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TMI Set Day 6: Pandemonium

We are now entering the second week of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES in Toronto. TMI Set Day 6 kicks off in downtown Toronto with the scene that started it all: Pandemonium. Stay tuned for updates as they happen from fans on the scene on the sixth day of filming.

-Actors on set: Lily Collins (Clary), Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace), Robert Sheehan (Simon), Kevin Zegers (Alec), Jemima West (Isabelle), Aidan Turner (Luke), Elyas M'Barek (Vampire Lieutenant).

-Jemima West does NOT have Twitter. There is currently a fake (@Jemima_West) posing as her.

-The crew is not allowing photos to be taken. Looks like they're doing all they can to keep this scene a secret.

-The blue-haired demon has been spotted.

-12:08 p.m. EST: Filming on the Pandemonium scene officially begins.

-Sideburns Guy's name is's Jeff!

-Robbie, Jamie, Kevin and Jemima signed for fans.

-Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Valentine) has been spotted on set.

-Wardrobe seen walking by with Isabelle's signature white dress for Pandemonium scene.

-Pandemonium sign "in black with orange font" spotted by @JennRichelle.

-Oscar winner Gabriel Yared will compose THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES score. Details here

Follow @MichelleMags, @stolethenight, @_NightAssasin, @haley_davies, @ashley_fodor, @JennRichelle for updates from the set. **We have taken down the photo posted earlier from Pandemonium as it was not approved by director Harald Zwart or the crew**



Hit the jump for more photos from Day 6 of filming at Pandemonium:

Catch up on SET PHOTOS and SET REPORTS from the first week of filming.

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14 Comments on TMI Set Day 6: Pandemonium

  1. Woohoo!!!!! Let’s do it!!!!

  2. Poor guys. I wonder how early they had to get up to film this scene, ’cause it’s a night scene.

  3. Sweet!! thats how i pictured the Pandemonium Club!! I love it..

  4. Aidan is there? That’s interesting. So Luke is now involved with the Pandemonium scene?

    • I’m not sure he’s necessarily there for Pandemonium, though he might replace “Alaric” for Dumort and he’ll show up only for Renwick…now, as i see JRM is there on the set, i’m starting to suspect they might shoot that as well, though not sure…haven’t checked Johnathan’s list of projects for this time of year, but they might have set Renwick for now, so they respect other actors’ plans and projects

      • So JRM and Elyas are on set too. It would be very odd for three actors who are not involved with a scene to just hang around the set. Perhaps they’ve been incoroprated into the scene in some way or as you said perhaps they will be filming something else there too.

  5. love it! it’s similar to how i imagined it looked like. i wonder if it’s an acutal club and they tempoarily enchanged it or if they found an empty warehouse or building somewhere and built it? and maybe adian and elya are there just to watch and perhaps the actors shooting another scene right after and they’re hanging around so they can transition quicker perhaps the scene (not related to the club) is another room close by?

  6. Im really looking forward to seeing this. It’s going to be our first look at the demon and shadowhunters. Squeeeee!!!!

  7. asdfghjkl!!!

  8. I need Aidan’s pictures. At least one. :3

  9. supernaturalgirl // August 28, 2012 at 6:24 PM // Reply

    that’s the first photo of “jace” im like happy with…even though its like not all that clear and jamie’s got the hoodie and everything, he’s got some like SO MUCH appeal in that picture.

  10. werewolvesrsexierthanvampsjustsayin // October 19, 2012 at 9:03 PM // Reply

    maby JRM and Elyas r gunna be party people just to fill in the club u know what I want is a picture of Magnus

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