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Around the Theory Mill: Brother Zachariah

One of the most fun things about being apart of a fandom are the theories. I can clearly remember the days of Harry Potter and thinking I was sure that Dumbledore was actually a Phoenix and he would return. I was positive Ron was evil, and I just knew that Bella Swan would turn into a vampire and have a baby and have her ex boyfriend fall in love with said baby. (Okay so maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch.) The point of making theories is to let your mind dive into the author's world. I would like to write about theories that I have seen circulate through the TMI fandom. Now I won't be going into all of the theories in this particular post but probably just one theory per post. The question is which theory to start with? There are so many and it seems like a new one pops up everyday, so today we are just going to discuss one major theory. (CAUTION: If you have not read CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS, or CITY OF LOST SOULS there are slight spoilers below regarding Brother Zachariah)

Brother Zachariah

If there is one theory that anyone in the TMI/TID fandom would have you consider it’s “Who is Brother Zachariah?” The rumors and theories surrounding this character are astounding, considering the little we know about him.

Brother Zachariah first appears in CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS which specifically mentions his looks “He didn’t look like Brother Jeremiah had, with his hollow eyes and stitched mouth. Brother Zachariah’s eyes were closed, his cheekbones each marked with the scar of a single rune. But his mouth wasn’t stitched shut either. It was hard to tell, with the hood up, whether she was seeing shadows or dark hair” (CoFA Ch.6) Besides the Brother Jeremiah there has never been a Silent Brother so singled out in description before. So why now? Cassandra Clare has kept Brother Zachariah a mystery to all of her fans, rarely answering questions about him if at all, which causes the fandom to theorize.

Many fans believe that Brother Zachariah is Will (William Herondale) from THE INFERNAL DEVICES. There are a few points that credit this theory. First, is the “dark hair” that Clary sees. There is also the fact that Brother Zachariah is dedicated to the Herondale family saying “We cannot and should not harm the boy. Old tie exist between the Herondales and the Brothers. We owe him help.” (CoFA Ch.13) 

Some believe Brother Zachariah to be Jem (James Carstairs) from THE INFERNAL DEVICES. The biggest indication of this is a description of Brother Zachariah’s hands. “Zachariah’s fingers were slim, unlined – a young man’s fingers.”(CoFA Ch.13) The reason this one line causes Jem to be in the lime light of this theory is because his hands are described very similarly in CLOCKWORK ANGEL and CLOCKWORK PRINCE. We also know that Jem has spent a great deal of time with the Silent Brothers due to his illness. Another great indication is a conversation Brother Zachariah has with Maryse Lightwood in CITY OF LOST SOULS.

“I was once a Shadowhunter like you. I lived like you do. And like you there were those I loved enough to put their welfare before anything else – any oath, any debt.

“Did you…” Maryse hesitated. “Did you ever have children?”

No. No children.

“I’m sorry.”

Don’t be. And try not to let fear for Jace devour you. He is a Herondale, and they are survivors -“

Now we know that the Herondale line lives on but Cassandra Clare will not say if that line is through Will or another Herondale line. We also know that the Carstairs name lives on with Cassandra Clare’s new character Emma Carstairs in THE DARK ARTIFICES.

If you would like my opinion (and I know you do because you have read this far) I believe that Brother Zachariah is Jem Carstairs. I believe that Jem (in CLOCKWORK PRINCE) already knows that this is a possible cure to his disease but has not shared it with the others. There is too much (for me) that points to Jem being Brother Zachariah than anyone else.

I also believe that Will is Brother Jeremiah. There was a big emphasis in CLOCKWORK PRINCE about Parabatai and being buried where the other is buried. I believe that if in fact Jem is Brother Zachariah, it is more than likely Will would choose that path as well. (Which would also explain Tessa being in white at the end of CITY OF GLASS.)

Time can only tell, and it seems like March 2013 can’t get here soon enough for us to learn more about this mysterious brother.

Who do you think Brother Zachariah is? Leave a Comment below and we will let you know who the majority believes Brother Zachariah to be.

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123 Comments on Around the Theory Mill: Brother Zachariah

  1. well personally i believe that brother zachariah is will due to much of what you said at first. i never really thought of brother jeremiah being will but it its a definite possibility. either way one of them HAS to be a silent brother whether it be james or will. and also i don’t know if you’ve noticed but brother enoch is in both TMI and TID so coincidence? I think not.

