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Lily Collins talks CITY OF BONES with MTV News at TIFF

Josh Horowitz of MTV News caught up with Lily Collins (Clary) at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday and talked about filming on THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES. Lily on Harald Zwart:

"Harald Zwart is the ultimate director for this project because it's not necessarily his genre. So he's really making this fantasy piece into a character-driven, emotionally-charged project, which of course is the book come to life, but it's also a movie on its own."
On the experience so-far:
"Working with Kevin, Jemima, Jamie and Robbie--we're all friends and we're a great team and it's been such a great time."
On the first three weeks of filming:
"We’ve been shooting on all locations here, one which is literally right down the street. We in the past three weeks—we just finished week three—I think we’ve hit every part of the movie already in the span of three weeks. We’ve gone from early Clary to Shadowhunter Clary and back again.”
On fan support:
"We’re doing all the action, all the stunts, getting a little sick—I’m a little sick right now because we’ve been shooting nights—but the fans have come out to every set. They’re there waiting, they’re so dedicated. It’s so nice to have the support."
On finally getting underway on CITY OF BONES:
"I’m finally a redhead, finally working on the project and it’s going amazing."
On Pandemonium:
"We shot Pandemonium like a block away from here. Some of the outfits in Pandemonium shocked me. Like the depth of this gothic world we’re going into and this trance-y club world."
On Hotel Dumort and action:
"Some of the action scenes we shot in Hotel Dumort are insane. They’re so amazing. And everyone is doing their own stunts, which is really impressive. I think (fans) have a lot of action to look forward to."


Lily on what accent the Shadowhunter will have:

“The Shadowhunters, yeah, they’re British.”

On Jamie’s audition:

“Like when he walked into the room for the audition—I remember telling you this awhile ago—he walked out and that was it. That was Jace. He nailed it. He didn’t have to try.”

On Jamie as Jace:

“He’s that perfect mixture between being this mysterious Jace, but also endearing and funny. He’s bringing a wit and charm that only Jamie can bring that you just burst out laughing because he’s so deadpan when he delivers things.”

On Jamie’s stunts:

“He’s doing all his stunts. He is like kicking ass doing flips–it’s just really impressive. And the same with all the cast members. We’re really in it and we’re really being dedicated to the book, but also to bringing a new flair to it.”

On the movie’s faithfulness to the book:

“I think fans are going to be very happy. Cassandra Clare wrote amazing stories and she came here, we’ve talked to her and seen her and she’s very happy. You wouldn’t want to take away from the beauty of what she’s written. Of course with films you take a little license in parts, but I feel it’s only enhancing the story. It’s making it a little edgier. It’s making it something fans of the book will love, but people that don’t know what the story is about are gonna love it, as well. So it’s not just an adaptation of a book, it’s a movie that can stand on its own, which I’m really proud of so far.”

On Jamie’s tattoo and possibility of the cast getting tattoos:

“(Jamie hasn’t gotten it) Not yet, but it’s been talked about. With Jamie you never know, right? (laughs) Not sure yet (what it would be), but I wouldn’t put it past any of the cast members. They all got rings (Lord of the Rings cast), maybe we’ll all get something, I don’t know.”

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21 Comments on Lily Collins talks CITY OF BONES with MTV News at TIFF

  1. I have to say this, I’m fairly disappointed. One thing I was very edgy about was the accents.. they have to be american. I love british accents. But the shadowhunters have lived in the states for years – they lightwoods were practically raised in the states. I don’t even know what to do about this frustration. Its gonna be fun to hear Kevin with a british accent tho ..urg!

    • I agree.I also luv brittish accents but wht is the point of them having them when they were raised in New York. I could understand Jace having one a little since he moved there when he was10 but not alec and izzy

    • Well, I mean, the thing is, the Shadowhunters aren’t American; they’re elitist ambassadorial transplants from a foreign country. They haven’t interacted with people in the States, the only interaction they have is with other transplants from the same country. If you don’t interact with another accent, you certainly have no hope of normalizing any part of it into your speech. They weren’t “raised” in the States; yes, they grew up here, but they were raised in a small piece of Idris stuck in the middle of New York City, which is a city of a million accents anyway. I understand that, as Americans, we read the books, Shadowhunters included, in our own accents – and I’m not gonna lie, I even went so far as to read everyone, New Yorkers included, in my own accent, which is a fairly Southern one – but the thing is that they are not American, and a foreign accent is a really easy way to indicate that.

