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TMI Set Day 1: Set report from inside Clary’s house

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES began early Monday morning at St. James’ Cemetery in Toronto.

Check out this very revealing set report from Tumblr user WindowOnTheWest, who was inside “Clary’s” house as they shot a couple of scenes:

So here comes a super long blog post about my day on the set of City of Bones!

So let’s start from the beginning;

My dad parked the car about 5 minutes away from the set. We were walking towards it and I saw Robert Sheehan walking towards the set as well. I approached him and got to say hi, but he was in a bit of a rush to make it to the scene (to watch I assume?). He was still really nice though and man was he good looking!

Once I arrived on set I was just in time for a scene they were shooting. I was watching from a house across the street of Clary’s. The scene they were shooting was Clary in Shadowhunter clothing walking down the road with Jace, Alec, and Isabelle walking behind her. This nerdy looking guy stops Clary and says “Wow Clary, you look… different.” Clary is clearly in a rush and she says “Sorry, I can’t talk now.” She and the Shadowhunters continue walking towards the house, turn right and walk up the stairs to the house and enter. In the meanwhile there’s a scene with the nerdy guy, where someone bumps into him. It’s supposed to be the Shadowhunters bumping into him because they’re clearly invisible. The guy continues walking, looking back wonder “wtf who bumped into me and what’s up with Clary?”

Anyway, after a while they got to shooting the next scene. This consisted of the three Shadowhunters along with Clary walking into the house. The door is ajar and Clary and the Shadowhunters walk up the stairs and Clary looks at the open door like “Wth is this doing open…” They all rush in – once they’re all in Jace takes a look out the door, closes it and that’s the end of the scene!

Let me just say – Jamie Campbell Bower has a great sense of humor. He was making everybody laugh on set with his ridiculous faces.

In between shooting the 4 of them were all standing, literally a metre away from me. Just before the scene above was being shot, Kevin looked over at me and smiled! Ahh – almost fainted. Jamie also noticed me and shook his head.

Once they were wrapping up the scenes with the Shadowhunters, I got a tour of the house being used (which is Clary’s). I was standing in the door looking out and they were  just about to shoot a scene with Jace and Clary’s stunt doubles. Jace’s double was super nice and we had a short conversation.

After a while we were standing in the alleyway watching them shoot a scene with Clary, clearly looking a little frustrated, leaving her house, crossing the street, with Simon trying to talk to her while walking behind her.

During the shooting I made friends with the medic and this guy who just sprays water on the ground to make it look damp. They were pretty cool!

Anyway, as I left the alley, crossing the street I noticed Lily on her phone, texting. I went up to her and told her I was a fan. She said “aw nice to meet you!” She asked me my name, I told her and she signed my book. Then she looked down at my boots and said, “Hey, we’re so in tune!” because we were both wearing Doc’s. Hahah it was great! She’s super nice, and not to mention g o r g e o us.

I stayed for a while longer and watched them shoot a scene of Clary running from down the road to her house. The first time they shot it, she missed the house entirely and just kept running! The director was like “Okay Lily, that was great! But you kinda missed the house.” Everyone was laughing and she was like “Ahhh where is it?? They all look the same!” It was pretty funny.

After shooting the scene a couple more times they started wrapping everything up.

You’ve all probably seen by now some pictures of the Shadowhunter’s clothes and such. They look great! While chillin around I saw some of the jackets hanging on a rack and I touched it (shhhh)!

Anyway, overall it was a great day! The cast seems to get along well although Kevin is a lot more quiet than the others. They’re doing some more shooting in the same location in September.

She also revealed something pretty cool: “I also have a video of me watching a scene with Jace, Clary, Alec, and Isabelle walking into the house. Kevin Zegers smiled at me and I got to say hi to them quickly! I’ll post the video tomorrow!”

Who else is incredibly jealous but extremely excited?

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10 Comments on TMI Set Day 1: Set report from inside Clary’s house

  1. This is so cool! I love how friendly and welcoming the cast and crew have been to the fans.

  2. Ahh!! I’m SOOO jealous of you but also super excited. I can’t WAIT to see the video tomorrow!!

  3. OMG!! This is so exciting!!

  4. Sounds like you had an unforgettable day, and yes, I am jealous but grateful. Cant wait for the video!

  5. Watch now everyone who loves and wants to be just like Clary is going to copy her room and make it there own lol

  6. So when are you going to post the Video and Where??

  7. Yes yes.. Where is THE video? :0 excited!

  8. Soooooo… i´m still waiting for that video 🙂

  9. Girl, you are sooooo lucky! Where’s the video? 🙂

  10. where is the outside filming location from clary fray’s house ?

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