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Cassandra Clare shares first CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE snippet

Cassandra Clare and her oh-so-generous self was in the giving mood today and decided to let fans choose what snippet she would share--CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE, CLOCKWORK PRINCESS or a mystery snippet. CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE, due out in March 2014, eventually won out. Check out the very first snippet from CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE, the conclusion to the internationally bestselling THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series, which features Jace and Alec:

Alec looked down at the shattered pieces in disbelief. “You BROKE my PHONE.”

Jace shrugged. “Guys don’t let other guys keep calling other guys. Okay, that came out wrong. Friends don’t let friends keep calling their exes and hanging up. Seriously. You have to stop.”

Alec looked furious. “So you broke my brand new phone? Thanks a lot.”

Jace smiled serenely and lay back on the grass. “You’re welcome.”

What do you guys think? Isn’t it great to have Jace back? Sound off in the comments!

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46 Comments on Cassandra Clare shares first CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE snippet

  1. omggg!!! i can’t believe in CoLS Alec & Magnus broke up though!! :$ maybe they’ll get back together (hopefully)

  2. Am I the only one fangirling over this!? Aaaaahhhh, this is amazing!! Jace and Alec!!! Aaaaahhhh!

  3. OMG MALEC!!!! they were such a great couple I want them to get back together!!!! D:

  4. Loving having the real Jace back, though Alec and Magnus’ breakup I saw coming as I read through COLS… Still, great to have Jace back 😛

  5. Jace campbell lightwood (; // September 11, 2012 at 7:57 PM // Reply

    I just got so excited…. I love jace and alec together… So. Much.

  6. Ria Jace Herondale // September 11, 2012 at 8:17 PM // Reply

    im really excited about the snippet about Jace nd Alec, but the fact that we FINALLY have a CoHF snippet excites me BEYOND anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  7. That was Great!! I love Jace and Alec ❤ soo Sad that Alec and Magnus broke up 😦

  8. This is such a great snippet! Glad to see some from CoHF! Alec, you poor boy. And Jace, amusing as ever!


  10. i really hate waiting till 2014 to read this. i mean i was seventeen when i started liking the series, now i will read the last when i am in my twenties, not cool. But the snippet was great, its no doubt going to be great and i am looking forward to reading it, though its not even 2013 yet, i hope she can change the date to maybe perhaps end of 2013,FINEGRS CROSS!

    • I know how you feel- I was twelve when i discovered the series, and by the time COHF comes out, I’ll be almost seventeen. That’s pretty much all of my teenage years- it’s going to be such a shock when it ends!

    • please please please please please hurry up with that last book CoHF!!!!!!!! i only started reading them about a month ago. so far i’ve read the first five and i absolutely HATE waiting for books! (though its totally worth it) Im looking forward to 2014!!!!!

  11. KikiLOVESJAce // September 11, 2012 at 9:57 PM // Reply

    HAHAHA! Jace was just giving Alec a little push to forget about his ex boyfriend Magnus. Even if it did lead him into breaking Alec’s phone. XD

  12. Alec and Magnus broke up make me kinda miserable…like, very miserable. I just finished the book today and all the wounds are still fresh.

    The snniped is hilarious, made me smile. I really want to know more of this pair, I think we have not seen too much about them as parabatais, as brothers, and as best friends.

    Love you Cassie!


  14. Omg just a classic Jace/Alec moment! So cute! I was smiling for like five minutes straight after reading it! 🙂

  15. Miss Regina Star // September 12, 2012 at 2:46 AM // Reply

    I’m just sad that Alec is so scared he hangs up, but misses Magnus that much.

  16. aaaw Jalec moment! So cuuute, i missed those two together! I hope we will se more of them in CoHF! and I cross my fingers that Malec in the end we will be together – LOVE THEM!!

  17. Ive been waiting so long for a snippet for cohf luv it yay n cant wait for the book tmi is the best series ever:)

  18. Finally a snippet of City of Heavenly Fire came out!!!! It’s so great to have Jace back! Although Alec still really misses Magnus!