  2. I love these theories. Yours is a good theory too! March is too far away!

  3. I think he is jem. I know he has “dark hair” but jem only has light hair because of the drug he has to take, being a silent brother he would be healed and not have to take the drugs anymore. Ties to the herondales? He is wills parabati! And I’m sure he says he loves two people? Tessa and will? I could be wrong that he says that though.

    But only time will tell who he is!

    • He does tell Clary that he loved two people but that could also apply to Will. Food for thought!

      • Except that Will does love more than two people. His family, which he left as a child to protect, because he loved them so much. So for me, all signs point to Jem as Brother Zachariah.

    • Ria Jace Herondale // August 30, 2012 at 6:40 PM // Reply

      i COMPLETELY agree with you (about Bro Z being Jem) but i just had a thought:

      Cassie said that when Tessa was in CoG, she was wearing white clothes because she was in mourning.


      that thought is KILLING me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TMIandTIDandFutureTDALover // June 4, 2013 at 2:26 PM //

        I think all these theories are interesting. Sadly I started the Infernal Devices after Clockwork Princess had already come out so I didn’t really have a chance to make connections and make all these theories. Of course, now I’ve read them all, and I know the truth, and I’m sure you guys do too. I did, however, re-read City of Glass after reading the Infernal Devices (I only own CoG and CoLS… I borrowed the others, so that’s why I re-read that one specifically), and I did believe that Magnus was talking to Tessa in the end, and she may have been mourning Will, or she could’ve been wearing white for no reason whatsoever. I believe Clary thought she looked familiar because she is Jace’s great great great grandmother, and must bear some resemblance to Jace. Also, when Amatis was talking to Jace about Stephen and pointed out that she didn’t know where he had gotten the gold eyes (This one is a little obvious), I realized it was because of the angel blood that he has. Then, I wondered why Clary doesn’t have gold eyes? Anyway, I thought all your theories were very well thought out, even though some proved to be wrong. I won’t reveal the real one in case some of you still have not read it (Although, I doubt it, considering that it seems like you’re as interested in the series as me, and would’ve read asap, like me).

  4. My guess, actually, is that he is Stephen Herondale, and that would explain why he takes such an interest in Jace, why he said he would’ve known Jace was a herondale by looking at him, and why he insists on calling him a herondale all the time. I know Stephen was blond (right?) but hair color can be be altered easily, yes? And I know he was supposed to have died, but Valentine was supposed to be dead too, wasn’t he? You just never know! I feel like this might also explain why we keep learning so much about Stephen. *shrug* I don’t know, just guesses, I haven’t really gone over everything that much. Oh, and I know he said he didn’t have children, but characters in this series aren’t always honest, now are they? 😛 And the situation with Jace was really complicated – Stephen was not even there for his birth, didn’t have a single hand in raising him. Maybe didn’t even know he existed until recently (must admit my memory is fuzzy about exactly what happened with stephen). But I would be really, /really/ surprised if Brother Zachariah turned out to be Will or Jem. It seems too obvious – like that’s what Cassie Clare /wants/ us to think, like she’s deliberately misleading us.

  5. 200 days until Clockwork Princess. goodness, I am not ready! How about Jem being the magister? I’ve seen this theory circulating around?

  6. I believe that Jem is Brother Jeremiah. There was a comment in CoB about him “smelling like spices”. In Clockwork Prince, Tessa knocks down the silver box with Jem’s opium in it (when they’re in his bedroom kissing) and she says that the smell is of spices.
    With Brother Zachariah being so keen in saving the Herondale line, I just figured that he would be Will.
    Just my theory. This is fun. I finally have some people to talk about TMI with and analyze it like the crazy person that I am. 🙂

  7. i think its church in the body of a human, i mean… silent brother.

  8. True Valentine did fake his own death and Jonathan returned from the dead why Zacharia is Jem, how he would put others before himself.

  9. You left out a vital part of the quote! I am so disapointed. Full quote from Fallen Angels:
    “He didn’t look like Brother Jeremiah had, with his hollowed eyes and stitched mouth. Brother Zachariah’s eyes were closed, his high cheekbones each marked with the scar of a single black rune. But his mouth wasn’t stitched shut, and she didn’t think his head was shaved either. It was hard to tell, with the hood up, whether she was seeing shadows or dark hair.”
    High cheekbones! That is a characteristic of Will. I do actually believe Zachariah is Will. The hints about the cheekbones and the hair have me convinced. However, I see the hands have you convinced. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

  10. OMG i just love the theory. It really makes sense!
    Can anyone tell me what part in City of Glass Tessa appears in white?

