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From Downworld to Reality #3: Raphael Santiago’s Absence in CITY OF BONES

From Downworld to Reality is a THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONESmovie blog that chronicles the film-making process from a fan’s perspective

I know most of you Shadowhunters already know that there will be no Raphael Santiago in the City of Bones movie. This came as a shocker to me. I realize that once you sign over your movie rights, decisions about how to adapt your books will be made without you.

A new character was introduced, Vampire Lieutenant, played by Elyas M’Barek. I guess he’ll be substituting Raphael in the first film. I don’t have a problem with small changes, I just think Raphael should take part in the City of Bones. Cassandra Clare recently stated that there wasn’t enough space to properly introduce him. Personally, I’d watch the movie even if it was four hours long.

There are many of you that would agree with me and many others that are okay with the situation.

As we all know, Raphael plays a bigger role in the rest of the series. I know Raphael isn’t the vampire that finds Simon after Magnus’s party, but he does encounter Clary and Jace at the Hotel Dumort. He even fools them into thinking he’s a mundane.

The battle at the Hotel Dumort is very important to me, because that is where Simon ends up biting Raphael and drinking some of his blood, which turns him into a vampire.

I know Raphael’s role in the City of Bones isn’t crucial because Simon’s condition isn’t known until City of Ashes, but these small details are what makes The Mortal Instruments so great.

14 Comments on From Downworld to Reality #3: Raphael Santiago’s Absence in CITY OF BONES

  1. I couldn’t agree more, but unfortunately this is the kind of stuff that happens when a book is turned into a movie, and especially when there’s already a large amount of important cast members. As long as they keep the Dumort Hotel scene then i’ll be happy and satisfied!

  2. Ugh well i mean i know its not gonna be 100%there as detailed as the books case in point “the hungers games” but i still loved it.. as long as they bring him in later.. because Raphael still has to be the one to till thr group how to make Simon a vampire plus he gets into the feud with Camille and has a big part later.. u can cut him out.. but at least let Simon bite him and explain him in the next movie he is needed just as much as Camille…. work with us here people lol.. you can still stay on budget make a 2hr movie and give us our quality …. # the films going to make millions gives us all our important people ..

    • I could not agree more; he is not a very big part in the city of bones, but he later becomes quite an important role throughout the series. I am not the only person who thinks that, am I? Anyway, I will still see the movie no matter what changes they make, and I know it will be phenomenal.

  3. This is unfortunate but not a deal-breaker for me. I love the TMI series heartily & hope that they stick to the books as much as possible, but I’d also like to cut the movie people some slack. As much as it hurts it’s understandable that changes must be done when making a book-to-movie-adaptation. I’m sure every TMI fan out there would gladly watch a 5 hour movie, as would I, but I know that’s never gonna happen. So as long as they don’t screw up any of the main scenes & all the main character interactions are there, I’ll be happy. I’m just so freaking greatful that the movie is being made & the cast is this amazing!
    PS: Raphael’s involvement in CoB is not crucial (though I did love it) but they better cast him for latter movies when his role becomes more important to the story.

  4. They are not removing this part of the book and believe me I rather they hold off Raphael for City of Ashes than have the entire Hotel Dumort scrapped.

  5. See, I don’t think they even really needed to worry about introducing him. They could’ve put him in as “That random vampire due that simon bites” and then bring him back in city of ashes and have people be like “Hey! That’s the guy from before!!!!”
    That’s what I would’ve done anyhow.

    • I absolutely agree with both Kat and daniela99vega!
      Whatever they’re having Elyas “the Vamp Lieutenant” do in CoB movie, they could’ve just used Raphael! (btw why introduce a whole new character who doesn’t even really exist in the books, and then complain that they had no time to properly introduce Raphael?!)
      Raphael really wouldn’t have needed any more “introduction” in this first movie than this “Vampire Lieutenant”! And yes, while I’m perfectly aware that the movie cannot ever be the same as the book, I find the producers’ decision to hold off on introducing Raphael until further movies annoying and quite illogical!

  6. Honestly, if this is the biggest change they make to the whole movie, I guess I’m ok with it. It’s just kind of a bummer that it isn’t going to be Raphael’s blood that brings on Simon’s change. But I do agree with Kat; he didn’t have a big huge intro in the book anyways, and they could have just had him there, but still not introduced him till the next movie. Oh well.

  7. teamedwardjace // August 29, 2012 at 4:44 PM // Reply

    it sucks but i agree his role is important but not the most imporant

  8. teamedwardjace // August 29, 2012 at 4:44 PM // Reply

    i’m still excited!

  9. I’ve never really like Raphael, I won’t miss him in this movie, however I actually think a much cooler entrance for him would be holographic him in Maryse’s office in City of Ashes, which is when his part become more important anyways. If he’s the only character that they are leaving out of this movie I’d say they doing a fairly good job of sticking to the book, I don’t have enough finger or toes to count how many characters never made into Hunger Games or Twilight, some characters get left behind.

  10. I totally agree with you! He may not have a huge role in City of Bones but he does in the rest of the series. I hope he’s in the rest of the movies

  11. It honestly doesnt bother me too much. At this point, as a fan of movies adapted from books, Im used to characters being chopped. I guess Id rather them be absent than completely messed up, for instance Percy Jackson and the Olympians. That was a travisty.

    Anyhoo, I personally think they should introduce Camille earlier than the last book. She’s menacing and intruiging.

  12. That’s so stupid! Why must movie studios always do s*** like this?!

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