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TMI Set Day 10: Lavnika, Prabhjot and Jessy’s report from the Hotel Dumort set

Photo Credit: @LavniikaB

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Friday in Hamilton at the Hotel Dumort set. Some of our Toronto lookouts Lavnika (@LavniikaB), Prabhjot (@Prabbby) and Jessy (@rawrbasra) made the trip out to the Hamilton set where they watched filming on Hotel Dumort and met the cast. Check out the full report:
Friday morning it was around 9:30am and my friends – Prabhjot and Jessy, and I had decided that we were going to go to the set today NO MATTER WHAT! Our last plan to visit the set had been rained out on Monday… booo! We made a plan to be on the road by 11:30 so we’d get to the location by 12:30 to hopefully see a little bit of the shooting. After what seemed like a year’s worth of delays, we finally got to downtown Hamilton where the shoot would be and at 1:30 we started scouting for parking. Jessy knew exactly where the location would be so it was only a matter of seconds before Prabhjot and I screamed when we turned the corner and saw the trailers parked on the side of the street! We walked down King Street and there it was… Hotel Dumort!

At 1:45 we tried getting a couple group shots and surprisingly one of the vampire extras totally photo bombed our pic! VAMPIRE PHOTO BOMB! We waited for a while and were told that they’d be starting to arrive in a couple minutes. That is when it happened… Elyas M’Barek, my future husband arrived! AND HE WALKED RIGHT PAST US (we were SO close to the set anyway we could see everything). Jessy had the guts to say ‘Hi… you’re beautiful!” (+10 POINTS FOR JESSY) and he was so sweet he actually looked at us and said “Thanks!” After a while he walked back out and Prabhjot asked if we could get autographs, sadly he said he was in a rush so maybe later. Can we just appreciate the fact that I had the chance to say “Hi Elyas” and he looked STRAIGHT AT ME AND GAVE ME THAT GORGEOUS DIMPLED SMILE! Oh man….

After Elyas it all happened so quickly. Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE, started arriving! It started with Jemima and her stunt double who quickly got inside very discreetly. Then Lily, then Kevin and finally Jamie. It was all pretty much in a matter of minutes they had showed up so it was the biggest fan girl moment for ALL OF US when any of them would just LOOK AT US from the car. Jamie actually looked at us directly and waved right to us… suuuuper fan girl moment!

Some of the crew had already told us that they’d be coming out for lunch around 7:30-8 so that would be the best time for autographs and that’s when we decided to go to a Pizza Pizza on the corner of the street to sit down and get out of the sweltering heat and eat some actual food! And then the moment that I STILL believe to be completely surreal happened. Around 4:45, another friend of mine texted me saying that we were on CASSANDRA CLARE’S PERSONAL TUMBLR! SHE REBLOGGED A PICTURE OF OUR FACES! PRABHJOT, JESSY AND I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. Absolutely unreal!

It was after waiting for 3 hours in the heat that we saw mass amounts of the crew step out of the hotel and we knew that it was the time we’d waited all day for. AUTOGRAPHS! Jemima was the first to walk out and can I just say she is FLAWLESS! Kevin walked out right after her and Prabhjot and I asked him for autographs almost instantly. I swear we all got lost in his beautiful BEAUTIFUL blue eyes! We had asked him for pictures but he told us that because he was in costume he wasn’t able to get pics with us –heart breaking! But still, it was happening! It was about 2 minutes later when we saw Robert walk out the door and then the fan girl-ing REALLY hit its peak! He walked over to us and signed our books and asked us if we were from Hamilton, funny because none of us were! For those of you who are Misfits fans, I got him to actually say ‘SAVE ME BARRY!’ to me! My heart almost stopped… seriously! We waited for Lily and Jamie but people were saying they’d already left in another car so we decided that we’d get going.

 All in all it was the BEST DAY EVER. 

Thanks to Lavnika, Prabhjot and Jessy for this fantastic report!

Check out their images from the set:

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5 Comments on TMI Set Day 10: Lavnika, Prabhjot and Jessy’s report from the Hotel Dumort set

  1. You guys will LOVE Elyas! I’m from Germany and very happy to have already watched a couple of movies and TV series starring him. He’s GORGEOUS! *.*

  2. Jamie actually looked at us directly and waved right to us… suuuuper fan girl moment!…” Read more […]

  3. Tell me please, on 3 photo – Elyas M’Barek?

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