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TMI Set Day 12: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Our Toronto Correspondent Michelle Mags shares details from Day 12 of filming on the set of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES at Garroway Books and Curios.

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Wednesday in Toronto at Luke’s Bookstore.

I, Michelle (@MichelleMags), your Toronto Correspondent, made the trip out to Luke’s bookstore set for the second time. 

Check out my full report:

Hello Shadowhunters!

Another day means another TMI Set Day visit for me. Looking forward to today’s set visit due to the wonderful, sunny weather. Today is a great day as I see Aiden, JCB, Lily and Kevin D on set.

I head out to set immediately after school and arrived around 3:30 pm on set to meet Rebecca (@stolethenight), Becky and Megan. Unfortunately, Megan had to head home early so we wait for the bus with her then we roamed around and spoke to a few of the crew members that we knew. Also, we passed by the ally where the set was when they weren’t doing anything. Around 5 pm, three more people joined us by the side of the set.

It was 5 pm and everyone was grumpy because now the sun was way up high and burned us too much. To kill time and just because we wanted to see Robert, I pulled out my laptop and we all watched Misfits season 2 episode 3 and my volume was up to 100% when the part where, I believe the song is called “Careless Whisper” played on the scene where Robert Sheehan’s character Nathan Young seduces Simon played by Iwan Rheon. I believe the set heard the song very clearly too. That was fun.

An hour later, vans began pulling up. Each van we saw we would say, “van!” and immediately check if anyone we’re looking for is inside. The first few vans were crew and equipment pulling up. Then much more minutes later, we see Aiden Turner who plays our wonderful Uncle Luke gets on his van and heads for the trailers. Then Pangborn comes to set through another van. Not sure if it’s Pangborn being freakishly tall and broad or was it Pangborn’s stunt double?

Right after Pangborn came Aiden returns to set.

Soon after, Jamie’s van pulled up. Slowly driving by us and he was facing forward but smiling, I think it was a smug smile? The van pulled all the way to the door of the set and there came JCB coming out of his van.

Then a few more minutes later, we see Pangborn and his stunt-double come in with Jace/JCB’s stunt double rocking out all that Shadowhunter wardrobe and runes. After Jamie, almost an hour later came Lily Collins. She is SO gorgeous it hurts. Even her stunt-double is hella gorgeous.

Then they all went inside the garage, perhaps for prep and mostly make-up before the scene. A few more moments later we see the actors all in a circle by the doors of the set, perhaps having their snack time.

Then we see possible-Pangborn stunt double and JCB’s stunt double heading our direction because the truck that held all their mats parked right next to us.

As they gathered all the mats from the van, I got this really quick glimpse of JCB’s stunt double’s face and I’m not entirely sure but I as to what I saw, I strongly believe that JCB’s stunt double looks EXACTLY like Kevin Zegers but with blond hair. It was freaky, maybe I just miss him on set too much but I got Nicole (@nics_herondale) agreeing with me.

We sat then for another hour and we were all starving for dinner. Eventually the actors all came out again and just spoke to the publicist Karen. Karen is also such a sweetheart. This being my fifth time visiting set — this is my first time meeting her! She’s really so kind the way people describe her to be. She approached us and mentioned how she’s happy to have us around and that we are such great fans for being so quiet and respectful and that she appreciates that love we pour of for their project and our dream.

Suddenly, all the Shadowhunters wearing Shadowhunter gear began rehearsing fighting sequences right on the ally as they all huddled together for break. Nicole saw JCB hitting Pangborn’s stunt-double’s cheek with a set weapon and we all stood there very much amazed with the entire cast and having to see them train for the fighting scene was very entertaining!

We began inching closer and closer and eventually was told to move back a bit, not realizing that we’ve got WAY too close. Whoops. 

It was 9:00 p.m. and we could no longer take our hunger and head out to this delicious coffee shop. They make THE BEST Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich (WITH BACON and TOMATOES). Totally worth one’s money! It’s actually my dinner and what I’m chewing on right now as we speak as I compose this report.

After everyone got their orders sandwiches or coffees, we head back to set and glance if anything new happened. The actors either left or went inside to film. We were all pretty much drained from the sun’s heat and being mostly everyone’s first time eating in the day, we head out and wait for the bus and together all went home.

I would just like to take this time, if by chance any of them reads this, to thank all my new friends from TMI sets. I swear I haven’t been this sociable my entire life and to be around people who understand your loves. Also would like to thank the extraordinaire crew that was very friendly with us, specifically Adele, Andrew and Lily Collins’ publicist Karen. It is really overwhelming to know that they appreciate how we are and how much dedication we pour into the things we love. Thank you to Alyssa from TMI Source for always keeping me updated for any news from the TMI, for without you, this front row seat that I’m on wouldn’t be possible– technically Alyssa made my wish come true so, THANK YOU. Last but not least, the awesome, awesome Shadowhunters that check out TMI Source’s website for updates and actually read MY SET REPORTS, I’m happy to make you guys happy (which is why I head out there everyday, no matter what the weather)

That being said: Same deal tomorrow. I will be heading out to set again around 2:30 from school and arrive around 4:00 latest to set and meeting up with Rebecca and Nicole (those two are the only ones I know who are going) so stay tuned for MORE TMI Set Reports and I hope everyone enjoyed this one, despite my photos being really annoyingly blurry (sorry guys, I take pictures only with my iPhone 4)

Until then, stay sexy in black Shadowhunters,

Michelle Mags

About Michelle Mags (13 Articles)
Michelle is a 17 year old that aspires to become a successful published author or screenwriter, however, would very much love to be living in the world of Shadowhunters and to be married to Gwilym Owain Herondale and to be best friends with Simon Lewis. For the time being, she hosts a book blog ( and is found constantly reading a book—her favorite being Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series, Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series “Throne of Glass” and any other YA fantasy novel. Michelle has been a fan of the Shadowhunter series since 2008 from then on has devoted her heart, mind and soul to the world of Shadowhunters.

4 Comments on TMI Set Day 12: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

  1. Are you talking about Karen Pidgurski? Because I’m pretty sure Karen is the set publicist-not Lily’s publicist specifically. She does a lot of the unit publicist work in Toronto and also for Sony/Screen gems.

    • Hi!
      Sorry, I’ve been misinformed about her. I hear everyone referring her to as “Lily’s publicist” which makes me wonder: how about the rest of the cast? Thank you for correcting me and sharing this information!

      • You’re welcome. I suspect it’s a case of one fan saying something and everyone copying them. It’s unlikely any of the cast would have their publicist there on-set daily as that isn’t what a publicist for an actor does!

        What Karen is doing like attending filming daily, accompanying the actors to and from set and talking to the fans is clearly unit publicist work. She is also listed as “The Mortal Instruments” unit publicist on relevant industry sites such as this one

        Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for your report, Michelle! I’m in Italy but thanks to all the reports that you and all the other fans on set are so kind to share, to me it’s like to be there.
    Also a huge thank you to TMI Source for posting!
    Sorry if my english is not accurate enough.

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