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Shadowstalking Day 1: Allie’s report from the set of CITY OF BONES

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES began early Monday morning near St. James’ Cemetery in Toronto.

One of our Toronto Correspondents, Allie (@msalliehayman), made the trip out to the set and was live-tweeting her experience.

Check out her full set report:

Shadowstalking: Day 1

Okay, first things first: just to prevent confusion, when the actors are in character, I’m going to refer to them by the character name, not the actor.

I got to the set around 12:30, after walking past all their trailers (which were awesome). The first person I saw was Lily Collins, in the middle of the street, wearing skinny jeans and a black leather jacket with her hair loose, looking perfect for Clary. Next to her I saw Jamie- Jamie was all in Shadowhunter gear, and his hair (this is the question I keep getting) doesn’t seem shorter, but is styled differently, similar to the model on the cover of City Of Bones. I think it looks awesome. Then I saw Jemima, who had dark hair in a ponytail and shadowhunter gear, as well as her whip, and mega heels. (Later on I’ll fangirl about Jemima a bit more because she was PERFECT.) Finally I saw Kevin, with his dark hair and shadowhunter gear and rocking all his runes.

Then I got told to get out of the way of the cameras, so went around the block to the other side. Which ended up being awesome, because all the actors were facing me, and the cameras were facing them, so I could stand in the middle of the road and watch.

The scene they were filming basically consisted of the four marching down the street, stopping for a bit of dialogue, then continuing to walk. This was when I realized how PERFECT Jemima was. It was a small thing- when they stopped, it looked like Clary was saying something, and Isabelle sort of stands there, her body language very much saying “Hurry it up, I don’t have time for this BS.” She’s got her weight on one leg, but not so much that she’s slouching, and she looks aggressive and ready to go but still bored of whatever Clary’s on about. It was AWESOME. They did that little scene at least a dozen time, and every time she had that stance down. They all were perfect each take.

Then it was lunch break, so I left for a quick bite, then headed back. I was there before the break was over, so I saw the actors getting back. They all seemed much more relaxed- Jamie was doing some silly dance and Lily was cracking up, Kevin was sitting in the makeup chair, it was all great.

They filmed that sequence a few more times (I was on the other side of the street, then, and just ducked out of sight whenever they called ‘ROLLING’) What I noticed over there was all the detail: all the cars on the street had NY license plates, and there were fall leaves and puddles on the ground. They had a hose they used to keep remaking the puddles- at one point, the actors got splashed, and there was a mini waterfight going on!

In the meantime, I chatted with a policeman. He and almost all the crew members were really friendly- they had no problem with me being there as long as I did what I was told. A few other people ran up and took photos, but they got in trouble.

Around 3, I heard one of the stage members saying “Robert Sheehan is arriving on set!” A minute later, I looked next to me and saw some guy across the street. I blinked, and realized it was Robert, with his hair shorter and wearing glasses! He looked so much like Simon I didn’t even realize it was him, and he was ten feet away from me! He walked on set just as they were starting the coffee break, and chatted with everyone. They all seemed to be having fun- Lily was laughing all the time. Jamie and Kevin were sitting in the makeup chairs (not getting makeup done, just lounging) and Lily was standing behind them, and they were all chatting and cracking each other up. All the actors have great chemistry.

Then they started filming the next scene, where Clary marches into her house, and something hilarious happened- they were rolling, then everything came to a stop and one of the props guys ran out shouting “We need a key to the house!” It was pretty funny. Anyway, they got that key, and shot that sequence again a number of times. I could get closer then, since the cameras were all either inside the house or aimed at the house.

I left around 4- nobody kicked me out or anything (as I said, everyone was friendly and happy for me to be there- during the coffee break, about half the crew came down to where I was and said hi and asked me how I was doing and such), but I did have to be somewhere. I’m hoping to go back down tomorrow. All in all, I had an amazing time!

 Allie hopes to make it back to St. James’ Cemetery for filming tomorrow, as well. Be sure to follow her on Twitter: @msalliehayman
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7 Comments on Shadowstalking Day 1: Allie’s report from the set of CITY OF BONES

  1. WONDERFUL!! thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. That was so Awesome. you can quit your day job and just report to the fandom everyday

  3. Thank you so much for the report. Can’t wait to get more news soon!

  4. Ah, amazing!

  5. What accent are the shadowhunters talking in? American? English?

  6. Thank u so much for that FANTASTIC post! Have a good time in Toronto

  7. Thank you for the amazing report! Keep up the great work ❤

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