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Aidan Turner Is One Of The 15 Breakout Stars Of The Season

So, this is it. We’re in September and school is starting, winter is coming. The days are getting shorter and we’re all pretending we have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Isn’t it the perfect time for TMI Source to bring you hot news right off the press?

According to, Aidan Turner, who we all know and love as Luke Garroway/Lucian Greymark, is one of the 15 breakout stars of the autumn. Aidan has been in Toronto for the past couple of days filming scenes for THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, most notably a scene in the bookshop where our protagonists first find out about his colourful past. The article points to Aidan’s upcoming films THE HOBBIT trilogy, the first of which, THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, has been given a release date of December 14th 2012, for his new found fame.

Other interesting actors to watch on the list are Sam Riley, who stars in the film adaptation of ON THE ROAD, Jack Kerouac’s stunning semi-autobiographical novel based on the spontaneous post-war Beat Generation; Mackenzie Foy, Edward and Bella’s half-human half-vampire super child in BREAKING DAWN PART II and Ezra Miller, of THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER film adaptation based on Stephen Chbosky’s coming of age tale.

While I’m no LOTR junkie, I’ll be tuning in to watch Aidan in THE HOBBIT, but will you guys? Sound off in the comments below!

1 Comment on Aidan Turner Is One Of The 15 Breakout Stars Of The Season

  1. LOL,I’ll definitely watch The Hobbit since I’m already a fan of LOTR’s fan. 🙂

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