    • It’s at the very end of CoG, when everyone in Alicante is celebrating about the end of the war against Valentine. Clary sees Magnus talking to a woman with pale brown hair and wearing a white dress. Clary also notes that this woman is familiar, for some reason.

      • In Cols, Jocelyn told Clatter she had a ceremony performed on her as a baby. Instead of silent brothers and iron sisters, she said Magnus and a female warlock came. When clatter asked who, jocelynn was about to answer but she got cut off by Luke I think.

        I think the female warlock was tessa

    • In the epilogue of City of Glass is reads. “Magnus stood in the shadow of a tree, talking to a girl in a white dress with a cloud of pale brown hair. She turned as Magnus looked toward them, and Clary locked eyes with her for a moment across the distance that separated them. There was something familiar about her, though Clary couldn’t have said it what it was.” Cassandra Clare has confirmed that this is Tessa and the reason she is in white is because she is in mourning.

      • Ria Jace Herondale // August 31, 2012 at 10:11 AM //

        I wonder who she was mourning????????

      • I can’t remember when Brother Jeremiah dies, but isn’t it before the war with Valentine? Which would also be before the celebration in Alicante. If Brother Jeremiah was Jem (or Will), could Tessa be mourning his death…the death of (one of) her true loves? Which would be why she was dressed in white? Just wondering…..:-)

      • Ria Jace Herondale // December 11, 2012 at 4:06 PM //

        That’s a good theory, oh and Brother Jeremiah dies in City of Ashes.

    • Shes in the epilogue. Clary sees her taliking to Magnus under a tree. They never actually speak, Clary just explains her as a woman with a cloud of brown hair. Clary also thinks Tessa looks familiar.

      • Whe Clary said that Tessa looked familiar, I always had a theory that maybe Tessa and Will had a baby together that continued the Herondale line, and she recognizes some of Tessa’s features in Jace. I know that Warlocks can’t have children, but who knows what is true when it comes to these books. Or I could just be waaay off haha.

  11. i think zachariah is jem, cuz in CoLS he says there were only ever two people he would die for… i think he means will and tessa

  12. I loved your theory, it seems quite realistic. I myself thought brother Zachariah was Will but I can imagine your theory very clearly.

  13. Ria Jace Herondale // August 30, 2012 at 1:14 PM // Reply

    I think Brother Zachariah is Jem because…

    1. His eye colour is dark like Jem’s
    2. His hair colour is Dark and Jem’s is described as Black but it could fade like ours (hence why we use hair dye)
    *after becoming a Silent Brother, the demon blood was taken out of him and his eye and hair colour was restored (maybe his hair colour faded)*
    3. Bro Z said that there were two people who he would have died for (or something like that) and Jem loves Tessa and Will the most (Tessa his fiancée and Will his parabati {sorry, cant spell})
    *i’m confident that Bro Z is NOT Will because Will has BLUE eyes and Will has many people he loves (Tessa, Jem, Cecily {hope I spelled her name right} etc. {probably})*

    WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK???????????????

    • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 30, 2012 at 4:34 PM // Reply

      Will has dark hair not Jem, Jem has silver hair and he has silver eyes due to the drug he takes…

      • Jem HAD black hair AND dark eyes before he was injected with the demon blood and had to take the drug.

        If you don’t believe me then check out this website
        –> <–

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 30, 2012 at 7:24 PM //

        First of all he cant open his eyes stated here in the BOOK not wikipedia “he didnt look like brother jeremiah had, with his hollowed eyes and stiched mouth. Brother Zachariahs eyes were closed, his high cheekbones each marked with a scar of a single black rune…” ~Wake the Dead, CoFA
        And the fact that he has dark hair was an assumption since he is part asian, i dont believe that it was mentioned at all to be honest if you find a quote in the book or by Cassie than i may believe you but please do not use Wikipedia as a source….

