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Cassandra Clare shares new Will-centric CLOCKWORK PRINCESS snippet

Because she owed the fandom one and because she is awesome, Cassandra Clare has shared a new Will-centric snippet from CLOCKWORK PRINCESS.

Will began to move toward the door to join Charlotte. Halfway there, he turned back, and crossed the room to Tessa: “Please,” he said, “while I am with him, would you do something for me?”

Tessa looked up and swallowed. He was too close, too close: all the lines, shapes, angles of Will filled her field of vision as the sound of his voice filled her ears. “Yes, certainly,” she said. “What is it?”

CLOCKWORK PRINCESS will be released on March 19, 2013.

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13 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares new Will-centric CLOCKWORK PRINCESS snippet

  1. Why does every single snippet of Will make me love him more and more? It’s pretty obvious that Tessa’s feelings don’t change for Will. I really think they’ll end up together in some form or other.

  2. I just love Will toooooooo much, he’s sooo adorable and perfect and its just not fair i’m pretty sure he will sacrifice himself (again, because its what he always does) for jem and/or tessa and its just horrible i want to give him a huge hug!
    I hoped cecily turning up would make him happier but i have a strange feeling from the snippets that cecily is going to be quite mean to him (because she doesnt know why he left) and that would just hurt even moreeeee, poor willll!

  3. Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 28, 2012 at 8:10 PM // Reply

    “while i am with him” Him?? Jem?? I think Jem gets ill and the only way to save him is to become a silent brother… I think will goes with him for the ceremony or while Jem gets sicker… Because no doubt that hes going to ask her “stay away from here, tess”…. And i think Wessa or Till happened because charlotte is here and he goes extremely close to Tessa… But you never know with Cassie…
    First tmi book last year**
    Me: i know how this is gunna end, i know how this is gunna end
    *learns their brother and sister*
    Me: what!? WHAT!? AHH! O_o
    I know im babbling i do tht when im excited for a book

  4. Omg i luv will i think this book is gonna be really sad n i think the ending will be different i dont no but hav the feeling tessa will end up with no one but wel see i guess

  5. I really want Tessa to be with Jem. Am I the only one that sees how wrong it would be if she dumped Jem for Will?… I mean, you don’t date your boyfriend’s brother as soon as he becomes available. I don’t want Tessa to do that to Jem.

    • Ria Jace Herondale // August 29, 2012 at 6:47 AM // Reply

      Im sorry but i just DONT see how it could POSSIBLY be wrong for Tessa to “dump” Jem for Will.

      When i think about the love triangle i think that:

      Tessa loves Will like CRAZY but when he says they cant be together she goes to Jem. I feel she is USING him to get over Will (SOOOOOO NOT HAPPENING.) its not fair to either boy.
      But if i had a fav (and i SO do) it would absolutly be…

      William Herondale

      • I agree, the way Tessa talks about Jem, its like she’s only agreed to marry him for his well being. Even so, Jem is crazy happy because of it. How can she take that from him?

  6. Does anyone remember that fairy, Hycanith? What if Tessa’s mom is one of those fairy babies replaced for human babies, I know this has nothing to do with this snippet, but I just reread Clockwork Prince, and think it could be a possiblilty…. Despite that I personally also think that what Jessamine said Nate told her Tessa was is true….

  7. but I just reread Clockwork Prince, and think it could be a possiblilty…. Despite that I personally also think that what Jessamine said Nate told her Tessa was is true….

  8. I feel like im the only person who dislikes tessa and doesnt think she deserves jem or will.
    I will probably get hate for this but she is SO different to clary, i loved clary so much but tessa irritates me with how selfish her actions and some of her thoughts seem to be. I mean they are like brothers and she doesnt seem to take seriously into consideration that fact. It also feels like because of her they are being driven apart and i hate that because their friendship is so adorable.

    Id rather will fall in love with sophie or even jessamine (i know it wont EVER happen but oh well) and jem fall in love with cecily.
    I just really dont like tessas character at all, i think they are both better off without her

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