  19. I was wondering do you think because there was a way to make magnus mortal that simon could be made mortal too? he and izzy would have more of a chance and who knows could be the start of a Lewis shadowhunter family 🙂

    • I had not thought about that!…well, It would be great, but here is the thing…Simon is not only inmortal, he is a vampire. Could exist a spell to take the inmortality away without erase the rest of him?…the same with Magnus. Will Magnus still being a warlock?

      • I wouldn’t want magnus to become mortal, the hope he is in TDA fills me with joy, but simon becoming mortal and not being a vampire would be great, he could get his mum back and not have to worry about being left behind.. I hate the thought of Simon being left all alone in years to come.. (even though he is a fictional character) 🙂

    • Me either I never thought of that cant wait for this book its way to far away hope it comes out early

  20. Herondale's live 4eva // September 12, 2012 at 1:03 PM // Reply

    gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks cassie ur beautiful

  21. great amd funny sinppet! I love Jace!

  22. And the taunting begins…

  23. Awww I almost started crying. It’s so good to have them back ❤

  24. SOOO glad to finally have something to chew onto until fricken 2014 comes. LOVE having the real Jace back! Reading this made me realize how much I missed him. ❤ lol And awww. Poor Alec! Who DIDN'T cry like a baby having its toy taken away when Magnus said they were done? They're the first real gay couple I couldn't help but LOVE and now they just broke up! Though you gotta admit we all saw that coming sooner or later in the 4th and 5th book. Just hope Magnus and Alec mend their differences and get back together!

    Hope we can see more snippets in the future. Say maybe Jace and Clary this time anyone?

  25. U fangirled so bad reading this I almost started crying. 2014 cannot come fast enough

  26. zoe louise wilson // September 13, 2012 at 3:18 AM // Reply

    cant wait for City Of Heavenly Fire, seriously i think im gonna explode. i love jace and i still cant believe magnus broke up with alec!

  27. Holy Angel I just finished CoLS and I am having withdrawals already!!! I Need more of these books! And 2014???? Are you flippin kidding me? Why so looooong??? =( I really need some more Jace and Clary and everyone else! Please don’t make us wait so long!!!!!!!

  28. SO happy about our first CoHF clip! Our Jace is back!!!:))) while I was reading it, I was picturing Jamie and Kevin doing this scene. I’m so happy!!

  29. I don’t know how i’m going to survive without Malec and Clace!!!!!! I need it to be 2014 NOW!!!!!

  30. Jace!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤
    I can't wait till 2014!!!!! That's so not fair I might die of impatience 😥
    Pls pls make it come sooner *sobs*

  31. Love it!!!! It IS great to have Jace back. The only way I am able to get through the days til COHF comes out is to re-read and re-read all 5 books over and over.The pages are gonna be worn out by 2014. I just can’t stop though 🙂

  32. im sad cus i want to read CoFA but i cant cus my library aint got it. i cant believe alec and magnus break up. i think im gonna cry. boohoo.

  33. Rebeccaf.27 // October 2, 2012 at 9:18 PM // Reply

    Omg total fangirl over here!!!!!!!
    Can’t —- breath!!!!!!!!!
    I am literally shaking knowin that jace is back!!!!!
    – poor poor Alec 😦

  34. Mrs. horondale // November 19, 2012 at 5:57 PM // Reply

    i love Jace
    i am sooooo happy that he is back!!!!!!!!!

  35. OMG! The book release is soooooo far away… the movie isnt enough to swallow my longing for the next book… Each second is a second closer to the book and each of those seconds will be in agony…

  36. Ohnygod! I’m so badly needing this book! And I love Jace :3 I’ve been reading these books since I was 13, and I’m 17 now… I’m dying to get my hands on this book and when I do… My life will be golden.

  37. iv been readin since 11 now im almost 12 in march and i just cant wait for this long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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