      • Ria Jace Herondale // October 8, 2012 at 10:24 PM //

        I found this on Goodreads and NOT from Wikipedia:

        “I remember in a description of Brother Zach, that Clary said he was not mutilated, and his eyes were just closed, not missing. So that part is not as typical, he also had black hair which Jem would have if not hooked on the drugs anymore, they are what made his eyes and hair go silver”

      • Ria Jace Herondale // December 11, 2012 at 4:08 PM //

        And someone remembers that in CP, Charlotte talks about how Jem had dark hair and dark eyes before he started taking the drug.

    • Silent brothers can’t open their eyes… So we don’t know his eye colour.

  14. Always thought it might be jem because becoming a silent brother seems more like a jem thing to do.
    Will seems more like the sacrificing type.

    I hope this doesnt happen but i feel like will is going to sacrifice himself to save/help Jem and/or tessa.
    Jem will find out will loved tessa and wont be able to marry her out of respect so he will then become a silent brother because its also a way of him not dying.
    Would make sense with how brother zacariah loved two people and how he has an interest in the herondale line.

    Have a feeling it will be stephen herondale though, because cassie said we shouldnt assume he is dead, also i think he will help save amatis. It would make more sense for him to be stephen

  15. many possible theories! You guys are amazing, serioulsy. 🙂 I’m loving these..:D

  16. A Homeschooled girl // August 30, 2012 at 1:50 PM // Reply

    Well, all I can say is that if *both* of them end up as silent brothers, I will never recover from the heartbrake

  17. I don’t think its either Will or Jem, I mean what a shitty ending for both boys who have been through so much to end up with no one. I don’t want Tessa to end up with Will or Jem but that is down to my own moral principles. However, Will deserves to find love and so does Jem. I do not see the connection between Tess dressed in white in COG to who brother Zach is?? Bro Zach is probably some insignificant character, and if he was Will then surely Magnus would pick up on this when he visits his apartment when Clary and Jocelyn go there to stay. Afterall didn’t Magnus have a wee crush on Will, and making a slient brother around 129 years later.. is that even possible since shadowhunters are cremated. But I guess more information is needed to why a silent brother appears to be immortal and how they are made. But I do not believe it is Will or Jem.

    • I see your point completely of Tessa ending up with either Jem or Will. What I didn’t mention in my theory is (my otp) Jeremiah is older we know that because he is described that way which means that he most likely chose to join the brothers later in his life. Zachariah is younger which indicates that he most likely chose to join the brothers earlier in his life. Part of my theory is that Jem will join the brothers to save his life. Will will stay with Tessa and they will have a life together until he is ready to die and join Jem as a Silent Brother. Since they are not immortal .. I don’t think that Tessa will have one of them around her for her entire life.

      • Will and Jem live long happy lives with amazing women that are not Tessa Gray!! // August 30, 2012 at 4:44 PM //

        if they are not immortal then how do the same silent brothers appear in TID and TMI

      • mina blak // August 31, 2012 at 4:44 AM //

        Answer to “Will and Jem live long happy lives with amazing women that are not Tessa Gray!!”s question:
        The Silent Brothers are not immortal, but Cassie has confirmed that they do live a lot longer than normal Shadowhunters/humans. Just take Brother Enoch as an example – he is in the Infernal Devices as well as the Mortal Instruments which makes him over 150 years old!

  18. I like the theory of Jem being Brother Zachariah, but I’m not sure I’m confortable with Will being Brother Jeremiah. Maybe this is only because I like Will better and wouldn’t want him to become a Silent Brother, not even after sharing a life with Tessa. After reading that the Epilogue of Clockwork Princess would take place in 2007, I had a theory myself: That somewhere in the middle of the book they would hear of some kind of prophecy or whatever saying that Will would reincarnate as a warlock, and by 2007 Tessa would finally find him (already grown up, please) and they would have their happily ever after and blah blah blah. I like to think this could happen.

    • I highly doubt that this would happen as there are “rules” in ID/TMI books.
      One cannot just simply “reincarnate” as a warlock in Cassie’s world! Warlocks are the offspring of demons and human women which in my opinion makes your theory way too far fetched. But I do understand your “wishfull thinking” though, lol 🙂

  19. I think Clary thinks Tessa is familiar, because Jocelyn says that Clary had the dream protector thing put on her (the one that Jace didn’t have after being brought back to life) by a SILENT BROTHER sworn to secrecy, and a FEMALE WARLOCK in place of an iron sister! And when did CC say that Tessa was in white for “mourning”? I knew she was in COG already…

    Also when Brother Enoch was in Tessa’s room after Will saves her, he says she has a special power, NOT the changing, and I think it’s having kids!!!!!

