calling Robert’s agent and being all “WTF is going on with you and your client?! My client had the role and now there are talks of Robert auditioning for the role?!”.

Boys! Of course Robert wasn’t auditioning to be Jace.

If this is what happens in real life, I can’t WAIT to see that chemistry in the movie!


(Actually, Robbie’s agent called the casting director, not Jamie’s agent, but yes, basically accurate. So cruel!)

Can you guys imagine when these two are doing interviews for the film? They’re sure to crack us up!

Are you excited to see Jamie and Robert and that chemistry in action? Sound off in the comments!

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4 Comments on Cassandra Clare dishes on chemistry between Jamie Campbell Bower and Robert Sheehan

  1. I can’t wait to see them! Both of their characters are so humorous, but in such different ways! It will be very interesting! But of course, that is a given!

  2. They didn’t make him to have screen test with Jemima too?

  3. Nope it was just rob & Lily & Jamie who did their screen test together.

  4. TeamEdwardJace // July 22, 2012 at 2:11 PM // Reply

    hilarious! the chemstiry will be good but that it will really funny when on camera they have to get into characters as the characters can’t stand each other in city of bones(though their relationships iproves) and and really they won’t be mad at each other

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