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TMI Set Day 9: Sydney’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

    Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Thursday in Hamilton. One of our Toronto lookouts Sydney (@SydManson) made the trip out to the set where she watched the second day of filming at Hotel Dumort, met the cast and got her fangirl on. Check out her full report:

So, this morning I woke up at about 12:30 (yes, I’m lazy) and figured I’d just be going about my day as usual. Then, I sat in my bed on twitter and checked TMI Source only to find out that the cast was filming in Hamilton again today! This was fantastic news for me, as I live in a little town called Dundas, that is actually considered a part of the city of Hamilton. So I Google mapped The Royal Connaught Hotel and it happened to be approximately a 20 minute drive from my house! I immediately wrote in my bbm group entitled “Nerds” (yes I’m in a bbm group called nerds) and told my 2 TMI loving friends Sam (@sam_friedland) and Meagan (@megbordi) that the TMI set was super close to us today! So we decided that we NEEDED to go! We arrived at the Royal Connaught Hotel around 2:15 PM and found a group of fans standing outside the entrance to the hotel, on the sidewalk. We all stood and chatted together! The set looked really cool, the front doors of the hotel were open so I could see inside a little bit. It was dark, but it looked pretty old and creepy inside which was perfect for the Hotel Dumort. There were constantly vampire extras every where the whole time I was there! They all looked amazing, super creepy and they all had super long gross nails! They were all standing by the food table eating (Idk how they ate with the nails on!) and they would smile and wave at us as they came out!

Karen (the publicist) arrived on the scene and took a picture of all the fans who were there. She said how much she loved the fans, and that she would try to get Jamie, Kevin, Jemima, Lily & Robert to come out! She was super super nice! She went inside to check on the set and stuff, and a red-haired lady who was part of the crew came to talk to us. She asked us if we were waiting to get our books signed, and we said yes. She said that 3 of the cast members smoked (Jemima, Jamie & Kevin), so we might be seeing them soon.

Not even 5 minutes after she said that, in fact she was still standing with us, I looked up and saw Jemima walking out of the front doors! We asked if we could go talk to her, and the red-haired lady said sure. So we walked over and asked Jemima to sign our books. She was super nice and SO beautiful. I had my doubts of her as Izzy but she looked perfect when she was all dressed up in black, and with her hair dyed! The lady with her told us no pictures, so we chatted with her for a minute but then walked back to our spot to give her some space for her break. I was looking down at my book just freaking out about what just happened, when Meagan nudges me and I look up and theres Kevin! My friend Sam is a huge Alec fan so she was basically having a panic attack! We walked over and got him to sign our books too. He was really sweet and SO GOOD LOOKING WOW and the eyes omg. I can’t even remember what he said because I was so starstruck! I told him to tell Robert I say hi (I love him) and he laughed and said he would. Again, we gave him some space for his smoke break, and we were told no pictures. But as they said that I was sniping a pic of him! So I have a picture of him sitting outside.

We went back to our usual standing spot and freaked out about the fact that we just met Kevin and Jemima. Then after probably 15 minutes on chatting, I look up and there is JAMIE. JACE. There was a collective intake of breath that was SO loud he definitely heard us and he was like 10 feet away! He went and sat on a bench and took out a cigarette. Karen came out and said to leave him be, not to take pictures and let him have his smoke, and then he would come over and sign our books. I stood there for 5 mins literally jumping up and down and having the biggest fan girl moment EVER. He came over and started to sign our books, and I noticed he had weapons all over him, so I told him he looked like a badass and he laughed (I died) and then we said thanks for signing our stuff! He said thanks for camping out and waiting for us in his amazing accent and asked us all how far we came to see the set. He was so nice and I was so surprised because from what I’ve read Jamie isn’t often out and about! So I didn’t expect to see him at all.

After that I jumped up and down for I’m not joking 10 straight minutes because I love Jace and I couldn’t believe what just happened. Then maybe half an hour later, Robert walks around the corner of the building. My heart literally stopped. Simon is my favorite character and there he was!! I made a noise that I’m not sure what it even was, maybe a cross between a scream and a squeal. He waved at us then walked up the steps to the building and in the door. We all made noises of protest and then he poked his head back out and said “Did you guys want..” and made a motion that looked like signing and we all were like YES so he came back out and signed for us! SO SWEET! And as he signed my book I told him Simon was my favorite! My friend Meagan said “Looks like theres going to be some tears” (yes I was tearing up) and he said “Oh no don’t cry! Or I’ll start crying!”. But oh my god he had the most beautiful green eyes EVER and he was wearing that blue shirt, not done up, and his bod is just…wow. I died a little. He went back inside and we thanked him for coming back out for us! I again jumped up and down for like half an hour this time because Robert was so hot and I couldn’t believe we had met him, Jamie, Kevin and Jemima!

Now all we needed was Lily to come outside, so we waited. For a while. Karen told us that Lily was just about to film a big scene so she might come down in a little while. Unfortunately I had to work at 5, and 2 other girls we were with had to leave to head to Toronto. So we were praying that she would come out before then. Karen came out around 4:30 and found out we were leaving, and she said that she couldn’t make any promises, but she said she would take our books up to where they were filming and see if she could get Lily to sign ours. We waited for about 10 minutes and she came back down and gave us back our books, signed by Lily!!! She said that Lily was super sorry that she couldn’t come down but she said hi!! It was SOOO nice of Karen and Lily to do that for us, its clear that they really care about the fans 🙂

Unfortunately, that was the end of the day for me at the TMI set, as I had to head off to work! I stood there for 5 hours not completely there because I couldn’t stop fan girling. And unfortunately, there were no Sideburn guy sightings. But I definitely plan to go back to the set sometime soon:) Best day EVER!

Thanks to Sydney for this fantastic report from the CITY OF BONES set!

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6 Comments on TMI Set Day 9: Sydney’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. WOW……that’s all I can say…… I soooooo wish I wasn’t in England right now

  2. Thanks for the report. Great you had such a good experience especially Robert and Lily.

    I know he used to be a social smoker so it’s fab to hear Robert Sheehan doesn ‘t smoke now and he sounds sooo lovely. It was incredibly kind of Lily to sign your books whilst she was working.

    • your glad she had a great experience with only robert and lily?

      So meeting the other cast members wasnt a great experience?

      Rob and lily arent the only people in this cast. I think people are forgetting that.

      • @nicki: I was glad she had a great expereince which means everything involved but especially Robert and Lily becasue those two went a bit further. Robert came back to see them even though he wan’t on his break and from her account his interaction with them was very meaningful and Lily is the lead, very busy, in nearly every scene, was working and prepping for a big scene and not even on a break and took time to sign their books and send a sweet message-very, very few actors would do that when they are on duty.

  3. I would really like if you could tell me exactly how dark is Jemima’s hair because it’s really hard to tell from the photos I’ve seen? Is it as medium brown as it looks in the pictures or is it darker? Thank you in advance and thanx for the report! ❤

  4. thanks for the report sydney! and i’m glad you had such good experiences! i love the cast! and karen’s really cool too! and i’m sure jamie did look very badass and robert is so sweet from the looks of it! they all are from the looks of things. I really want to meet them!

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