    • Will and Jem live long happy lives with amazing women that are not Tessa Gray!! // August 30, 2012 at 4:36 PM // Reply

      when is having kids a special power, does that mean the mere mortals all have this amazing special power too… and what happens if tessa does have kids are they immortal too, and then what Will becomes a silent bro to stay with her forever, ugh kissing some stiched up face with no eyes… no thank you… I hope Will ends up with the lightwood sister…

  20. I have actually given up on trying to figure out who Brother Zachariah is because I’d find some evidence pointing to Will, and I’d be like, “It’s Will!” Gasp and all that, but then I’d find something that moves my thoughts to Jem. I have honestly gone around and around inside my head trying to figure out if Brother Zachariah is Will or Jem and at one point it gave me such a headache that I said screw it, I’ll deal with it later. Though (and even though we have an Emma CARSTAIRS in the dark Artifices) my mind has been leaning more towards Jem. It is said that brother Zachariah may have dark hair, and that put me off a bit on Jem, but when I thought about it–if it is Jem, he could have gone back to his original state of dark eyes and dark hair like he was born with instead of silver, which was a side effect of the demon power he had to take.

  21. And seeing as Tessa is mourning… Could our theories be correct? After all.. Brother Jeremiah was killed in City of Ashes. OMB I’m so excited!!!!! Lol

    • Will and Jem live long happy lives with amazing women that are not Tessa Gray!! // August 30, 2012 at 4:41 PM // Reply

      Tessa could be mourning over the loss of someone who died in the mortal war, she could have been getting it on with a warlock, werewolf, vampire.. doesn’t have to mean it was Will or Jem.. where do people get there theories and why does everyone want the brother zach to be Jem or Will… Izzy clearly states it will take a while for more silent brothers to be created, AND has anyone given thought that it might be hodge??

      • It can’t be hodge….too recent. It takes a while…

      • mina blak // August 31, 2012 at 5:00 AM //

        Hodge was MURDERED by Sebastian in CoG. Apart from the obvious, Shadowhunters still have to be alive in order to become Silent Brothers, lol.

      • i don’t think that Tessa’s in mourning because of someone she been getting it on with because, that’s not cassie’s way If tessa was really in mourning it will be because of a character that we have already met.

  22. I totally agree with Alyssa’s theory. I believe that both Will & Jem became Silent Brothers.
    But I absolutely agree with the idea of Brother Zacariah being Jem. The hair, the hands, the way he speaks about the Herondales, the way he said he loved two people (Will & Tessa). It’s just too much. Too much coincidences.
    Now that I think about it, I also agree with the idea of Will as Brother Jeremiah. I mean, Will & Jem are together always. If Jem had to become a Silent Brother, Will would follow him anyway. And in that way both are restricted to have Tessa, but they keep seeing her in the future.
    I’m so excited to see what happens in Clockwork Princess to see what of our theories are true! 😀

  23. Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 30, 2012 at 4:52 PM // Reply

    I have come to the conclussion that either Jem
    Or Will dies or becomes a downworlder because…
    “He kissed each finger, and with each one of them spoken a word. Five kisses, five words. His last.” ~unidentified snippet (we dont know who it is but i feel like how the kisses were compared to words that its will)
    “His parabatai rune was bleeding” ~unidentified snippet (once again dont know who it was but i feel as if its jem or will)
    I dont think these quotes are from COHF cause cassie said she wont release a snippet from COHF because its mostly still an outline and will change… And now heres to the reason that one of them becomes a Downworlder or dies: Cassie said something weird happens to the parabatai rune when either one dies, becomes exciled or becomes a downworlder… And i agree to the fact that since Tessa seems farmillar that her and will are together and have a child that some of Tessas features could be in Jace… So brother zachariah i believe to be Jem also because he said he only loved two people Will and Tessa… Will loves cecily, tessa and jem… Wow that was long! Hahah

  24. As to the “Five last words” snippet that may be one of the boys becoming a silent brother and not dying. Also, I’m almost positive that Clary would have noticed if Brother Zachariah was Jem. Asians have incredibly distinct facial structure, and if his hair did go back to it’s natural black colour then that would just make his heratige even more apparent. Don’t you think? I’m not even saying it’s Will, although it does seem likely, but I just don’t think its Jem. And lastly to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes “Don’t get to dead set on a theory, when you do you start shaping facts to fit theories, instead of theories to fit facts.”

    • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 30, 2012 at 5:14 PM // Reply

      Huh i never really thought that the last five words could be a turning to silent brother… Thanks

    • Ahhh I am never attached to ANY theory… mostly I just think about them for fun and know that I am usually wrong!

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 30, 2012 at 5:45 PM //

        hahah i get wayy too attached, but im always wrong with the TMI and TID series… theyr so unpredictable!

      • I NEVER get attached to a theory… simply because it’s Cassie! And she always surprises us! 😀

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 30, 2012 at 8:08 PM //

        I know if someone said to me *SPOILER* “Clarys gunna stab jace in COLS” i wouldve laughed in their face

  25. Do you realise the pain that this post has caused me? LOL I’m actually so close to crying right now. Anyway I do like your theory, but I don’t want it to be true because then I would have not grieved for Will properly D:

  26. But then how come the Carstairs name continues? Jem didn’t have any other family left, or at least that is what Cassandra hinted at. In The Dark Artifices series isn’t the protagonist’s surname Carstairs? Am I missing something? I’ve read all the books…
    If it is Jem, I hope Cassandra gives a good explanation as to how the Carstairs name continues.

    • Even Cassie has hinted that it hasn’t been proven anywhere yet that Jem didn’t have any other living relatives. There’s no reason yet to assume that Jem was the only Carstairs. 🙂

  27. Don’t know if this is relevant but have a look at this…

    • Ria Jace Herondale // August 30, 2012 at 7:31 PM // Reply

      at first i was like, why did she post the link, but than i saw that Jem is also short for James and/or Jeremiah, i was just like :O OH MY GOD!!!! LOL

  28. That is sensational. I can’t wait to find out if you’re right

  29. I used to think that it was Will or Jem but it says he had no children. And isnt Jem the last of he carstairs?

    • TMIandTIDandFutureTDALover // June 4, 2013 at 2:40 PM // Reply

      I know you’ve probably read it by now like me and know that Jem has an uncle, but even if he didn’t, Will is also the last of the Herondales in a way because Cecily takes the name of Lightwood when she gets married (and even if she were to get married to someone else she would’ve taken their name, she wouldn’t have kept Herondale)

  30. I love all these theories. I love the one about hodge. 🙂 Maybe Gabriel or Gideon…and I want to meet their sister.

    What about church. Stupid cat…
    I think will Will die in the end >:,(

    • It could be Gabriel or Gideon, with the information about their dad, and they weren’t reported to the Clave could be what they owe the Herondales. At some point there was a turn around that the Lightwoods came to run the N.Y institute.. after TID

  31. It’s really sad, but I don’t think Will OR Jem gets Tessa D: Being on team Jem/Will, I can’t really say that it upsets me, but it’s sad. There are a lot of reasons why:
    1. I don’t think either of them is selfish enough to take Tessa for their own (although it would make more sense for Jem because is engaged to her)
    2. I think Clare would have made a reference to Jace having warlock or whatever-Tessa-is blood (my opinion; maybe she will, eventually).

    And that’s all I can think of 😛 So much for my well-developed theory.

    As for Brother Zachariah, I think it is Will :)) But I love th theory about Jem being Brother Jerimiah. It keeps everything kinda even Stevens (no pun intended). But Stephen could work, I just don’t think it’s very plausible.

  32. I think Brother Zachariah is Charlotte’s and Henry’s child.

  33. I know its far fetched but with cassie she can turn anything round and make it possible and logical with explaination (its why i love her as a author so much)

    But while rereading CA and CP ive been keeping the jem is a traitor theory in mind and it seems like it might be plausible..

    It would totally make a great twist and story, (imagine Will’s reaction!) It could explain the two unidetinfied snippets which werent in cols (‘his parabatai rune was bleeding’ and ‘not your parabatai anymore’, maybe will trys to cut it in his anger or something when he finds out)

    If this were to happen, i think it would be something Jem got involved with ages ago (to help mortmain, we know they both came from china at some point) and since then he has obviously started to love everyone at the institute but its something he cant get out of at the same time.. it would explain the gold of her ruined wedding dress if it was found out on the wedding day..

    i think even though jem betrayed them Will may still sacrifice himself to save Jem and then Jem becomes a silent brother (this would also explain why he has an interest in herondales)

    I know its a bit crazy but then cassie is always shocking us with these kind of big twists.

