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TMI Set Day 6: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Monday in downtown Toronto. I (@MichelleMags) made the trip out to the set for the sixth day of filming and the first day of filming of the Pandemonium scene. Check out my full report:

Hello Shadowhunters! Here I am again on the Mortal Instruments Toronto set for #TMISetDay6! Today is a brand-new day and the TMI cast and crew are filming in a different location unlike Thursday and Friday! Unfortunately, no one had leads, only hunches as to where the location might be today. I woke up at 6 a.m. and left my home around 8:00 a.m., I got off the train at Osgoode Station and walked to the Scotiabank Theatre. I checked the bar right in front of Scotiabank but nothing was going on in there, so I walked around a bit more under the rain, thankfully I brought my rain coat with me! Then I got tired of walking and hopped on a streetcar heading to the Cube Club at Queen St. West—saw nothing there too and I was getting desperate, tired and anxious because my phone battery was draining too quickly. For about the fifth time that I got off the streetcar (in front of Much Music) I entered Second Cup and just waited for half an hour for any leads. Then Alyssa from, TMI Source, suggested I check out the one at College St. I head there again but I find myself glancing at this particular road. Each time I pass, I see pylons and trucks but they were not very convincing. My head screamed to check it out but I still head to College St. When I arrive College St., Rebecca (@stolethenight) messaged me her number and said that she had found the set! I could have cried right there because the pouring rain was not helping my mood and that my legs and foot ached from all the walking.

Rebecca leads me to set and I wander around the building until I come out the glass doors and see the trailers. They felt like home to me. Seeing them and with my exhaustion and lack of sleep, I just felt like passing out of happiness right there. Although, I suddenly remembered that I cannot pass out without seeing the movie. So on I go and try to find where Rebecca was. She pointed me to follow trailers and find a man with a vest.

After half an hour walking around, I finally found them. Although, I did not know any of them. I just gave a small smile when I came then went up the stairs and stood by the railings, by myself because I’m a socially awkward duck.

After calling Clarissa (from last Friday’s set visit) to come over, Rebecca then says, “Michelle?” and I turn to face them and that was all it took to become friends with the most awesome, awesome people ever.

I asked for the names of the girls with us, under the shed. Luckily, I survived the day remembering people’s names! Rebecca, Taylor, Ashley, Clarissa and Haley were my original buddies. We saw Robert Sheehan pass by and we all just said hello even with Rebecca dying to have her arms around him. A few minutes later comes Jemima West (who we’ve settled to pronounce her name as Jemma) passes by us and we also say our hellos. Then Kevin Zegers passes by, I say “hello” and he looks up and smiles saying hello back.

Then we got to know our guard/crew man of the day: Adam. If there’s more than the actors that you guys have missed today, it’s the awesomeness of Adam. Adam makes you laugh, cry because you laugh too much and he’s just down-right awesome. To kill time, we dared each other a few things: Adam to tell any other fan that they cannot be here (as a joke—because Adam can keep a straight face also he’s the guard of the area) and Adam dared us to go up to a stranger and ask for their autograph (that didn’t happen but we did try)

Andrew, the crew member I hung out with at the set during Thursday and Friday came by and I said hello asking if he remembered me and he said, “yeah, of course, Michelle. I read your tweets now too!”

I tried not to choke on myself. It was daunting to know a crew member is updated to everything you say.

Also to kill time, we took pictures of totally random things. Basically, we tried to “troll” each other and we ended up laughing so much it hurts.  

apparently we met Jared Leto too!

We then decided to grab something to eat for lunch and while we were on the way, we visited the set. The Pandemonium. There was no one around besides crew members guarding the trucks, I snag a photo and we walk back the main road to find Tim Hortons and buy our lunch.

Hours passed by and we were growing weary. All of a sudden you see Jeff, Mr. Sideburns guy (I had to ask) walking towards us with a man next to him.  The thought did not occur to me until Elyas M’Barek was nowhere to be seen. Although, due to my amusement with Jeff, I unconsciously  took a photo of Elyas too!

This being my first photograph of Elyas M’ Barek and Jeff smiling! (btw, this was the special treat I was talking about) eventually we grew bored again but when we noticed Elyas coming our way again, one of us asks for his autograph and he genuinely looked surprised! He asked how we knew him and such questions and would sign our books hesitantly because he couldn’t believe that we were asking for his autograph. Elyas, you sure don’t know what you just signed up for and the way he shyly signed our books was so adorable!

Much hours later, Jeff comes out one of the trailers and our good buddy Adam goes “hey, Jeff! Did you know you’re famous?”

