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TMI Set Day 8 & 9: Seb’s report from Hotel Dumort

Photo Credit: Seb

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Thursday in Hamilton. One of our Toronto lookouts Seb (@BassicSeb) made the trip out to the Hamilton set where he watched the first and second day of filming at Hotel Dumort and finally met the cast. Check out his full report:
For those of you who do not know me, I am @BassicSeb, otherwise known as Sebastian! So I have decided to lump together reports from Set Days 8 & 9. Unfortunately we were asked not to take pictures, but I will still be including some, although I will be conservative of what I include. 


So I will begin with saying that the location was found by chance Wednesday morning when I bussed down King Street in Hamilton after giving up on location searching once my first location turned out to be a bust, so we can be thankful for that. We waited for quite a while with no results until we headed to the trailers and started seeing a whole group of vamps all dressed up in fancy costumes and some amazing make-up. Sideburns Jeff also made an appearance and he was as busy as ever as usual, pointing the cast to where they had to be. My friends, @KrystinaAli and @LycanB64, and I managed to see all the main cast get into trucks and head towards the Royal Connaught to start shooting their scenes around 1 or 2 pm if I remember correctly and we followed suit and sat ourselves closer to the dilapidated hotel.



Unfortunately we had no results for the majority of the day, so we sat and talked with the crew outside the front doors of the hotel including #TMIAndrew who was kind enough to give us some candy from the crew’s snack table. We also managed to talk to the wonderful and super courteous double for Elyas. His name was Jack and he even brought Elyas out to sign for us at one point in the day.

Around 12:15 am, when they started wrapping for the day, both Kevin and Jemima came out for their final break, they sat by us signed our books and we had conversation with them! Kevin even asked Krystina about her majoring in Theatre & Film and where she wanted to go with that in her life. They were both incredibly nice and easy to talk to and need I say that no one looks better in black? After 5-10 minutes they went back inside and around 12:30 am they all came back out to finish for the day and that’s when I managed to meet Robert Sheehan, he signed our books and asked me to sign his boob in exchange, unfortunately I told him I would have if he wasn’t short on time. Lily and Jamie were also there but disappeared too quickly for me to catch them. Shortly after that we went home for the day.


This starts the day 9 report and today is definitely a day of better luck for myself and the rest of the fandom that came to Hamilton on Thursday to check out the set, including @jwHerondale whom I was delighted to meet. My thanks for the fortune of this day goes to the publicist Karen, she follows many of us on twitter and knew my name before even meeting me. Throughout the day she was kind enough to bring out the cast for some signing times and one by one every fan that did not have a chance to be there on Wednesday got their books signed, in exchange we were asked to keep our distance and not get in the way. Jemima, Kevin, then Robert, and even Jamie all came out around 3-4 and talked with us for a bit, and we all loved it. After this point many of them left including my friend Krystina. I stayed until around 7 pm, all the while talking with crew and Kevin and Jack who was one of this kindest one on set. At 7 Karen came out with what we had all been waiting for, Lily came out after us patiently waiting. Myself, the three members of @jwHerondale and a few others that showed up afterwards managed to get her autograph and see her in person, she chatted with us for a while and I would like to say that she was absolutely adorable and beautiful and the prefect Clary! She was nice to all of us and I could not get over the fact that she personalized each of our signings.

That concludes my time at the set on Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th at the Hamilton TMI set. I would like to thank Karen the publicist for being so kind s to organize signing time, Jack who was Elyas’ double who was great conversation and company throughout the day, the crew of course including Andrew and Ricky who kind to those who wanted to be there, and of course the cast who we all love for taking time out of their days to talk with us fans and to be acting in this wonderful and spectacular movie that we are all excited for!

A shout out to @jwHerondale and @KrystinaAli who I was delighted to be hanging out with the whole day on set!

Krystina and I, each with the three members that run the @jwHerondale twitter account.