    • Ria Jace Herondale // December 11, 2012 at 4:14 PM // Reply

      I agree that Jem being THAT sweet and nice is kinda impossible but I could NEVER in my whole life imagine Jem being the bad guy. NEVER!

  34. How could Will be Brother Jeremiah? Didn’t brother jeremiah cure/help Tessa at the start of Clockwork Angel? It’s impossible for it to be Will. Unless i’ve gotten the people mixed up…

  35. I agree with you! I believe Jem is Brother Zachariah

  36. Each time I read I new theory, I change my mind! So I will skip making theories, but enjoy immensely reading them!! 😀
    Either Will or Jem!

  37. What if the magister promised Jem a cure if he marries Tessa and then turns her over to him. I also think it’s weird that he’d want to marry her all of a sudden.

  38. nattywiki87 // August 30, 2012 at 9:20 PM // Reply

    Yeah I think it’s Jem. It’s very plausible 🙂 I thought of Will as well, but he can’t be…I don’t know. Time will reveal 🙂

  39. Consider this quote: “I know about parabatai,” said Magnus, an angry, dark undercurrent to his voice. “I’ve known parabatai so close they were almost the same person; do you know what happens, when one of them dies, to the one that’s left —?” – Magnus Bane, City of Lost Souls.

  40. I think what this article says that will and Ken r the 2 silent brothers. I can’t wait till the books come out. Too long

  41. I dunno if anyone’s already said this, but in Magnus’s Vow (a short story I received at Cassie’s signing.. I think it was published in some books) Magnus seemed to be mourning Will and Jem when he looks at a picture of them from long ago, and I don’t think he’d mourn if they were still around, Silent Brother or not… I think Clockwork Princess’s ending will be totally unpredictable, because that’s our Cassie! I just hope the ending won’t ruin my life, haha!

  42. I pesonaly think its Jem because Stephens (jaces real dad) middle name is william i think thats will and jem is the misterious brother. Personaly.

  43. im all for will being Zachariah! and also i heard somewhere that cassie said that in each series a main character is going to die at the end? so either will or jem is going to die! (cause tessas obviously alive cause we have seen her in CLG). BUT becoming a silent brother could be an alternative to dying????

  44. Okay, Remember that jem in the Infernal devices has grey hair, this is because the stupid drug… but before he had th have the drug all the time, he had dark hair and dark eyes, that was a description that will makes in Clokwork prince

  45. Has anyone forgot that Tessa is not your ordinary Downworlder? Not counting the fact that she is the only one that is known to Shapeshift, her mother was also a Shadowhunter without knowing it. And it was never known for a pregnacy between a demon and Nephilim (sp?) to be successful because of the angel blood. The Magister made the perfect Downworlder and Shadowhunter, for she has the two strongest bloods running through her veins (angel and demon) being tied down by human blood. No one had ever heard of this, and they don’t know what it could mean, or happen. My theory you ask?! Do you really want it?!
    Tessa and Will have children, carrying on the Herondale line…..Why Will and not Jem you ask? Yes I love Jem…BUT IT HAS TO BE WILL!!!! >:o Don’t question my reasoning, lol.

    And I’m sorry to burst your bubble with this theory about Will and Jem being alive, but do you guys not recall from CoFA from the chapter titled “Girl found dead”, and I put this quote in for proof:

    “Camille,” Magnus said. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”
    She smiled. Her skin looked whiter that he recalled, and dark spidery veins were beginning to show beneath its surface. Her hair was still the color of spun silver, and her eyes were still as green as a cat’s. She was still beautiful. Looking at her he was in London again. He saw the gaslight and smelled smoke and dirt and horses, the metallic tang of fog, the flowers in Kew Gardens. He saw a boy with black hair and blue eyes like Alec’s, heard violin music like silver water. Saw a girl with long brown curls and a serious face. [and I would like to make bold here] In a world where everything went away from him eventually, she was one of the few remaining constants.
    And then there was Camille.