Jeff lazily glanced at Adam and muttered “yeah.” then walked away. It was the kind of “yeah” I don’t care, “yeah” whatever, “yeah” so. I don’t blame him though, he’s not an actor and maybe all the attention is making him feel weird.

We then decided to come by the set and take a look at what was going on. I managed to take a picture of the road—with Elyas at the left side + the extras all lined up to the right side.

Then we met up with Megan and Sam who stood by the Starbucks area. They shared a story about how the director of TMI can be very, very scary when you go to his bad side. Apparently, he found out that an extra tweeted the inside of the set and he was full-on mad at them. Which truly, you cannot blame him. The extras signed a contract and are supposed to be professional.

Quickly after that we headed back to the shed and spent another hour or two there. To be honest, besides “trolling” each other, talking and me gushing about how much I love Ashley (@ashley_fodor) ‘s curly hair—our afternoon was pretty much an antagonizing, boring wait.

This is the part where everything takes a turn. Rebecca and I suggest checking out the set again. Although, Megan and Sam just came back from Timmies, we head back to the set to visit (this would be our third time visiting, I know I didn’t mention the second but it basically was a few of us checking for a minute what’s going on then immediately headed back—also that we saw Robert come out of the food truck, he looked… stared at us until we ALL were looking at him, we all said hello and he said “hello, love!” then walked away)

We stood at the left side corner and just stared down the sidewalk at what was going on. After waiting a few minutes we begin walking away, until all of a sudden Ashley stops, I look up and see Kevin just jay-walked the street (BAD RIGHT?) and we all stood motionless, then he turned the corner. I said “hi kevin” first and he looks up and oh lord how those blue eyes pierce me. He grinned, his dimples deepening and said “hello”. Picture this in your head, he’s walking head down and chewing on his cup of cereal then mid-chew and looked right up at me, oh god my knees went jelly. I’m a sucker for blue eyes.

Then the rest came.

They all asked for his autograph. I pulled my phone out and decide to take a video of him signing and thought “hey, maybe I could get him say a big hello to other fans who can’t be here right now” so I waited until he signed the last person and collected up all my courage, which wasn’t much and asked “can I have a big hi?

Kevin signed off the last book and muttered a “sure, hold on”

I began wondering why one hello will have to be a wait. It was then he turned to face me and stretched his arms and I instinctively stepped in, hugged him back and my head and heart bursting with ‘I cannot believe this is happening!’ Immediately my thoughts go to think about how his perfectly sculpted arms are on me right now, the fact that I was able to rest my hand on the nape of his neck (which was warm—actually he was really warm) and felt his soft hair! WHAT? I’m a girl. Of course I pay attention to these things. Kevin if you so happen to be reading this or any other cast/ crew member, don’t judge me.

Oh and I love how the hug wasn’t short at all! (or maybe it just felt like ages to me) I still hate myself for being so giddy to the point that I was the one who pulled away from his tight hug. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Rebecca for taking this photo of us! I owe you BIG TIME and even bigger because you also got me a photo with Robert!

After this, we just stood at the corner. I was trying to collect myself. Also defending that I remember saying “can I get a big hi, Kevin?” not “big hug” but only Ashley seemed to hear me right! Although, I could care less if he heard me wrong. Especially when the alternative was a hug. No one could have passed that up.

We stood there for about half an hour then crossed the street to the side of the food truck and thought about where to go again. After Clarissa sees my tweet of Kevin giving me a big hug, Sam and Megan were there meeting us. Eventually, after deciding that we can’t decide where to be, we head back to the shed and waited.

We relocated, really it was just right next to the shed but we sat on one of the “dogs”.

We then patiently waited for any actor to come by. Eventually, we see Kevin Zegers walking down the sidewalk. None of us go crazy because we’ve met him and that we really did not want to be those crazed fans running after the actors. Also, because I remember Kevin disliking it when ‘the herd’ was pacing his way (those who have read my Friday’s report would know what I was referring to) All of a sudden, a few fans come running down the sidewalk and Kevin, who was walking very slowly and relaxingly in front of us became rigid and walked very fast. The humor, relax and cool demeanor was gone. Immediately I called the attention of those who ran towards Kevin saying that by running towards him won’t make them look any good to him. They slow down but still fast walk.

Kevin was near his trailer but they caught up with him. I’m glad they did, really I do, because Once Upon A Time, I wanted his autograph very much too but it had to be done patiently and with grace because we can’t afford our favorite actors to resent having fans on set now, do we?

I couldn’t do much about that. We then settled again then saw Robert come back to us. We asked for his autograph, although this is my second one, this would be my favorite autograph ever.


I did not flash him, if that’s what you’re thinking as to why he drew ‘tits’ as he called them.


I did not hug him before signing this.


