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Fan Video: Limb to Limb (Mortal Instruments w/ official cast)

Check out another amazing fan video by YouTube user TerriJenZo.

“Limb to Limb” features the official cast of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and is the first video to feature the bulk of the full cast (CCH Pounder and Jared Harris are not present).

Visit TerriJenZo for more Mortal Instruments fan videos.

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7 Comments on Fan Video: Limb to Limb (Mortal Instruments w/ official cast)

  1. Absolutely brilliant!

  2. I really wish this song was released, so we could get it on mp3. Awesome video.

    • What song is it? I don’t know it, But i like it..
      Btw.. Just Google YouTube to mp3 and you can get the song 😉

  3. Thank You guys so much for putting this up!!! I can’t believe how much this video is taking off and getting out there 😀 It’s on Cassandra Clare Tumblr and I just about died. Much love ❤

  4. TeamEdwardJace // August 13, 2012 at 4:39 PM // Reply

    thanks for posting the video! and it’s so well made and nicely edited with a great sonh! 😀

  5. Good video luv it

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