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TMI Set Day 13: Michelle’s report from the CITY OF BONES set

Filming on the highly-anticipated adaptation of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES continued on Thursday in Toronto at Garroway Books and Curios. I, Michelle (@MichelleMags), your Toronto Correspondent, made the trip out to the set location for the third time.  Check out my full report:
On my TMI Set Day 13 visit, I saw Jamie, Lily, Robert and Aiden. Also, I met Shannon Catorri (from TMI_Institute). This day was very much more interesting than the dull past two days. I, among with my friends, watch them film outside and the road was closed and filled with NYC cabs and this one NYC police car.

I head out to set as soon as school ended and arrived around 3 p.m. then waited for Rebecca to arrive. To kill time, we walked around and as we pass by each road, we see barricades to the side meaning the roads will be closed for tonight! The heat was unbearable so I ask for us to go to the Café that I love so much and bought a can of pepsi. I then glanced to my left and had a double take because I thought I saw Shannon and before I could stop myself from saying her name I blurt out, “Shannon? Hi? Is that you?”

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again—sorry for being so creepy Shannon! It totally just escaped me. She laughed and said, “yeah” and I tell her “oh my god, I love your report and you run to Rob and he goes ‘Don’t run! You’re VERY pregnant!’”

Then Rebecca mentions my name and Shannon goes, “oh so you’re Michelle?” and I laughed cause it was really weird to be known by people, especially when I visit sets and crew or fans just take a glance at me and say “you must be Michelle Mags”

Shannon if you’re reading this, it was a pleasure meeting you!

Quickly after my creepy outburst: Rebecca and I head out the Café and walk down the road to look for this book store that her friend mentioned. We spent almost an hour just walking up and down the road and visiting vintage book shops—we even came in this store called, “Pandemonium” and it’s a bookstore/record store which was pretty cool!

As we head back to our usual spot on set and with the crew we hear Becky Claire yelling out Rebecca’s name as we crossed the street. With Becky was Darian, both whom I’ve met the past two set visits during the TMI set filming at Luke’s Bookstore.

We hang out and stand by our usual spot. Seeing that not even any of the crew members were there we head to the closest café shop to the set but none of us had money or even the stomach to buy anything.

Anyway, back to things important: Becky then ate crepe at our favorite Café shop while Darian, Rebecca and I head back to our usual spot to wait for Nat.

   The waiting begins.

It was around 6:30-ish when Aiden Turner pulled in to set on a van. Aiden kept his back to us as he spoke to one of the crew. Soon after, he got back on the van with his driver and they pull out.

After Aiden left, the wardrobe van pulled in. That’s when our hopes got all flared up. We saw on top of all the other black wardrobe was this brown coat and immediately we conclude that it’s Simons—which means Robert Sheehan is coming to set (they don’t bring wardrobe in until the day of filming)

We pretty much were little anxious creatures waiting for Robert. Soon after, Sophie arrives looking windblown as she hurriedly rushed to set for a chance to see Robert.

            All of a sudden, Jamie and Lily come to set on the same van but they once again drove straight to the set doors and got off there. However, they stayed outside so I got to take a few photos.

Then we sat by our usual spot again and became restless by the minute. In pairs, we would go around the corner and check when the road began closing down. The Toronto Police closed the road down around 7:30 almost 8:00 and I got a picture of it before the street got way too busy.

Then the sun came down and the night was growing darker. This was good because then they were starting to film at this time. While they were setting up the lighting and water pipes, my friends and I walk on the other side of the street and watch what’s going on right in front of us.

Seeing that, yet again nothing will be happening in a while. We head back to our usual spot and I see Karen walking to set and she spots us and comes to us to say hello. We tell her that we’ve missed her and chatted a bit then she had to go inside set. I always like speaking to Karen. She’s like the biggest sweetheart in the world, or at least here in the TMI set. She likes talking to fans and we very much appreciate being spoken to rather than stared down at to not go too near the set.

I began noticing the tents from the back of the building were being pulled down and dragged around the corner. I suggest that they are all moving to the front by now. All the equipment luggages, carts, monitors etc were headed to the front. Eventually, knowing that we might as well visit what it looks like outside rather than wait for anyone at the back.

For the first few minutes we linger by the crane machine which held up the soft box (aka that box you see bringing light to the set.

Then the people got too crowded that we were pushed back to the barricades. We follow and atand by the barricades and watch them set up the tent with all the monitors. We got too tired that we sat by this ledge and eventually saw Robert standing under the tent with all the monitors and equipment.

I could barely keep my eyes open and my foot really throbbed because of my shoes so I headed out way earlier than I would have liked to so I left and the rest stayed until midnight.

It’s hilarious because when Rob finally came to Rebecca and the three others with her. She was getting this autograph and she mentioned that he (Rob) drew tits on his autograph for me and he goes “why are you jealous of the tits?” Rebecca messaged me this around midnight, almost 1 a.m. and that pretty much made my night.

As for the photos, I know I haven’t been doing a splendid job and that’s because I stay a quite far distance from them due to border that they’ve created. Also, I’m not sure if you can tell but most of the pictures have blurred out areas of the store/shop signs and that is because I do not want to get busted by the TMI Crew and to prove to them, not that they got mad at me or anything– that this is just for fans and people to witness what’s going on rather than telling you guys details of what they’re filming. In other words, my reports are just to share my personal experiences with the crew and actors but I do not intend to be banned from set and no longer be able to write reports for you awesome Shadowhunters.

Until then, stay sexy in black Shadowhunters,

Michelle Mags

About Michelle Mags (13 Articles)
Michelle is a 17 year old that aspires to become a successful published author or screenwriter, however, would very much love to be living in the world of Shadowhunters and to be married to Gwilym Owain Herondale and to be best friends with Simon Lewis. For the time being, she hosts a book blog ( and is found constantly reading a book—her favorite being Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series, Sarah J. Maas’ fantasy series “Throne of Glass” and any other YA fantasy novel. Michelle has been a fan of the Shadowhunter series since 2008 from then on has devoted her heart, mind and soul to the world of Shadowhunters.

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