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TMI Set Day 14: Photos and updates from Garroway Books and Curios

The third week of filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES concludes today in downtown Toronto for filming at Garroway Books and Curios, Luke’s bookstore. Filming is expected to last from late tonight until early this morning. Stay tuned for photos and updates from TMI Set Day 14 as they happen from fans on the scene for filming:

-Filming is slated to begin around 6-7 p.m. EST 

-“They opened up the bookstore! #TMISetDay14said to start in I hour” via@xoAathyTox

-“Shutting down the street #TMISetDay14via@xoAathyTox

-“Every crew member says “good morning” to each other. Poor guys probably just woke up from last night’s filming#TMISetDay14via@MichelleMags

-“Harold’s doing some extravagent actions! 😛 perparing for what looks like an exciting scene” via@xoAathyTox

-“Just heard the roads blocked til 6 am!” via @xoAathyTox

-“Holy crap! A dummy just went flying! #TMImovie” via @xoAathyTox

-Executive Producer Martin Moszkowicz is on set tonight and sharing a lot of exclusive on-set photos (check the gallery below!)

-Earlier in the day Aidan Turner (Luke) shot a scene with a little girl (could it be a younger Clary?) via @xoAathyTox

-Lily Collins (Clary) and Aidan Turner (Luke) are on set tonight

-The cast and crew didn’t finish filming #TMISetDay13 until 6 this morning via @xoAathyTox

-“So Rob’s not coming tonight. But the set looks so good..lights, smoke!” via @nics_herondale

-“Watching them film. This is SO cool!#TMISetDay14” via @MichelleMags

-“I think I just waved hello to @mmoszkowicz I’m so blind!” via @MichelleMags

-“This producer (Hartley) just bought us ice cream! #TMISetDay14” via @MichelleMags

Follow us @TMI_Source, our Toronto Correspondent @MichelleMags, executive producer @mmoszkowicz and fans @xoAathyTox for live updates from the set.


Photo credits: @mmoszkowicz@MichelleMags @xoAathyTox@nics_herondale

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3 Comments on TMI Set Day 14: Photos and updates from Garroway Books and Curios

  1. Pictures and reports today are very intriguing especially from the exec.producer (bit careless to spell her name wrong though >.<). Lily and the crew must be so tired. They've been working crazy hours this week. Lily has had night shoots all week, working 14-16h and she's not even getting a break this weekend as she is going to spend it promoting "Writers" at TIFF. Poor girl is working so hard 😥

  2. wow , lily, jamie and everyone are just troopers! lily is working quite hard too with shooting the movie(and probably rehearsing and stunt work)

  3. nevertrustaduck // September 8, 2012 at 3:01 PM // Reply

    This is so exciting! I think it would be funny if they put all of the books somewhere in Luke’s shop. 🙂

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