  2. In a galaxy far far away :) // September 10, 2012 at 3:06 PM // Reply

    Alec grew up in idris, he talks about missing it, I can see him and Jace having the British accent, but not so much with izzy..

  3. Im thrilled! Jamie sounds lovely with his matural accent. So much more sensual for Jaces flirtatious behavior.

    • Yes, agree, I am thrilled to hear this as well. I think it will add something by making the shadowhunters distinct in another way. I am not somebody who expects film adaptations to be identical to books- they are different mediums and so some things will be different. Also, excellent to hear they are erring on the side of more edgy. I have always felt this series of books has wide appeal across age groups and demographics and by keeping it edgy, older adults will be more interested to go see it (and box office matters for getting the rest of the films made with adequate budget).

  4. Can anyone upload the video on YouTube or transcribe for those of us who aren’t in the US? did she talk about stuff other than Mortal instruemnts I’m a fan of Lily’s and would like to see the whole video. Thank you!

  5. Familyrings *happy face

  6. SO glad they will have british accents. To me it will set the film apart from usual franchises where everyones american.

  7. The shadow hunters are not British!! they are American and they live in New York! their Ancestry are British.. like in the Infernal Devices!

  8. i know this is off topic (slightly) but i dont know how anyone could say jamie and lilys relationship was PR. I think its quite obvious shes smitten just by the way she talks about him.
    He must like her lots too considering his friends flew to toronto to see him this week and he spent last night at a premiere with her mum rather than with his friends, the way he was said to be hiding from cameras but waiting and looking at her just seems really cute too

    I did have my doubts at the beginning but i really think they might actually like each other

    • How do you know his friends came to see him?

      I don’t understand where this PR talk comes from anyway. I’ve been a Lily fan for a while and she isn’t the type of person to do that. it’s hardly their fault that the paps took pictures of them and it’s not like they are flaunting their relationship. They’re not talking about it. They didn’t pose for pics together, Jamie didn’t do the red carpet or pose for pictures, just signed for some fans and crept in with Lily’s mum. I don’t understand why there has to be a conspiracy theory around two young, attractive, single people working closely together and developing feelings for each other. It’s hardly unusaul.

      • I know his friends twitter accounts @pingslice and @tristanmarmont they used to be in a band with him.
        They are in toronto to spend time with him

        And i know, they havent made any public announcments either which you’d expect if it was pr.

      • @nicole: Cool. That’s nice that his friends came all this way to see him. They must be really close. Must be getting pretty serious if Jamie is spending time with Lily’s mum and Lily’s going to be meeting his best mates!

  9. I understand Jace having somewhat of a British accecent…I mean he lived there for ten years

  10. I’m proud to be an American but we are not the only people on this planet and it does make sense that they have accents because They are not Americans! ooh does this mean Aidan aka Luke will keep his Irish accent?

  11. I can understand them having English accents, even izzy. Their parents will have the idris accent, they don’t go to school and i gathered they didn’t watch much if any tv. I have friends that have grown up in different places to where their parents are from and yet have twangs of their parents accents still in certains words or phrases. The shadowhunters will have the accents that they are brought up with, You wouldn’t have an american accent if your not taught to speak with one or influenced by them everyday!

  12. Plus people have forgotten Jace does not have any American friends so why shouldn’t he have an accent.

  13. what about robert sheen i have heard his USA accent he CANT be english to but i am supportive of the shadow hunters having english accents (btw i may be biased considering i am from the UK)

  14. I would like to point out that in COLS, Sebastian’s accent was described as sounding a bit British, which I gather is what Cassie imagined the Idris accent to sound like. I’m British myself, so tbh I read the whole book in my accent anyway!
    I’m kind of happy that they’ll be using British accents, because we’re so used to things being American over here! For the Brits, it’ll probably make us feel all patriotic in a weird way, cus our accent is in a big Hollywood franchise for once! And hey, I hear the Americans love our accent, so I’m sure they’ll enjoy the variety in the end! ;D

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