I have one final surprise in store for all those Robert fans out there, like I said I had to be conservative with pictures, but I could not let this one stay hidden. To all those in the fandom: ENJOY!

Thanks to Seb for that fantastic report and that shirtless photo of Robbie Sheehan!

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15 Comments on TMI Set Day 8 & 9: Seb’s report from Hotel Dumort

  1. Oh God that first picture of shirtless Robert is killing meeee!!! I-m hyperventilating!!! God, Jamie’s got to work it, cause right now Robert’s the fan favourite!!!

  2. Thank you for the set report! That publicist is very kind.

    @ MarieJ: You’re right. I feel kind of bad for Jamie. The movie isn’t even out yet and he’s being overshadowed by a supporting character. A lot of fans haven’t exactly been ecstatic about his casting as Jace and over the last few weeks Robert has emerged as the absolute fan favourite from his interactions with fans, personality, being the aweome Nathan from ‘Misfits’ and now a shirtless pic!

    I hope for Jamie’s sake he aces it onscreen as Jace and proves the doubters wrong.

  3. Holy Robert Sheehan!!!! He’s got some nice abs to go along with those gorgeous eyes!!!

  4. Katie Brisse // August 31, 2012 at 2:30 PM // Reply

    Sorry the other one I sent was the wrong one. This is the right one!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

    B.o.B Books over Boys!!!

  5. Well…

  6. Tbh its not jamies fault hes spending his time actually working. Lol.

    • Definitely. As well as the acting it’s a very physical role so it can’t be easy for him. Jamie is focused on his job and playing the role which is exactly what he should be doing. Nothing wrong with that.

  7. All other male actors in this movies are hotter than Jamie Campbell Bower, his casting is a shame!

    • Jace campbell lightwood (; // August 31, 2012 at 8:33 PM // Reply

      Aw dont hate on him, hes a beautiful man… So are all of them… Oh my *swoons* … But i think jamie is defiently the hottest and tons would agree with me, you dont have to like the way he looks but hes an incredible actor and thats more important than looks any day.

      • He has ruined ” Camelot” and was mediocre in all his supporting roles, so I cannot see that he is a better actor than any of the others of the male cast – and that he is the hottest is just laughable! XD

      • It is not ‘laughable’ would you jamie hate trolls politely piss off?
        Go watch magic mike because we all know the reason your hating on jamie is because hes not alex.

        Hes better than alex, in more ways than one.
        and if jamie is such a bad actor, why does he always win awards and get compared to actors like johnny depp?
        Why would lily personally request jamie out of all the other great actors which auditioned if he was a bad actor?
        She wouldnt.

        And to be honest, just because jamie isnt your type doesnt mean hes no ones type. Plenty of people find him attractive, and i personally prefer him to the other male cast members.

        Its called an opinion, theres no need to be immature and rude about yours

      • Jace campbell lightwood (; // September 1, 2012 at 10:43 AM //

        Amen. Hes way better than Alex as an actor and its not laughable its my opinion. Cause i thought yours was pretty laughable. Ur stretching it a bit when hes mediocre. Like just cause he isnt your jace doesnt mean u need to insult him. Alex is a shitty actor and looks like hes in his 20s. And the people like Cassie, the casting director and lily all loved him… Shame. the rest of the fandom is having so much fun swooning over the entire cast. let me say one more thing: ALEX turned down the role. JAMIE got the role. THIS happened a year and a few months ago. WHY dont you just get the hell over it and be happy for the movie!?

  8. teamedwardjace // August 31, 2012 at 10:08 PM // Reply

    robert’s sexy and i hope we see more of jamie soon!

  9. If this exact picture was posted of jamie, all you’d see is ”ew hes so scrawny”
    But oh no, its robert. therefore its perfectly acceptable. because robert can do no wrong in.this fandoms eyes. Yet jamie does nothing wrong but gets bitched about 24/7.

    Too many double standards in the way people talk about this cast.

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