    There you have it my proof that Will and Jem are no longer alive. And who is to say that Tessa is not still in mourning. Maybe she has never gotten over their deaths, some never do, look at Queen Victoria. When her husband passed, she wore black till she herself died. Just saying….Also Brother Jeremiah died when Valentine invaded the Silent City. I highly doubt Cassie would make either one of them die and let the other live, considering that they were so close, they were like the same person as said in CoLS.

    …Just sayin’…..

    Though your theories do make me happy about them still being alive, even though they are not with Tessa (that part makes me sad). But it seems pretty impossible for them to be so. Though the one about Stephen being Bro Z…That is a very intriguing theory…..And does make a lot of sense.

    • Amelia Nairn // June 15, 2013 at 6:25 PM // Reply

      I undertsand were your coming from with the whole section of Tessa mourning over Jem and Wills death if it were true. I could give you the answers, it may help you out with understanding a little, and i know who Brother Z is if you would like to know…

  46. Here is my theory:
    – Tessa marries Jem.
    – Jem and Tessa can have a baby (because Tessa is a special warlock and is able to)
    – Jem can’t be saved, so he becomes a silent brother
    – Will then vows to look after his parabati’s wife and child
    – Will and Tessa marry, and have Herondale children
    – Jem and Tessa’s baby keeps Carstairs as a last name – hence both lines continue

    • that makes alot of sense! but i think i recall Brother Zachariah said he never had children. he could have been lying though to cover it up

  47. I don’t think that Will or Jem is Brother Zachariah. It seems too obvious – I mean… It’s Cassie! She always surprise us and when everybody seems to figured this out it is too obvious. I really think it’s Stephen Herondale.

  48. And sorry if I’m not spelling it right. Englinsh is not my language.

  49. *English

  50. Cat Herondale // February 27, 2013 at 7:52 AM // Reply

    Clockwork Princess in starting to stress me out I don’t want Will to die my gosh!

  51. so you were right 🙂

  52. Amelia Nairn // June 15, 2013 at 6:21 PM // Reply

    Hi Everyone,

    i know the answer to this mind bobbling question if anyone would like the answer… i have read the whole “The Immortal Instruments” series like most of you here, I have also read “The Infernal Devices” series, which lies with the answer to this question. If anyone would like to know who and how … send me a reply 🙂

  53. Amelia Nairn // June 15, 2013 at 6:27 PM // Reply

    can i just point out Jem’s natural hair colour was black, but to survive he needed to live on the yin fen, which made him go pale and his hair turn silvery white….

  54. Youdontneedtoknow // July 15, 2013 at 5:04 PM // Reply

    Call me crazy but ~I~ Think its Gideon. I mean it could be a possibility that he has no kids, because Gabriel could carry the name on. And two people he loves?Im guessing that means Sophie and Gabriel. And that would explain why he cares about the Herondales. He knew Will and his brother dated Cecily. He was doing it for Gabriel. So yeah and…bye.

  55. Its Jem. No one else. Come on people its right there. Jem was a silent brother unlike the rest in Clockwork Princess. And in the snippet where Izzy says “wow, since when is brother Zachariah hot” or something close to thag, just proves its him.

  56. Actually, in clockwork pricess we meet brother zachariah and he reveals himself to be jem. He was turned right before he died. It was the only way. Later, in the 21st century, after will dies, he is unexplainably truned back into a shadowhunter, finds the immortal tessa, and the get together. So there

  57. Queen Katerina // October 7, 2013 at 10:11 AM // Reply

    Jem is Brother Zachariah. If you’ve read both the Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments, you’ll know that Jem became a Brother and then later on became a normal Shadowhunter in 2008.

  58. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this amazing ste needs much more attention. I’ll probably
    be back again to read more, thanks for the information!

  59. Do not read this if you don’t want spoilers.

    Brother Zachariah is Jem or James Carstairs. In city of heavenly fire, the heavenly fire from Jace touched Zachariah which caused him to turn into a normal shadow hunter with black hair. The white hair was caused by demon poison and when the heavenly fire touched him, it was cleared and was turned into a silent brother to a normal shadowhunter. and in the book city of heavenly fire, the last book, Zachariah says Tessa was a long lost love, as well as the bonus chapter on clockwork princess, as well as the ending of city of heavenly fire. It as been so many months since I learned this and I never knew some people didn’t know.

  60. I’m reading city of heavenly fire at the moment. I haven’t finished it but like you said about the descriptions of Brother Zachariah being like the descriptions of Jem, I believe that he is actually Jem.

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