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CITY OF BONES castings featured on ‘This Week in YA’

The Mortal Instruments was once again featured on this week’s episode of “This Week in YA,” a show discussing all things Young Adult fiction.

The segment focused on the four new castings that rocked the Mortal Instruments fandom throughout the week: Kevin Zegers (Alec), Aidan Turner (Luke), CCH Pounder (Madame Dorothea) and Stephen R. Hart (Brother Jeremiah), as well as the launch of the official The Mortal Instruments movie website.

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3 Comments on CITY OF BONES castings featured on ‘This Week in YA’

  1. Woohoo! this is so awesome! XD

  2. It’s wonderful to see it all happening for us TMI fans. 😀

    PS. Saw that “Beautiful Disaster’ is being turned into a movie. All I can say is “Fucking WHY????!!!”. There is absolutely nothing beautiful about this epic disaster of a book. Don’t bother reading it. Ever!

  3. Thank you for sharing This Week in YA with your readers! 🙂

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