He was playing a playful, horny joke. A very Robert thing.


It was totally random.

After everyone got his autograph he stopped in front of me and my outstretched hand for his autograph and he looks down and goes “WHAT THE FFF—“ then laughed. We all laughed and I said “just sign it”

He took my silver marker, signed WAY TOO BIG THAN I HOPE HE WOULD. This was supposed to be for the entire cast, I guess now they’d have to squeeze in AND I’d have to awkwardly explain what those tits are doing on my board.

Rob was about to close the marker but then grinned and laughed “here,” he said as he drew a massive “W” “let’s add some boobs there” … or did he say “let’s add some tits” Wow. I am so exhausted that I honestly forgot. But it is along those lines and he said it with his deep Irish accent. I think I’ll go for the “tits” one.

We all erupted in a fit of laughter and so did he. Oh glorious sound!

Then I remembered Rebecca and I nudged her forward and told Robert to hug her, he did then said, “alright ladies my lunch is getting cold but I will be right back!” Rebecca gets a shove from me to go ask for the hug now and she did! And he tightly hugged her too! Aren’t they just so cute together? He crushed her face too much- hahaha!

But before he turned around, after almost giving everyone a hug he pulls me into a hug and I just wound my arms tightly around him because he’s just so perfect. And Rebecca being the most awesome person in the world took a photo again.

We then waited for Jamie and Lily to come out of their trailers. Eventually

Jamie came out for a smoke and everyone hoarded around him. By the time I got to him, Jamie was in a hurry to go away for training. I told myself, if I miss him now I’ll never get his autograph. We say our thanks and he changes to work out clothes while he goes out for a quick run in a loose white tank top and basketball shorts.

We stood under the shed again and we saw Jemima pass by us and we all say hi and I ask how her day is going and she grinned and said, “pretty good, you?” and I just said “great!” then she smiled and walked away back to her trailer or back to set.

Then Rob came out again and people got his autograph and I just took pictures.

Another half an hour from this, we notice Kevin sitting by his trailer stairs: smoking and talking to someone on the phone. We don’t bother him so we just stood there and ignored him. Then Jamie came jogging by us with his drenched back and went inside the trailer. Jeff passes by us, picks up Kevin who still walked around talking to someone on the phone. As I hoped, Kevin turned to smile and then continued walking and talking on the phone. Oh I could get used to his smiling!

Then Robert came out and everyone ignores him but I say goodbye and he turns around and grins “bye, love!” then I yell a “have a good day!” which he grinned then walked towards to set.

Everyone laughed at me for saying have a good day to Robert when I was only being nice. One can only imagine what Robert has to go through everyday in set.

We decide that Lily won’t be coming out for a while and quite frankly, we were very much drained from the day because of the weather. So we head home, actually we head to Eaton Centre and Rebecca ate dinner while we still spoke about how awesome the day went.

Here’s my updated copy of CoB

That’s a wrap for us today, Shadowhunters. I hope you enjoyed my photos, even though they’re of Rob and Kevin again and that I got a picture of Elyas and Jeff smiling, no, grinning! Again, I apologize for deleting the club name but I don’t want to be reprimanded to the point that I won’t be able to visit set anymore.

Till then, stay sexy in black,

Michelle Mags (@MichelleMags)

Note: please don’t edit (crop or remove) watermarks on photos. Thank you! 😀

Here is the full gallery of images:

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Michelle is a 17 year old that aspires to become a successful published author or screenwriter, however, would very much love to be living in the world of Shadowhunters and to be married to Gwilym Owain Herondale and to be best friends with Simon Lewis. For the time being, she hosts a book blog ( and is found constantly reading a book—her favorite being Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series, Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series “Throne of Glass” and any other YA fantasy novel. Michelle has been a fan of the Shadowhunter series since 2008 from then on has devoted her heart, mind and soul to the world of Shadowhunters.

6 Comments on TMI Set Day 6: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. are pronouncing Jemima’s name wrong. You say it like: Gem-My-Ma. It’s a bit posh and old-fashioned but it’s still a pretty well-known first name in the UK. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it in Canada.

    • I say it as “Jeh-my-ma” its pretty close to “Gem-my-ma” others pronounce it as “Jeh-me-ma” but the crew calls her ‘Jemma’

      • I ws just trying to approximate the phoenetic splling. She’s English and that’s how we pronounce “Jemima”. Very odd that the crew are calling her Jemma.

  2. Thanks for the pics Michelle! Awesome report! I’d give u an ‘A’ if I were to grade ur report! :))

  3. Hang on.. APPARENTLY you met Jared Leto?! HOW DO YOU MISS JARED. The sexy bastard!

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